RECON G6 – Zombies on the Rocks – Report

R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge presents…
Rock Park, Reno, Nevada
October 13, 2012

This was the second Halloween event that RECON has hosted at Rock Park.  Last year the event was called Haunted Rock Park and everyone was on the lookout for the ghost of Jed.  This year the event was Zombies on the Rocks and drivers had to be on the lookout for zombies.  It was time to go zombie hunting!

Points were awarded for drivers dressed in the zombie hunting spirit.  Here the Dohoneys and Elio show off their thrill of the hunt.

Rigs were also prepared to hunt the zombies.  It was a good idea to have a shooter on board to eliminate any signs of danger.

Of course, keeping a dog around is also a good idea.  They not only warn of imminent danger, but they can also be used to defend an attack.

Personally, I was not taking any chances.  I had Daryl Dixon guarding me.  He’s a mean shot with his crossbow.

After the requisite driver’s meeting to explain all the rules, or lack there of, it was off to slay some living dead.  Here a Wraith already has one strapped to his roof as he rounds TM4.

After a scamper through the bush, rigs got lined up to tackle the serious stuff.  The first part of the day was pretty challenging.

This section of the trail was more like a semi controlled Southern Rock Bumping.  You had to stay on throttle to keep from high centering in this junk.

After rattling your brains on the rip rap, drivers were treated to some water smoothed slick rock.  Not only was this part congested with rigs and drivers, a large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the action.

I know what all these kids will be asking for for Christmas.

Drivers helped each other out all over the place.  Lots of tow straps and cables were put to use here.

Drivers even used other rigs as bridges to cross difficult gaps.

This suspension bridge looked innocent enough, but was testy if you weren’t smooth.

A school bus could save a lot of people from the Zombie Apocalypse.

The Wicked Witch and Cowardly Lion were seen running from some Walkers.

The Infected Blood Pit….Before



After the first stage, drivers rested in the Safe Zone.  This area had been cleared of zombies, so drivers could recharge, eat, and prepare for the night run.

These guys are ready to blend in and start the hunt.

The vibe at night was definitely more serious.  The zombies are more active at night, so everyone was on high alert.

This group was one lucky family.  The only surviving humans with four generations of G6ers.

Lights were necessary for the night stage.  Drivers were on the hunt to find zombies.  Can’t find what you can’t see.

This guy went Mad Max and mutantified his Honcho into a 6×6 with 6 wheel steering.  He wanted to make sure he had enough load capacity to carry as many zombies as possible.

I brought along our hoopty trailer from the AxialFest UTAC.

These are the walkers you were looking for.

Hey, thanks for the tip, guys.

Almost home.  Keep your right foot down.

Survivors were treated to some awesome swag from our sponsors.  Thanks to all that donated.

Finishing a G6 is like winning a G6, but it’s always fun to take home a Zonkerd Award.  Here are the lucky ones.

Our oldest G6er, at 88 years young, gets the Parker Pose.

Hard Luck

Not sure what the cows means, but I’m sure it’s not 1st place.

Team Winner

The Wraith/2.2 Winners

Her proudest moment as a G6er.

1.9 Winners

That almost looks like Laurel and Hardy, except running from the zombies seems to have slimmed Parker down a bit.

Congrats to all the survivors of the Zombies on the Rocks.  We hope to see you at the next RECON G6 Challenge.  Info for the Pumpkin Pie G6 can be found here: