XR10′s Getting Close!

The XR10′s are at their final stage and preparing for their departure.  Won’t be long until Axial gets to enjoy seeing the kits in our loyal customers hands.  We can’t wait to see what everyone thinks and how you will customize your XR10.  Check out these pictures from our visit to the supplier. Hope you’re ready for this!

Check out this sweet bonus, Axial has added the new internal wheel weights to the XR10 kit at no additional charge. The kit will come with 2 AX30545 Main rings and 1 set of AX30546 inserts!

For more information on the Internal wheel weights click here.

12 thoughts on “XR10′s Getting Close!

  1. Can’t wait! I’ve had mine on order for months, cant wait to build this BEAST. Lets call it THE LOSI KILLER.

  2. Ok I really need some help here! I’m putting rear stear on my ax10 do i need a remote that has one of the computer things on it? PPPPPPLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ REPLY IM GETTING READY TO PUT IT IN.

  3. Brandon thank you sooo much for the help I like Axial becuse the trucks are great and you guys want to help other people out so thanks agin ,Autry

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