XR10 Takes the Win in Colorado

Team Axial Driver Jason Rioux recently took the win at Colorado’s latest winter series competition with his XR10. With 50 of the best drivers from Colorado in attendance, Jason still managed to pull off the win by over 20 points.

Axial driver Jason Rioux and his XR10

The final scores

Congrats Jason, keep up the good work!!

One thought on “XR10 Takes the Win in Colorado

  1. This sucks my ax10 scaler got attacked by a dog next to my grandparents house the retard dog broke the axel housing and I lost the rod thing that goes in the axel it also tore a hole in my flat iorn tires and riped the c-hub and turn knuckles and finally also broke the stearing linkage in the front WHAT A GREAT THANKS GIVING!:(

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