XR10 Snapshots-Axle Housings

Axial’s much anticipated release of the new XR10 kit has been well received in the R/C rock crawling community so far. I know there are a lot of loyal customers and hardcore enthusiasts just waiting to get a better look into this new kit. Well, over the next couple weeks I will be posting up some detailed pictures of various features that this kit has to offer. We also want to give people an inside look at the development and the R&D process associated with this particular kit.

Today, I’m going to start with one of the most critical areas, axle housings. Axle housing are the back bone of any rig that crawls in harsh terrain. If the housings aren’t up to par, then your chances of doing well at a big competition are already compromised. Rather than doing chunky metal housings that act like a grappling hook as you try to drive over the rocks. We went with a low profile plastic housing that slides over rocks nicer then anything I have personally seen to date.

Here’s a little sneak peek inside the new XR10 rear axle housing. Notice this is a finished production axle housing, but we are currently revising this particular part to ensure it is the absolute best it can be. However, you can still see all the webbing (1) that has been integrated for strength. Also notice the double shear lower link and shock mounting points (2).

Here is another view showing the complex interior of these housings.

A few detailed shots of a front C hub, knuckle and oversized universals. Details worth mentioning, aluminum drag link arm for strength (1), angled kingpins for less tire scrub and more responsive steering (2), double shear knuckle arms (3), clockable C’s (4) and burly universals with zero backlash (5).

Here’s a shot of the completed assembly (45° of steering out of the box). You can also see the knuckle arms pull double duty as a steering stop once they contact the axle C at full lock.

That covers the axle housings, and front steering components for now. Keep an eye out for more XR10 Snapshots in the near future.

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  1. Housings look great! I was wondering what would be done to them for strength and it looks like that was definitely a priority on these, great job.

    • Unfortunately, the universal axles aren’t compatible with AX10 gear. The XR10 is completely new from the ground up.

  2. Looks good! When is go to be in the stores? I want one but I don’t want one next year.


    • The hobby shops should have them in stock by the beginning of August, depending on when they submitted their order.

  3. Bender,
    The XR10 looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! I do have one complaint. My entire family (excluding the wife) now have Axial AX10′s. My wife just can’t seem to “get” the slow thing, she runs a Traxxas Slash. This new truck looks great, but after all the money I’ve put into my AX10, I doubt I’ll be able to convince her to let me get the XR10…….man this is goin’ to take some work.
    Hey, anyone lookin’ to buy a couple kids, or a wife? They’ll come with their own Rock Crawler or Slash…………… Just kiddin’!! It seems that only yesterday I was thinking about getting into crawling, and now all my other RC’s collect dust. My wife runs the Slash, but the rest should probably find new homes. The new XR10 WILL be my next crawler. CONGRATS to you guys at AXIAL! Looks like a winner for sure.


    • Thanks Rob. LOL!!

      Buy your wife some flowers and take her on a weekend getaway. Then tell her you need a new crawler.

  4. looks great. i was wondering if these are made of the same material as the ax10? i know plenty of people who would blow their plastic knuckles quite regularly so hopefuly that issue has been addressed. also cant wait to see more pics that show how everyting mounts together im a little worried about the motor torque ripping out of whatever they bolt on to. i cannot wait to get my set of these … ill wait for the first batch to come out and see what ppls response is first tho:) thanks for keeping the crawler ball rollin!

    • The knuckles on this kit are a lot stronger then the AX10. The new double shear arms are holding up fine to 400oz servos on our test rigs. As far as ripping the motors off, the gearboxes have a nice thick aluminum motor mount plate integrated into them.

  5. Bender – cant wait for the rest of the launch. tell me, with this sort of buildup time (90 days or so) is there a reason we didnt see all the addons and hopups at launch? was there a problem at the last minute with design or is this part of the marketing strat? Or is there some other reason all the accesories and more importantly up close and person shots of the product werent available at the launch date? I would suspect, if there were a design issue. that you guys would address this quickly. i dont think axial is a company to sit on its reputation with an explanation. So – what is the holdup on some saucy and crawlergrahic upclose images and addons/upgrades/hopups?????

    I love Axial. You guys are the best of the best when it comes to service and support. Just dying to see more and sooner than later!!!

    congrats on dominating the interwebs – now lets see the crawler pron!!!!!


    • We want this new XR10 kit to be the best it possibly can be, so we aren’t cutting any corners as far as the R&D process goes. We are taking a little extra time to ensure nothing was overlooked on this project. As far as pictures go, we will be posting more in the near future of the actual production parts. We don’t want to post pictures of raw prototype parts, because the fit and finish isn’t always perfect on them.

  6. bah! i should have read more of the post before comenting. I like what i see though…. i need more though!!! i am almost there ;)

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  8. I think Axial delivered just what the market needed with this rig, allowing people to run a competitive MOA that is produced in kit form! The features seem to be very well thought out, and it excited me so much that I preordered one myself that I plan to run at the next Motorama Indoor Challenge that was sponsored by Axial last year.

  9. I love the look and the moa but I do want to know if you guys will be making aluminum hop up part for it

  10. i have an xr10 on order but i plan on only using the axles and selling off the rest. im currently looking at some slw’s. what kind of offset should i be looking for? i plan on running 1″ wheels but im very unsure about the hubs.

  11. hey bender…what were the axial guys with the xr10 running in their rigs…im planning on getting an xr10 and was curious what there setup was (motor/esc/servo) thanks!

    • We are all running dual Tekin FXR’s, with 45 or 55t motors. We are all also running the Futaba S9157 for our steering servo.

  12. so when i get my xr10 what electronics do i need to get so i can drive it like it has a dig with just the front wheels turning with the back not and the other way around.

    • I personally run 2 Tekin FXR ESC’s with a Futaba 4PK radio. Wire one ESC to the front motor, and wire the other to the rear motor. Then, program the radio to mix the 2 ESC’s together. Once the 2 channels are mixed the speed controls will be in sync when you give the XR10 throttle input.

  13. Hi congrats on a great truck it looks like you have moved things on quite a bit.

    Just a couple of questions are the internals in the axals metal or plastic. Also is the date still the same for the release date. I preorderd mine on the day you guys told us but I also belive they will be out here in the uk the same time as USA. Is this true.

    • The internal are all metal.

      The release date is still the same. But, I am not sure about availability overseas. I will look into it though and see if I can get an answer for you.

  14. That’s great cheers I’ve pre orderd mine from a shop in the states anyhow as I know normly you guys are 1-2 month ahead of us.

    Thanks for taken the time to answer these question.

  15. i was looking up the tekin fxr esc’s and the futaba radio those are a little expensive for me are there some cheaper ones that will still work for me. i dont realy know much about electric i know more nitro cars

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