XR10 Build – Part 2 – Rear Axle

Here’s the 2nd installment of our step by step XR10 build. This post will cover proper assembly of the rear axle.

First step, open Bag “C” and dump it into your part’s tray. Building the rear axle is very similar to the front, especially the gear box assembly.


Now grab the required parts for step 15.


Install 2 of the flange bearings into their proper bores in the motor plate. Afterwards, insert the drive pin into the transfer shaft, slide the drive gear over the pin, and snap the E-clip into place. Once that is all together, slide the shaft through the first flange bearing.


Now install the 2nd drive pin into the transfer shaft, slide the idler gear over that, and snap the 2nd E-clip into place. Install the 5×8 bearing into the rear axle housing’s top cap and attach the cap to the motor plate with the supplied flat head screw.


Install the last flange bearing and remaining gears into their required positions.


Hit the gears with a little grease and install the gear box case over the motor plate.


Fit the three 5x8mm bearings into the cap of the gear box.


Now slide the cap into position, and tighten everything down. You can install the motor at this point too and set the gear mesh as needed.


Open Bag “D” and pour the contents into your part’s tray. Grab the top half of the rear axle housing and set the gearbox into place. Secure the gearbox to the top half of the case with the 2 supplied self tapping screws shown in Step 20. Next, install the bearings on the spool gear and apply a little grease to the gear. Flip the whole axle/gear box assembly over and set the spool gear into place in the axle housing. Again, note the orientation of the spool gear in the housing as it is not symmetrical.



Next, you can install the rear straight axles, take note that they are 2 different lengths.


Make sure you insert the cutting brake plug into the rear housing too. This will help keep debris out of your housing and gear box.


Mate the two halves of the rear housing together using the 8 screws shown in step 22.


Moving on to step 23 you can install the cutting brake servo mount and last few screws for the top cap.


Time to install the rear lockouts and bearings. Slide the 5×11 bearing over the rear straight axles.


Afterwards, slide the plastic lockouts onto the ends of the axle housing and secure with the 4 supplied self tapping screws.


Insert the long 3x45mm screw through the rear housing and secure with the supplied M3 Nylock nut.



Here you can see both complete axles ready to go under the XR10 chassis.


That wraps up the rear axle’s assembly. Stay tuned for the next installment of our step-by-step XR10 build!