Wroncho Action Shots

I went out last night for a little shakedown run with my Honcho. For those that missed it, I recently swapped the stock axles out for Wraith axles. Wraith axles under a Honcho, equals the “Wroncho Build”. This gave me a wider footprint and the full width one ton axle look. I do need to make a few tweaks to the suspension, but so far it is pretty fun to drive. It is amazing how much more stable it is at high speeds, because of the extra width.

For those that haven’t seen this Honcho before, here is a link to my original build thread on RCCrawler. The full evolution of this truck can be seen there.

On to the pictures……








After I make a few changes to the suspension, I will get out and shoot some video. I will post the video here on our blog when I am done.

Link to how this project got started:

Link to the video:

4 thoughts on “Wroncho Action Shots

  1. Great action shots! That think is a BEAST! Been following the build off and on over on RCC. Keep up the good work! :D

  2. I wanted to do this to my honcho when I first saw the wrath just got the axles now. But the truck looks good

  3. oh man.. the more i look into this. the more i hate our local hobbyshop for not bringing this in yet.. after so long in the market.

    nevertheless, nice pictures Bender. I love the 5th shot :)

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