Wraith RTR Spare Tire Mod

I wanted to create more of a two-seater race style buggy. Something with the looks along the line of an Ultra 4 racer or KOH racer.

First I chopped off the back of the cage by cutting at the base of the C and D pillars and then at the back of the center support between the B pillar of the roof cage.

Trim the Lexan roof to fit the shortened roof cage.

Sand the rough cut edges of the cage to a smooth finish.

Using 7x60mm grey posts (AXA1429), M3x16mm set screws (AXA186), rod ends (AX80005), and flanged balls (AXA1331), I created the new rear down tube supports.

I trimmed the center support of the roof to make room for the ball flange. I bored out the rod end to slip over the rear shock brace tube. I trimmed up a piece of flat Lexan to create a cover for the battery area.

Next is to create the spare tire carrier. I started by using the spare tire mount from the Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho. It already has a really good angle to carry the tire.

I used a couple spacers 4x6mm (AXA1453) and 6x6mm (AXA1355) to lift the carrier up to fit the Ripsaw tire. I also put cone washers (AXA1104) underneath the Lexan to add strength. The last thing I had to do was trim the tire mount post of the carrier and add a hex hub (AXA30429) to keep the tire in place.

So there ya have it!!!! One Axial Wraith with an Ultra 4 style setup that has an aggressive unique look. With a little patience and a open Saturday afternoon you create the same look.

17 thoughts on “Wraith RTR Spare Tire Mod

  1. Man that is awesome! Now can we see a kit with the specialized intructions so we can do that as we build the kit (ax90020)

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  4. what are the two support brackets you added to the rear of the cage? and where did you get the parts for your up fit?

  5. I used 7×60mm grey posts (AXA1429), M3×16mm set screws (AXA186), rod ends (AX80005), and flanged balls (AXA1331). I had to trim a little bit of the plastic cage to make room for the rod ends to fit.

  6. What did you use to bore out the rod end? I used a drill on a low torque setting and broke the rod end.

  7. I used a stepped body reamer to get the right fit. A stepped drill bit should work as well or an exacto knife maybe. I did the boring by hand.

  8. Thank you for the advice the exacto knife worked perfectly, my wraith is looking awesome…

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