Working on the Jeep

It’s time for me to do a little work on the 1:1 rig this time. I’m in the process of swapping my tags out from the old Colorado plates to new Cali license plates. I need to get a smog test done in order to get it registered. The stock Jeep headers are notorious for being thin and cracking. Mine cracked a few years ago and I had a friend patch it up. But, it’s starting to leak again and I know the stock converter is probably all clogged up too. So, it’s getting a new exhaust system installed very soon. I bought a new Gibson stainless steel header, muffler and tailpipe. I’ve been looking around at high-flow converters and am noticing that none of them are legal in California. So, I guess my only other option is to have the shop install a new factory converter when they do my exhaust. If anyone knows of a high-flow converter that is 50 state legal, I’d love to hear about it. I need to get this thing registered so I can go out and play on some trails with Brandon and his new rig. Hopefully, I can keep up.


10 thoughts on “Working on the Jeep

  1. Might want to check out – lots of Cali Jeepers there, they might be able to help you find a CA Legal cat.

  2. cool addition to the scx line…

    1.will there ever be axial made metal links for my current TR version? when i call CS they state yes with no date or timeline. will this happen????

    2. what makes the wheelbase longer? is this based on differnt sized trusses?

    3. what is the release date?

    • 1. You can replace the lower plastic suspension links with aluminum. Our 91mm links will bolt right up. But, you will need additional rod ends and 3mm studs for the links.

      2. The new Truggy has longer upper and lower links. The standard SCX10 and the TR have/would use 91mm aluminum lower links front and rear. The new Truggy uses 98mm lower front links and 106mm lower rear links with longer upper links as needed.

      3. These should be available in about a month. The first shipment is due here about mid December, then they’ll ship to distributors shortly after that.

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