U4RC 2014 Series Final


Words by:  Jerry Tobin – U4RC

Photos courtesy of : Matt Frederick, James Goad

With overwhelming success in the past two years, U4RC has proven that r/c rock racing is truly the “next big thing” in r/c. U4RC has solidly claimed its place in the world of r/c racing. And with the recent releases from Axial racing of several “rock racer” themed rigs, (i.e. Yeti, Yeti XL, 1.9” Deadbolt and the Spawn) r/c rock racing is apparently here to stay. The R&D department at Axial really nailed it with these new releases.  Rock racing is by far the most demanding form of r/c racing that exists. The most interesting aspect is that being “fast” is not always fast, and being “slow” is usually the fastest way around the track. U4RC rock racing has taken off around the globe as well, with U4RC chapters now active in many countries including Austria, Australia, Poland, Canada as well as followers from over 30 other countries worldwide. So look out world, it’s the “Spawn” of a new era of r/c, pun intended.


The racing for the third series was to say the least…epic! The caliber and skills of the racers has improved radically since U4RCs inception. The racers are paying close attention to the track conditions, rig prep, series points, and other racers. We consistently see a flow of new, entry level as well as advanced level racers at U4 events, and that is really exciting for the staff. We enjoy hearing the “woo-hoos,” laughter, and friendly ribbing all day from the drivers’ stand. So if that sounds fun to you, head out to your next local U4RC event! General information, media, and upcoming U4RC event information can be found at www.U4RC.com.


Series Summary:

The 1.9 Trail class witnessed a great battle between James Williams (Axial JK) and John Ingold (Axial Honcho) for the championship title which James eventually won. Close behind them were a handful of drivers from the Whistler Racing Team. The Whistler Racing team drivers were running various forms of Axial SCX10’s. The 1.9 Trail class is still a great entry level class for people looking to get into rock racing on a budget. Many racers run there “trail rigs” in this class with just some pinion and spur gear adjustments. Remember that “slow is fast” in r/c rock racing. The Axial Deadbolt as well as all SCX10s are great examples of affordable rigs to enter into U4RC racing.




2.2 Comp Limited is another popular class with suspension, chassis, axle (solid/solid),  as well as a few other restrictions that help the class remain an entry level 2.2” class. Axial Wraiths are the main rigs seen in this class, although we have had several 2.2” clad SCX10s do very well in the class as well. The new Axial Spawn looks to be a perfect entry or expert level rig for 2.2 Comp Limited with its many, racing specific features.



The 2.2 Comp Open class got a huge boost with the release of the Axial Yeti just over halfway through the series.  2.2 Comp Open is just as the title says – an open class for highly modified Wraiths and IFS rigs, factory and custom alike. The author of this article was able to grab two consecutive podium finishes with a stock Yeti on 2S, with minimal suspension adjustments, tire tuning, and less than $40 of hop-up parts. Rich Hernandez walked away with the championship title with his AR60 rear axled EXO Terra buggy.



2.2 Trophy Class was as usual packed with tons of the most realistic rigs and racing in any genre of r/c. With the sounds of heavy, real metal rigs scraping and banging around the course and into each other, U4RC racer Rich Boltz recorded the fastest lap time (sub 60 sec.) out of ANY class for the entire series in his FB 2.2 Trophy rig. This is quite a feat considering the minimum weight requirement for the class is 8lbs. At least 95% of the rigs competing in 2.2 Trophy are Axial based. Racers are using several different Axial models for their basis, including Wraith’s, EXO’s, SCX10’s, and the Yeti.




U4RC would like to thank Axial for their dedicated support, since the first series, of U4RCs vision to bring realistic, grassroots, r/c rock racing to the masses; a vision they must share considering the current Axial Racing product line. A full version of U4RC rules, class specs, media, upcoming events, track locations, and general info can all be resourced at www.U4RC.com.