Toyzuki’s Fabrication – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2017


Axial is pleased to announce Toyzuki’s Fabrication as an approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2017! This allows customers of Toyzuki’s Fabrication to run their SCX10 aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2017.


Since 2014, Toyzuki’s Fabrication is a family owned and operated, garage based business that strives for excellence. Our focus has been on bringing your SCX10 to the most competitive level it could possibly be, with chassis, motor mounts, transfer cases, skids, and chassis mounted servo. Not only focusing on the center of gravity, break over angle, and suspension geometry, but taking it further than the rest to give you scale points by the SORRCA rules.

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