Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

I decided to sit down with our customer service reps recently to see what kind of questions they get asked the most on a week to week basis. Some of the questions they get asked I expected, and some I didn’t. So, I decided to highlight the most popular questions here on the blog, with answers. Hopefully, this will help newcomers find solutions for their issues even faster.

Electronic FAQs:
Q: Can I program or bind my AE-1 ESC (Speed control)?
A: No programming or binding is necessary on the AE-1 ESC.

Q: Can I purchase the AS-2 Servo?
A: We do not sell the AS-2 servo separately. We recommend getting a servo with at least the same torque specs which is 120oz at 6 volts.

Q: I am using the new 2.4 radio system (AX-2) and I have no forward or reverse.
A: Rebind radio system.

Q: How many cells or volts can the AE-1 ESC handle?
A: 6 cell (7.2 volt) , 7cell (8.4 volts) or a 2s Lipo (7.4 volts) Please note AE-1 ESC does not have a Lipo cutoff. AE-1 ESC requires a low voltage cutoff if using lipo batteries.

Q: How many cells or volts can the AE-2 ESC handle?
A: 6 cell (7.2 volt) or a 2s Lipo (7.4 volts). AE-2 ESC comes stock with lipo cutoff.

Nitro Engine FAQs:
Q: What is the stock needle settings on my Axial Racing engine?
A: The Low and Mid range needles stock settings are flush. The high speed needle should be set even with the grove on the high speed assembly or 3 ½ – 4 turns from closed. All Axial Racing engines are preset from the factory for break in. We recommend using Axial Racing fuel filters (Part # AX0504, AX0501 or AX0502).

Service and Repairs:
Q: If I have a problem with Axial Racing products who should I contact?
A: For Service on your Axial Racing Product contact our customer service department.

Q: What temperature should I be running my engine at?
A: No Higher than 275°

Q: What size battery can I fit in my XR10? Can you recommend a battery?
A: The max battery size you can use is 30mmx25mmx90mm give or take a few mm. I would recommend any 2-3S 25c or more and up to 1800mah. Please see the links or part numbers below of a few batteries our team drivers use.

MaxAmps 1800mah 3S Lipo

MaxAmps 1300mah 3S Lipo

MaxAmps 860mah 3S Lipo

Other packs that are compatible
TP1250-3SP45 1250mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V 6C 45C 90C 7.5A 56A 112A 115 18 x 31 x 92
TP1750-3SP45 1750mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V 6C 45C 90C 10.5A 78A 157A 153 25 x 31 x 92
Common Sense Lectron Pro 11.1 volt – 1150mAh 25C Li-Poly Pack #3S1150-25-L

Q: What is the best set up for my XR10 Chassis?
A: This is a tricky question. The ideal setup really depends on the type of terrain you drive on. Large smooth rock surfaces with gradual transitions usually lead to a course having lots of steep climbs and side-hilling. On this type of terrain it’s ideal to run a lower center clearance to keep the XR10 as stable as possible by getting the weight of the chassis lower. The opposite would be terrain with lots of abrupt transitions and undercut climbs, this would require a higher center clearance to allow for the chassis to easily “break-over” these obstacles without getting hung up or thrown off your line.
A: Please see the link below of some of our team driver set ups. You can always follow our blog for the latest tips and news.

Q: Can I convert my ax10 into a SCX10?
A: Yes. Refer to the link below on Axial’s Blog for more information on this conversion.

9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

  1. I read on that the ae-1 esc specifications state that it can handle 10 cell nimh/nicd or 3c lipo (with voltage cutoff)

    but the faq says only 7cell batteries.
    I have 9.6v nicd batteries, 8 cell. if i ran the esc on 9.6v would it damage the esc?

    the batteries fully charged pull out 11.2v

    • You may be pushing it a little with that voltage. If the motor is a 55t, you will probably be ok. But, a 27t or lower, may be too much for it.

  2. After One afternoon of driving, my axial does Not drive Reverse anymore, what Gould Be my Problem. Did I destry something? Glad for any help.

  3. Can a Scorpian, Wraith, XR10, SCX10 be bound to a Spektrum DX3R Pro transmitter without changing the Axial reciever for a Spektrum reciever???

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