The SBG County Mounty Wraith



Kevin Jowett and the Scale Builder’s Guild crew are on a mission as of late. Not that they would spend their time in any other way, but, the builds coming out of that community are fantastic. We recently featured a full custom project built by Kevin Jowett and company using a substantial amount of SCX10 components. Well, they are at it again! This time they applied their handy work to an Axial Wraith. The Wraith is one of the most popular scale vehicles currently, the personalization taking place on all of the forum cummunities amazes us. This particular project grabbed our attention due to the use of SCX10 Axles. While most builders are focused on high speed, bigger, faster vehicles, Kevin was putting his nose to the grindstone to build more of a Scaler. The County Mounty theme really seemed like a great idea, and we were patiently awaiting the end result. Well, this vehicle is here and we just had to share it!

All of us at Axial have built a custom scale rig or two, and are no stranger to the amount of hours and effort it takes to complete a project of this magnitude, so our question to you Mr. Jowett, Do you ever sleep? Check out a few cool shots of this rig out in the elements as well as a video of it in action. Very well done SBG, awesome Wraith!

For an in depth look at this build and the step by step process please visit the build thread on the SBG website.
Build thread here

SBG JKRC County Mounty in action!

2 thoughts on “The SBG County Mounty Wraith

  1. Nice rig man, looks sick as well as the trail. Being a fellow wraith owner myself I was wondering if your electronics were in the original spot or if you moved them around.?

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