28 thoughts on “The Hidden Axial Stickers

    • ok there maybe 7, but you can’t make out what it says.

      it’s between the vdp sticker-vertically driven products & the Davez Offroad Performance. Says http://www.________.com but not sure. But like I said u can’t make out what it says, to small for the photo. But i’m sure its 6.
      Lol sorry last time. I bet you guys are gonna be like “this guy is crazy”. Muwhahahahaha
      But thx for your time.

  1. I spotted 4 stickers, 5 if the logo in the lower right hand corner is a sticker or just a photo watermark.

  2. I only see 5 but I’m going to guess that there is 6 (I just assume I’m missing one somewhere)

    Is this the red 4runner I saw in a blog post from months ago? I want to see more of this rig.
    I own an 85 4runner that has a bunch of goodies. Spent all winter building a super beefy Rock Assault front axle but she back on the trail now after being down for 5 months.

  3. umm…… enlarged the photo today and counted 6 stickers and not sure if the other 2 are also axial stickers…. one shows a woman’s face and the other one looks like a car… can’t help it not to think if they are related to axial somehow because of the colour green

    • 6 Axial with logo stickers
      1 Axial logo only sticker
      1 XC-1 sticker

      8 in photo

      plus the axial logo photo stamp so….

      9 in the actual posted picture

  4. Ok there’s 7 LQQking close at it. For sure. There’s 2 stickers together. One on top of the other in an angle, by the Simpsons Racing stkr. So my final, final, final answer is 7.

    Can someone just win already.


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