The AXIAL Geocache #4 – Found!

Axial Geocache #4-2011

Congratulations to Scott Bridges of Sacramento, CA for finding the Axial Geocache #4.
Axial Geocache #4 Finder Scott Bridges
Scott found the Axial Geocache #4 on September 11th, 2011 at 10:11AM.
Here is what Scott had to say about his adventure.

“My name is Scott Bridges and the first thing I want to say is THANK YOU!
You guys at Axial have started a new revolution in the word adventure! Today was one of the most exciting trips ever! The trip was me, my best friend Marcus and another buddy Paul and I know from the pictures that we all have 1/5 scale bajas and a short coarse truck but that didnt stop us. I recently went out 3 weeks ago and FINALY got the rock crawler I’ve been waiting for (the XR10). So bought it for my birthday but I havent had the chance to get the electronics I want and need to complete it. Its my first electric car and first rock crawler. I expect on completing it very soon because Ive been DYING to go out and crawl! Im from Sacramento, CA. We left my house at 4 am on sunday (9-11-2011) and arived at the dirt road turn off at 9:30am. I found the Geocache at 10:11 am after a very fun and exciting hunt. It was raining and was 41 degrees but that didnt stop us! I was on a mission! Thank you very much for the adventure of a life time and I hope you continue to strive to be number one! Axial I feel is raising the bar to a new limit and I hope you guys push other companys to join the Geocache adventure and keep raising the bar!”

Not only did Scott just score a set of Axial AX12015 2.2 Ripsaw Tires, he also found some cool Axial Swag that is limited to our Axial Geocaching program. And for reporting back to us that he did find the Axial Geocache #4, we also sent him a set of Axial AX8091 2.2 Rockster Beadlock Wheels to mount those 2.2 Ripsaw Tires on. These things will work great on his Axial AX90017 XR10 Competition Rock Crawler. Make sure you stay tuned for the next Axial Geocache, it could be hidden in your area.
Axial Geocache #4 Finder Scott Bridges

Axial Geocache #4 Original Post:

It’s that time again to get active in the Axial Geocache Adventure. We have planted the AXIAL GEOCACHE #4 in a great location. We were out on a camping trip in the Sierra National Forest and figured it would be a great place to hide #4. ¬†Grab your Axial RC rigs and go have fun finding this cache and tell us about your adventure.

Axial Geocache #4
N37 12.410 W119 10.926 (it works dropped into googlemaps)

Once you find the box, it’s yours. This is a cache and carry find. Tread lightly and leave no trace.

What we want from you:

Name / Address / Email / Phone

Photos of you and your Axial Rig at the Geocache site.

Time / Date of when you found the Axial Geocache #4

What you get from us:

More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.

Here are a few pics from the area.


8 thoughts on “The AXIAL Geocache #4 – Found!

  1. hello axial, would you ever drop a cache near NW Ohio? i love to geocache with my kids. thanks ken

  2. kenneth is right, out here in ohio nothing much ever happens so a geocache would be fun to go hunt down.

  3. Love GeoCaching… love my crawler, the combo is unstopable, how about Fort Collins, Cheyenne or Estes Park…before the snow gets deep.

  4. Hey AXIAL nobody knows what to think of this WRAITH up here in MAINE in the backwoods, come this way and put on a show.

    • you gotta check out granite leisure time in oakland maine. we have been making trails of all sorts there. even winter snow trails. join us on facebook.

  5. how about dropping one in New Jersey tons of both woods and city areas to hide it and plenty of AXIAL fans to find it.

  6. we love the wraith in oakland maine at granite leisure time!! we have been running the scx10 with brushless motors for a couple years. nothing comes close. mudslingin rock markin fun. maine would be a great place for goecache. tumbledown mountain to be exact. all rock on top.

  7. we need some axial support up hear in london ontarionothing goes on in london not even a real crawler comp ive been making my own and its really hard but love axial products i have my wraith in the hobby shop right now finally its hear it only took 2.5 months its mine this friday

    and as soon as i get my novak m2 my xr10 will be done with the acception of finding shock housings

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