The Axial Geocache #3-2012 Cache and Carry – Found!

Axial Geocache
Congratulations to Hans Twardowski and family from Hemet, CA. They were able to get out and find Axial Geocache #3-2012

Axial Geocache #3-2012

Hans and family found the Geocache on Nov. 24th on their way back from Tucson, AZ. They decided to make the stop and enlist the use of a friends boat to get them there. Here is what Hans had to say about their adventure.

“My wife, daughter and I were headed to Tucson for Thanksgiving with family. We heard about the geocache from Hot Rock Hobbies in Lake Havasu City and figured it was probably gone, so we went to Tucson first. While in Tucson, we kept an eye on the comment board expecting the cache to show as found. When we left Tucson Saturday morning, I checked one more time and still noticed the cache was showing not found. We decided to take a side trip and hunt for the cache before returning home to California. We met up with a friend who owns a boat and headed for the site. The boat ride was about 20 minutes south of the city and worth every minute of it even if it was a bust. Once we found the right location, we beached the boat and headed for some rock crawling. We scoured the entire area before attempting to climb the rock itself. As I was passing a small outcropping, I looked down and spotted the cache. I called my wife and daughter to come see the site. We began uncovering the end and weren’t aware of how large the box was until it kept getting bigger. Eventually, we uncovered the entire box and secured the crawler. We then had to climb down the rock to get back to the boat (almost as hard as getting to the rock, but definitely worth the effort). Once we got back to the boat, we headed to town and Hot Rock Hobbies to meet the owners and thank them for the heads up on the excellent challenge. Since we geocache and have RC cars, it was a great combination to both hobbies we enjoy. The staff at Hot Rock Hobbies (Kim Adams and Jim McKay) was very knowledgeable and friendly and offered to assist us in any way we need to make this a new addition to our outdoor recreation. I already have a trophy truck, but am extremely excited to try rock crawling. According to Kim and Jim, this is a great truck and Axial deserves great credit to bringing many hours of enjoyment to RC hobbiests everywhere.”

Hans scored a complete Axial SCX10 Dingo Kit… well almost. As usual we kept a bag of parts to encourage him to let us know he found the geocache. Hans also got some of the coolest Axial swag only available to the geocache finders.

Axial Geocache #3-2012

Axial Geocache #3-2012

Axial Geocache #3-2012

Axial Geocache #3-2012

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Here is the third Axial Geocache of 2012!!!!
Remember it’s about the adventure you make to get there and get the goods that really makes this program fun and we like to hear from you about your experience. You will not be disappointed of this location when you get there. Grab some water and your rigs and head out to do some RC Crawling. This is a cache and carry find, once you find it, it’s yours to take with you. Tread lightly and leave no trace.

Axial Geocache #3-2012
N34º 25.027 W114º 17.347 (paste into googlemaps and look for the green arrow)

What we want from you:
Name / Address / Email / Phone
Photos of you and your Axial Rig at or near the Geocache site.
Time / Date of when you found the Axial Geocache #3-2012

What you get from us:
More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.


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  1. Famn wish I could have looked for this. I was north of the area at lake Mohave just didn’t have the time to make it there

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