The AXIAL Geocache #2 – Found!

Axial Geocache #2-2011

Congratulations to Steve Barry of San Diego, CA. for finding the Axial Geocache #2.

Axial Geocache #2 Finder Steve Barry

Steve found the Axial Geocache #2 on May 14th, 2011 at 3:30 pm. He already had a trip planned to Big Bear, CA and noticed on our Blog he looked up the coordinates and realized that we had a Geocache stashed away in the area. During his off-roading trip in Big Bear he was able top locate and grab the Axial Geocache #2. Not only did Steve find an Axial AX24251 NVS – Night Vision System, he also found some cool Axial Swag that is limited to our Geocaching program. By reporting back to us that he did find the Axial Geocache #2, we have also sent him an Axial AX80045 Light Bucket Set (Black).

Here are a few other pics from his find.

Axial Geocache #2 Finder Steve Barry

Axial Geocache #2 Finder Steve Barry

Axial Geocache #2 Original Post:

If you were unable to get out and search for the first ever Axial Geocache #1, or if you could not find it, here’s your chance to get in on the action and search for the Axial Geocache #2. If you are out and about, plug in these GPS coordinates to see if you are close to some Axial Geocache swag.


Axial Geocache #2
N34 16.676 W116 55.290 (it works dropped into googlemaps)

Once you find the box, it’s yours. This is a cache and carry find.


What we want from you:

Name / Address / Email / Phone

Photos of you and your Axial Rig at the Geocache site.

Time / Date of when you found the Axial Geocache #2


What you get from us:

More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.

View from the spot #2

Here are a couple more hint pics. We have not been informed that it has been found yet.

Burried #2
View from the spot #2

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  1. i found it, the second one is in cali and on a dirt road, kinda by los andgulses

  2. Jacob, I don’t think you could get to the dirt road and back to Idaho that quick… But in any case, if you found it please send us pics of your find so we can post you as the winner.

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