Budget XR10 Build

Most people know that the XR10 is meant to be a full on comp specific crawler. But, it can also be built up as a backyard/sportsman class crawler as well. I am going to guess that 95% of the XR10′s that are out there are running front and rear dig, with a semi expensive 3 or 4 channel radio. For this article I wanted to build a basic XR10, with a single speed control and basic 2 channel radio to keep cost down. Then, I am going to go out and shoot some video of it running comp style lines just to see how capable I can make it.

The basis for this build is the standard XR10 kit that I used in my 5 part step by step build a while back. A few pictures with the body mounted.





I wired our AE-2 ESC up to standard 55t motors. I ran the motor wire leads to the rear motor first, then tapped into those to the front motor with more wire. It can work fine wired the opposite way too, I went this route just because of how I positioned the ESC in the chassis. For batteries I am running my MaxAmps 1300mah 2s packs. They fit perfectly in the stock battery location, without interfering with the upper links. Plus, they are super light which helps keep my center of gravity low. I am running the stock 14t pinion gears on the motors. I may end up staggering the pinions by running a 14t out front and a 13t in the rear.



A few more shots with the body off.



All wired up and ready to hit the rocks. I installed our weight rings that are included in the kit for the front wheels, then loaded the wheels up with Vanquish slugs to keep the bulk of the weight biased towards the front.


Now it’s time to go test it out. Keep an eye out for the video, we will have some very soon.

Jake Wright joins the Axial Rock Crawling Competition Team

Jake Wright joins the Axial Rock Crawling Competition Team 500x332

April 25, 2011- Irvine, CA – Axial is pleased to announce that accomplished rock crawler, Jake Wright, has joined the Axial Rock Crawling Team. Wright will be competing with the Axial XR10-Hardline Body at the following events for the remainder of 2011 season: Axial AWCC, Vanquish Products presents: La Guerra en Rocas Rojo, USRCCA Nationals, AWCC Washington Qualifier, and the AZ Summer Shoot Out.

“Jake has been a vital part of the RC Rock Crawling scene,” said Jeff Johns, President of Axial Inc. “Wright is one of the top drivers in the world and an all around great guy. We are excited to be adding him to our Axial team.”

Brad “Bender” Dumont, Axial Team Director, also noted, “I have competed against Jake for years in the R/C Rock Crawling world. He is an incredible driver with nerves of steel. Wright has attended R/C Rock Crawling competitions all over the world and usually pulls off a podium finish. Honestly, I don’t know if I have ever met anyone as easy going and approachable as he is. Jake always has a smile on his face and is a great person to talk to. He [Wright] is always willing to help a fellow competitor out with advice on setups and driving also, no matter what level they are at. Jake will be a huge asset to the Axial Rock Crawling Team and we look forward to a long-term relationship with him.”

ABOUT JAKE WRIGHT: Jake began rock crawling in 2004 when he and his father got involved with 1:1 rock crawling vehicles. Later in 2005, Jake eventually began driving both RC and full-sized crawlers. His great skills have led him to crawling adventures in various parts of the world to compete, and have helped him achieve several commendable wins during the course of his crawling career:

2010: Utah State Championships – First Place
2010: Shamrock Showdown: – First Place
2010: Arizona Summer Shootout – First Place
2010: Motorama –
First Place
2009: Spanish Rock Crawling Nationals – Second Place
2009: Axial West Coast Challenge 
- Second Place
2009: SoCal RC Rock Crawlers Series -
First Place
2008: SoCal RC Rock Crawlers Series – First Place
2008: Utah State Championships -
 First Place
2007: Utah State Championships – First Place

About Axial Inc: Founded in 2005, Axial, Inc. has quickly climbed to the top of the R/C market by offering a dynamic line of class-leading radio control chassis and accessories for the entire scope of the hobby, from novice users to competitors. Every component of our product line is researched and developed to offer superior performance, durability, and style. A true lifestyle brand, Axial is regularly involved in local and national events which allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of the RC culture. We’re feeling the love in return, earning coveted awards including “Truck of the Year” (Radio Control Car Action 2008), “Best Product” (RCCrawler.com 2007 – People’s Choice), and “Most Innovative Product” (RCCrawler.com 2007; RC Car Action 2008 – People’s Choice).

Axial Team Drivers:
Jake Wright – California
Don Hughes – California
Dean Hsiao – California
Jason Rioux – Colorado
Becky Barger – Colorado
Yoshiaki Kataoka – Japan
Patrick Norton – Texas
Ed Rappleye – Utah
Zach Chatelain – Utah
Brian Parker – Nevada
Thom Kowatch – Nevada
Ryan Gerrish – Oregon

Team Carnage Crew XR10 Build

Team Carnage Crew’s Aaron Dusenbery builds an XR10 on Pirate 4×4′s forum.


Link to build:


A few links to Aaron’s 1:1 fab work:
1950 Mercury Build


Custom Motorcycles


Couple more custom builds


Installing Axial’s New XR10 HD Gear Plate

Now that the new gear plates are hitting the market, I figured it was the perfect time for a quick how to article.

XR10 HD Gear Plate (AX30787)

First thing we’ll need to do is remove one of the axles from the chassis. I started with the rear axle:

Remove the outer drive hexes:

Remove the aluminum lockouts:

Now remove the rear servo plate:

Then pull the remaining screws out and split the axle housing:

Grab the upper half of the axle housing, with the gearbox attached. Remove the gear covers:

Then pull the top cap/gear plate assembly off the housing and remove the gears:

Remove the snap ring holding the last 36t gear in place, and unscrew the plate from the top cap:

Now attach the new plate to the axle housing’s top cap:

Next install one of the new bearings, then 36t gear and snap ring:

Insert the last few gears and bearings into place:

Replace the gear covers for now, you can remove them again and mount the motor as needed later:

Bling, bling

Now you can set the gearbox in place on the upper half of the housing, I install one screw just to hold everything together:

Grab the bottom half of the axle housing, and install the straight axles into the center gear:

Next reassemble the axle housing, and button everything up:

Install the rear lockouts and drive hexes:

Now you’re ready to reinstall the axle:

Repeat these same steps for the front axle, and you’re ready to rock!

2011 Motorama

February 19-20, 2011:
The 3rd Annual Motorama US Indoor Rockcrawling Challenge was again in Harrisburg, PA. John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton, in conjunction with his team from Western PA Crawlers (www.wpac-rc.com), successfully transformed a huge open building into a USRCCA National Qualifier Course. With the help of CJ “Rockbound” Hines, Jay “LEWIS”, Kyle “FalconRaceway” Horne, Carey “Eviltwin v2” Baird, Del “DRCMan” Anderson and John Peoples, we were able to convert 4 triaxles of rock into a foundation for 3 classes of crawlers running 11 courses and three finals.
The event started, informally, at 5 pm on Friday, February 18th. Drivers had the option of coming in and practicing various lines and getting their rig tech’d early. The rocks introduced some interesting lines and breakovers with traction being tested with some loose dirt on them. All drivers were asked to leave at 7 pm so that we could set up the first set of courses for the early Saturday start.
Saturday, 7 am, we started with a tech. We also gathered all the drivers that volunteered to be judges for the event to go over the particulars. At 8:15 am, we had the drivers meeting. It started with a moment of silence in memory of our friend and fellow crawler Steve “STEVESTOCK” Berry, who lost his battle with cancer on Sept 18, 2010. We then went over the rules and started the comp.
The format was running 3 courses of each of the classes (1.9, 2.2 & Super) on Saturday. The courses ran smoothly and we finished up the day at about 9:30pm. At the end of the day the top 25 drivers in 2.2 and the top 5 drivers in the other classes had the honor to move to Semi and finals on Sunday.
9:00 am on Sunday, the top 25 Drivers set up for two grueling courses to identify the top 5 drivers of this class. We then proceeded to start the finals. With points being close, it could be anyone’s game. One wrong decision could upset the outcome.

When the dust settled, here is where everyone stood:
2.2 Comp:
1. Rene “Renoirbud” Budzisch
2. Josh “xrra_tj” Moore
3. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
4. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
5. Jeremy “BullfrogRC” Froehlich


1.9 Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
3. Arthur “PaloAltoK5” Bell
4. Dan “Dclinch” Clinch
5. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich


Super Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Patrick “Scatterbrains” Curran
3. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich
4. Cory “CCC22” Owenburg
5. Chris “Arct1k” Long


W.Pa.C. with the assistance of Axial Racing, offered to the 50,000+ spectators, an opportunity to test run an SCX10 Dingo Rig. With that demo run, they received a ticket to win a brand new Axial SCX-10 Dingo RTR. When the raffle was completed, the truck was awarded to Nicholas from Harrisburg, PA.

Motorama 2012 is already scheduled for February 18 – 19, 2012. If you have never been to Motorama, make sure that you mark these dates down. It is something you don’t want to miss.

Axial Racing would also like to congratulate Rene Budzisch for taking the win with his XR10 in the 2.2 Class.

XR10 Heavy Duty Machined Gear Install

We just received the new heavy duty machined gear sets and titanium gear shafts for the XR10 at the Axial warehouse. The new gears and shafts are CNC machined for the ultimate fit and finish, and include fresh drive pins and e-clips. These new gears and shafts are a lot stronger, and lighter, then the stock components too. Having less rolling resistance in the drive train equals more punch when trying to bump up and over an obstacle. It also equals a little more run time per battery pack too. It’s a rare win, win situation in the r/c crawling world.

Here is a quick step by step install of the new gears and shafts.

Start by removing your stock gearboxes from the axles.

Next, remove the motors from your gearboxes. In this photo you can see the stock powder metal gears and steel transfer shaft.

Here is a picture of the new gears and titanium shaft for the rear gearbox after removing them from their individual packaging.

Remove the gearbox cover.

Then remove the plastic gear case from the motor plate.

Remove the 2 stock powder metal gears that are sandwiched between the motor plate and the gear cap.

Using a sharp tool, pop the e-clip off the end of the gear shaft.

Pull the 36t gear off the end of the shaft and remove the drive pin.

Remove the bearing on the shaft from the motor plate. Now, slide the shaft out and remove it from the gearbox.

Remove the 22t drive gear from the top shaft. Again, use a sharp tool to remove the e-clip, then remove the gear and drive pin.

Grab the new titanium top shaft, and insert the drive pin.

Slide the new 22t drive gear over the shaft and onto the drive pin.

Re-install the e-clip to hold the drive gear in place.

Now slide the shaft back into the gearbox.

Insert the flange bearing into the motor plate, and slide the 36t drive pin into place.

Slide the 36t gear into place and re-install the e-clip.

Grab the 12t gear without the snap ring grove in it, a drive pin and another 36t gear.

Insert the drive pin into the 12t gear’s shaft, then slide the 36t gear into place over the pin.

Install the gear from the previous step into the gearbox assembly as shown.

For this step we have to assemble the “step gear”. Stock it is a one piece design, but the machined version is a two piece design. Grab the 12t gear with the snap ring groove in it. Install a drive pin into the shaft, and slide the last 36t gear over the pin.

Install the e-clip and bearing spacer last.

Set the stepped gear assembly into place inside the gearbox.

Re-install the plastic gear case over the gears. Double check to make sure the M3 Nylock nut hasn’t fallen out of the case.

Make sure all the bearings are still in the gear case cap. Then re-install the cap onto the gearbox.

Here you can see the finished gearbox with new titanium shafts and machined gears installed.

Number of gears needed to complete both axles:
6 – AX30770
2 – AX30771
2 – AX30767
2 – AX30768
2 – AX30769

Replacing the gears is pretty straight forward. But, we wanted to show an install just to have as a tutorial on our website. Thanks!

Upgrades for the SCX10, XR10 and RTC

We receive numerous questions from people asking what option parts they should upgrade to first. Half the fun of this hobby, to me, is wrenching and upgrading components. But, it can be tough to sort through information to see what upgrades are necessary. Some R/C upgrades in general are purely for looks, some are for better performance and a lot are for improved durability. Performance and durability are the two biggest reasons I upgrade my personal R/C’s, and I know there are a lot of people out there that have the same approach I do. So, I decided to come up with an upgrade list for each of our vehicles in order from most important to least important from my vantage point.

SCX10 Upgrades:
Aluminum Link Upgrade Kit (AX30549 for the Dingo, AX30550 for the Honcho)
Aluminum Knuckles and C-hubs (AX30495 C-hubs, AX30496 Knuckles)
Aluminum Shock Set (AX30090 x 2)
Steel Transmission Outputs (AX30544)
HD Ring and Pinion Set (AX30401 Front and/or AX30402 Rear)
CVD’s (AX30464)
Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573)
1.9 Internal Weight Ring (AX30547)
1.9 Internal Weights (AX30548 x 2)

RTC Upgrades:
Aluminum Link Upgrade Kit and Hardware (AXA1407 Kit, AXA1411 Hardware)
Aluminum Knuckles and C-hubs (AX30495 C-hubs, AX30496 Knuckles)
Behind the Axle Steer Kit (BTA) (AX30533)
2.2 Internal Weight Ring (AX30545)
2.2 Internal Weights (AX30546 x 3)
Steel Transmission Outputs (AX30544)
CVD’s (AX30464)
Carbon Fiber Rear Axle Brace (AX30509)
Aluminum Shock Bodies (AX30120 x 2)
HD Ring and Pinion Set (AX30401 Front and/or AX30402 Rear)
SWX Chassis Kit (AX30506)
Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573)

XR10 Upgrades:
Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573)
Aluminum Link Kit (AX30434)
HD Machined Gear Set (AX30767 – AX30771)
Stage 1 Aluminum Kit (AX30432)
Wheel Weights (AX30546 x 3)
Super Soft Springs (AX30223, AX30224, AX30225 x 2)
Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit (AX30433)
Titanium Gear Shafts (AX30765 and AX30766)
Carbon Fiber Electronics Plate (AX30772)
Carbon Fiber Battery Plate (AX30774)

Video Tutorial – XR10 Electronics Set-up

Here’s a little video covering installation of electronics in an XR10. Video covers 4PK programming and mixing, ESC/motor wiring, BEC install, etc. This should help answer a lot of questions on setting up an XR10 for front and rear dig. Thanks to Josh for making this video for us.

XR10 Wins in Colorado………Again

We have to throw another congrats out to Jason Rioux , aka Sparky J, in Colorado for putting his XR10 on top of the podium again. Colorado held it’s 3rd round of their Winter Series this past weekend at Horsetooth Reservoir near Ft. Collins. Jason pulled off the win by 43 points, and was the only competitor to finish with a negative score. Way to do work driver!!





Competition Event Calender – December 2010

Axial is going to start posting monthly competition schedules from around the country. Most of these events are just local competitions, but it should help people that aren’t aware of their local comp scene to get in touch with their local clubs. We are hoping this will bring some new people to each and every club that has a competition going on this month. Some of these events have already taken place too, but we will post them anyway just so people are aware.

December schedule of events:
12/4/10 in SoCal

12/4/10 in Tennessee

12/4/10 in Tennessee

12/4/10 in Nevada

12/4/10 in NorCal

12/4/10 in Texas

12/4/10 in Virginia

12/5/10 in Arizona

12/5/10 in Arizona

12/11/10 in Nevada

12/11/10 in Arizona

12/11/10 in Atlanta

12/11/10 in NorCal

12/12/10 in Arizona

12/12/2010 in Ymanashi, Japan

12/18/10 in NorCal

12/19/10 in Colorado

12/19/10 in Arizona

If you are attending/hosting a competition this December, and you don’t see your event on this list, post up with the details and a link with the comp info. I will add the event to this itinerary.