Glamping Vs. Camping

WP_glamp_vs_camp_500x220The age old question, Glamping Vs. Camping… Which are you?

Is your food shopping done in the sporting goods store with a gram scale weighting everything and adhering to the “an ounce today is a pound tomorrow” mantra?


Super marketing here I come, I’ve got coolers for days and an SUV that will haul everything one could imagine, including the kitchen sink?

How Car Transmissions & Synchromesh Work



Chances are that at some point you found yourself scratching that head of yours attempting to figure out how a manual transmission and synchromesh gears work. Dating all the way back to 1936, Chevrolet developed a movie called “Spinning Gears” that explains just how everything works. Pop some popcorn, kickback and learn.

On another note, this video was produced back in 1936. Meaning all of those graphics and editing were done by hand, as in no computers were used. That’s super cool.


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Busted Knuckle Films presents Rock Rods 3 DVD

Axial recently received the newest video production from Busted Knuckle Films called Rock Rods 3. It documents the “Rock Bouncing” craze that has taken over the 1:1 world in the southeastern US over the last few years. For those that haven’t heard the term “Rock Bouncing”, it is almost like rock crawling meets extreme hill climbing. And when I say extreme, I mean it! Most of the obstacles in this video are nothing short of brutal. All of the video footage was shot on privately owned land as well, so these are not your typical weekend trails. And your local trails are definitely not the place to hone your personal rock bouncing skills either, so please keep that in mind and tread lightly.

If you love the sound of built V8 engines roaring up to redline, the sound of expensive metal components colliding with rock and all around general carnage, this video is for you. The high speed action starts right away with the first chapter, and doesn’t let up for the entire 90 minute video. Highlights include a few south eastern competitions as well as some weekend trail run footage. Most of the rigs in Rock Rods 3 are sporting big block engines, heavily trussed one ton axles or 2 1/2 ton axles, overbuilt custom tube frames, hydraulic steering, huge custom cut tires, 4 wheel steer, etc. The video footage is creatively shot using multiple camera angles by some very brave cameramen who are constantly dodging flying rocks and debris. The drivers in this video are extremely talented as well using a combination of throttle and finesse to clear some jaw dropping obstacles. So, if you even remotely consider yourself a gearhead this video will not disappoint. Order up a copy for yourself, strap into your 4 point sofa harness and enjoy the wild ride that is to come!!

You can check out the trailer for this DVD here:

DVD can be ordered here:

Axial Wraith Spottings – Phase III

Axial Wraith™ on Palomar Mountain – Project Snowbound

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC Part 2 – Excessive Force

Realistic Steering for the Wraith


Axial’s new Wraith in the Rocky Mountains

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – Marlin Crawler: Tha Big Czajkowski

Wraiths at Flagstaff

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – PART 2 of Marlin Crawler: Tha Big Czajkowski


PHASE II of the Axial Wraith Spottings
PHASE I of the Axial Wraith Spottings