FOFF SCX10 in 100th Issue of RC Driver

RC Driver magazine has hit a milestone…………….their 100th issue is about to hit newstands. Axial would like to congratulate them on this historic feat, way to go guys!! One vehicle that is featured in this special 100th edition magazine is a custom formula offroad SCX10 that I built a few months back. I sent a sneak peek photo of this rig to Ty Giebel, the man behind this article, while it was in the build process. I instantly got a message back saying he wanted to do an article for RC Driver featuring this Rat Rod FOFF in a future edition of the magazine. It was tough to finish the build, knowing that the first squeeze of the trigger wasn’t going to be made by my hand. But, in end I couldn’t turn him down as I knew he would truly do this rig justice with a spectacular article and photos. Here’s a few teaser photos of the new 100th issue, and this Rat Rod FOFF build. There is more to come on this particular rig, but for now this will have to hold you over. If you want to see more, look for this issue at your local newstand.

Cover shot.


Cover page for article.


Last couple shots.



Congratulations Tanner Foust on a New World Record

We all know you have seen it already… We at Axial just want to say CONGRATULATIONS TANNER!!!

Tanner set a new world record distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th 2011. See, we’ve been saying that desert trucks rule!

Just in case you have not seen it, watch Foust, drops 10 stories down 90 feet of orange track and soars 332 feet through the air, 31ft over the previous record set by Johnny Greaves in 2009:

Yea, we are Tanner FANS!!! Check Tanner out in the 100th episode of The Radio Control Show [Tanners interview starts at the 3:57minute mark]:
We like how Tanner tells his story growing up with R/C and the relevance to his 1:1 pursuits!

Now to see what Tanner would do in his next big media stunt… maybe backflip a 1:1 KOH style rig… Monster Trucks have already done that so…
Just what will he dream up next?

Our previous post when Tanner dropped by the office [link].

Tanner Foust of TOP GEAR at AXIAL Inc.

Tanner Foust of TOP GEAR, master driving talent and most importantly for our little R/C world, Tanner has a long history within the R/C community!

Look for an interview with him in an upcoming video on The Radio Control Show. Make sure you are subscribed to their YouTube Page.

So, is Tanner going rock crawling with a Dingo at a local comp? We will see… but with his extra-curricular work activities, this little Axial Dingo will see some travel-luggage time for sure!