Bender’s SWX Comp Rig at the Beach

I went out to Corona Del Mar Beach here in SoCal recently for a little test session with my comp rig.

Rig Specs:
Axial AX10 Transmission
Axial AX10 Axles
Axial/Bender Customs SWX Chassis
Axial/Bender Customs Rear 4 Link Plate
Axial XC-1 Body
Axial 4″ Comp Shocks
Axial High Speed Ring and Pinion in the Front Axle
Axial Heavy Duty Standard Ring and Pinion in the Rear Axle
Axial Rear Aluminum Lockouts
Axial Rear Straight Axles
Axial Aluminum Axle C’s
Axial Aluminum Knuckles
Axial Front CVD Axles
DNA R/C Dig Unit
Montana Scale Designs Aluminum Wheels
HB Rover Tires
TCS #8 Reach Hybrid Memory Foams Front
Stock HB Foams Rear

MaxAmps 1100mah 3 Cell Lipos
Novak 55t Motor
Castle Creations Mamba Max ESC
Castle Creations BEC
JR8711 Steering Servo
Hitec 985mg Dig Servo
Spektrum DX3 Radio Gear

Custom Machined Steering Servo Mount
Custom Machined Dig Servo Mount
Custom Machined Delrin Lower Links
Custom Machined Steering Links
Custom Battery Mount