Axial “SCX10JK” Walker Evans Wheels – Maxxis Tires – Rebel Roof Rack

At last, the time has come to install the wheels and tires. We have been waiting for this moment, we just received the call that the wheels and tires have been mounted up over at Rebel Off Road. We selected the Walker Evans Racing bead lock wheels for the awesome design and ridiculous strength. Walker Evans has been beating on wheels for years out in the desert, so if he is willing to put his name on them, you know they are up to the task! We decided to run the 17 X 8.5 standard finish with a polished bead lock ring in a 5 on 5.5 pattern. To keep us planted to the rocks, we elected to run some Maxxis Trepador 37 X 12.50 X 17 Radials. These tires wrapped around the Walker wheels should look as good as they perform! Maxxis also makes a Bias ply tire that is for competition use (Called Stickies) that we were eyeballing pretty hard, but they would wear way to fast for our style of trail driving. We like to drive to the trail, enjoy the challenges, then drive home, so the radials were more realistic for us. While at Rebel we noticed the guys had one of their Roof Racks coated in silver and mounted up as well, this rack should work perfect for our extra storage needs. To have a look at these components, check them out here…..

Walker Evans Racing Wheels

Maxxis Trepador Tires

Rebel Off Road Halo Jeep JK Roof Rack

A few days ago we went to the Maxxis tires Warehouse to pick up the tires.

This warehouse is huge!!

I want these tires so bad! They work extremely well on the trail.

We have something up our sleeve for the near future with this rig, that is why we went with the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. For the time being we used adapters to use the Walker Evans wheels on the 5 on 5 standard JK pattern. These adapters also widen the overall stance by 3 inches, which should really help with stability.

This wheel and tire combination will offer a ton of ground clearance, good looks, strength and the traction we will need to tackle the toughest of trails! Here is a photo of the stock wheel and tire with the new Walker Evans wheel wrapped in the Maxxis Trepador….

We gained about 5″ in tire height and about 2.5″ in width, this will also give us an extra 2.5″+ of ground clearance to the axle housing.

The tires and wheels look perfect on the SCX10JK. The size of the tire is exactly what the kit calls for, and should clear during complete articulation at all steering angles

The Front….

The Rear…

Rebel Off Road fabricated one of their Halo Jeep JK roof racks, and had it coated in the same silver color as the Jeep. This rack is nice and low profile, yet offers a ton of extra storage space for those extra long trips Jeff takes with the family. Check it out

The rack is constructed of 1.75″ DOM tubing for the outer ring, and the center section is a wire grid that is welded at every intersection, so it is very strong and ready for Battle! Thank you Rebel!!

As you can see, the bumpers are already in progress, so stay tuned for the next blog post showing the installation of the front and rear Poison Spyder bumpers and TJM winch. If you are new to this blog and project, please take a few minutes to look at the past blog posts to see the history of how this rig came about…
The Full Size Connection

Axial 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Axial Visits Rebel Off Road

Axial “SCX10JK” – Icon Suspension

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Crusher Flares and Crusher Corners

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Rocker Armor and Rocker Knockers

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Skid Plates from Rebel Off Road

To learn more about our friends at Rebel Off Road, please visit their site here

Axial “SCX10JK” – Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension


We have officially placed the Axial 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited “SCX10JK” in the capable hands of Rebel Off Road for them to start the build. The first thing on the to do list was a proper suspension system. We have had Icon Vehicle Dynamics as one of our marketing partners for quite some time now, and have decided to run their “Jeep JK 4.5″ complete suspension system” found here. We are also working with Dylan Evans, their head engineer to further test their new compression clicker reservoir shocks on our JK, talk about some incredible shocks, we can’t wait to run these on the trail! I personally have worked with Dylan for many years on different motorsport projects, and am really excited to see these guys working together on this. I am confident that this suspension system will suit our needs and surpass our expectations. Dylan is a mastermind at tuning shock and spring combinations for the best of both worlds, day to day driving, as well as a healthy dose of off-road abuse. Take a look at this suspension system as we break down the different components, and what purpose they will serve.

The new Icon Suspension System consists of:
Upper and lower front links
Upper and lower rear links
Front and rear springs
Front and rear pan hard bars
Front and rear pan hard brackets
Front lower shock mounts
Front reservoir mounts
Front and rear bump stop spacers
Extended sway bar links
Front and rear 2.5″ body Compression Clicker Reservoir shocks

Here is a shot of the entire system laid out on the Rebel shop floor..

With the Axial SCX10JK up on the rack, it is time to get to work and tear it apart..

The suspension links have a brilliant design. First off we have some race car parts with these huge heim joints, because strength is paramount in any suspension system. Second, Icon have developed a 2 stage threaded adjustment system. This means you simply place the link in place on the vehicle, then you adjust the length to desired spec, then tighten down. No more of this remove the link, adjust it, then replace it. It makes setting the caster on solid axle vehicle as easy as it gets!

The links themselves are designed for maximum flex. Pictured here are stock links with Icon links. You can see that the flex for the stock arm is meant to come from flex in the bushings and the arm itself. The Icon arm, has a race spec heim on one end and a Johnny Joint style joint on the other, meaning that the link is allowed to articulate throughout its range of motion without any resistance from rubber or torsional twist from the arm.

The front upper arms are designed to flex from one side and solid mount to flexible bushings in the Axle housing, these solid mounts have also been beefed up significantly.

The front and rear Icon springs are quite a bit taller than the stock springs, and should provide plenty of extra ground clearance, as well as the perfect rate once the vehicle is outfitted for battle.

The pan hard or “track” bars from Icon feature a much stronger and lighter tubular design. The ends of the Icon bars are equipped with heims or Urethane bushings which is a significant upgrade from stock.

The shocks for this project are probably the most striking change from stock. It is hard to imagine running on stock shocks after seeing these 2.5″ reservoir bad boys from Icon….
Rear Shocks

Front Shock

The install of the suspension system goes really smooth, at least that is what the staff at Rebel makes it look like.
Here is the front suspension before and after Icon links.

The front springs and shocks are huge!!

The compression clickers on the reservoir are going to be awesome, we cant wait!

The lower shock mount moves the shock out for clearance during full articulation.

And pictured with the reservoir mount in place, almost ready to rock!

The rear suspension was next on the list.
In stock form…

With the Icon links…..

Rear sway bar links

Rear springs and shocks

Completed rear suspension

The suspension stage of this project is only the beginning, be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see this vehicle coming together. We intend to build a proper Jeep JK with the highest quality products and then take it out and hit the trails. For the history on how this vehicle came about please check out our earlier blog postings here….
The Full Size Connection

Axial 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Axial Visits Rebel Off Road

To learn more about Icon Vehicle Dynamics and see some more of their high end suspension components be sure to visit their website here.

Axial Visits Rebel Off Road


Now that we have this 2012 Jeep to build, dubbed “SCX10JK” , we headed back over to Rebel Off Road to start developing a game plan to get it trail ready! Rebel Off-road is famous for making some of the wildest Jeeps in Orange County, Ca. For a relatively small shop, this company puts out a lot of high quality builds. This is due to their very knowledgeable staff, and their off-road experience.

The main man behind Rebel Off Road is Bond Gilmer. Bond has been an off road fanatic since he was a youngster. When considering putting your new vehicle under the knife, it is very important to get to know the people who be responsible for its transformation. Axial employees have been going to Bond for years to have their vehicles serviced, repaired and built. We know the 2012 Axial “SCX10JK” will be in good hands!

Bond will be the first one to tell you that running a successful operation is relative to the team of people who you surround yourself with. His employees are hand selected for their different expertise in different areas of the off road business. Without these guys Rebel wouldnt be what it is today! Here is Bond, Chris, Taylor and Jason all working at full throttle!

Sandy is the lead mechanic in the shop, he was too busy to strike a pose for us, so we caught him in his natural environment…

Austin (on right) is the latest addition to the crew, he is always on the fly and really hard to capture on film, we did manage to catch a candid while he was rewinding a winch with Chris’ help.

They are in the middle of an expansion of their show room, so they expressed that it is fairly empty at the moment, but we had to snap some shots of their progress anyway… It is coming along quite nicely!!

They have several magazine articles they have been involved with up on the showroom walls.

Rebel has a total of 5 LED screens in their showroom, 4 smaller versions constantly playing images of the vehicles they have built, and one large screen to show customers photos of the components they are talking about. It is really cool to see all this technology employed here.

Sometimes when you walk into a shop, you can tell right away how much pride they put into their work, just by looking around a little. These guys have some display stands for the vehicles they have made to take to shows, and these awesome aluminum waiting area chairs! I want some of those!!

Of course they are representing for Axial!

When you walk out into the workshop, the first thing you notice is the work board, man these guys have long a list to get done! I wonder who told them we were coming? HA HA… I see the priority of the Axial SCX10JK is quite high, and there is a little VIP in there for us!

One of the things you cant help but notice is the shop and surrounding areas loaded with Jeeps, these guys are definetly the local authority on all things Jeep!!

Here are a few of the vehicles that belong to the Rebel Staff in action, these guys really know their way around the Jeep JK!!

Be sure to stay tuned to the Axial Blog as we are getting ready to turn over the “SCX10JK” to Bond and the talent staff of Rebel Off Road and let them work their magic!

For more information on Rebel Off Road be sure to visit their site , and while you are there checkout the rigs page located here