Cool Bonus Accessories on Axial Parts Trees


Words and photos by Tony Phalen

All RC kits that require you to build them have multiple parts trees that have been injection molded with different types of plastics. Sometimes, after your kit is completely assembled, you might end up with a few extra parts. This is not a mistake – in fact, most manufacturers have brilliant designers that actually group parts together that are used in different kits, saving money for them and, in turn, saving money for you.

So what do you do with those left over parts? Most people probably throw them back in the box or in the trash, but have you ever really taken a close look at the spare parts on Axial’s trees? They’ve actually put little ‘Easter Eggs’ on the trees; parts that really don’t go with any kit but can actually be used with EVERY kit. So, we’ve come up with a little guide identifying all the fun little scale parts Axial has fabricated for us.

Sit back, scroll down and let your imagination begin.

AX30808 EXO Battery Straps

AX30808 EXO Battery Straps

The first part we’re going look at is Axial’s EXO Battery Straps. The two long pieces are the actual straps, but do you know what the other four are? Well, I wasn’t aware either until I did a little snooping and found that the four pieces are used for Nitro engines; carb covers and an exhaust pipe stop. All are made from a rubbery material that won’t melt and have the Axial logo on them. Good parts to keep your Nitro engine safe from the elements.

AX31049 Axial Helmet Set (Black)

AX31049 Helmet Set (Black)

If you have an Axial Yeti or RR10, you’ve probably seen these helmets. Included are three different styles – motocross style with goggles and visor, open design with scary skeleton face and fully enclosed race helmet. A sticker sheet is enclosed with designs to spruce up whichever helmet you choose. I love that the skeleton has goggles. Safety first.

AX31125 Axial Yeti Fuel Cell

AX31125 Yeti Fuel Cell

The Yeti Fuel Cell tree is a direct replacement for the fuel cell included with the Yeti and Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck, but with a little tweaking could definitely be used in other vehicles. The tree includes the top and bottom of the cell, an additional top mount hose adapter, long and short fuel fillers and a mounting cage for the cell itself. This is a cool piece that I’m sure some of you crafty builders would love to install in your rigs!

AX31186 Axial M4 Rod End Set

AX31185 M4 Rod End Set

The M4 Rod End Set parts tree includes a selection of different rod ends, washers and wire looms, but did you know there are also two cool parts attached to the tree as well; a 3-piece ammo can that has a opening lid and a set of Texas Longhorns, you know, the kind that would make Boss Hog proud.

AX31317 Axial RR10 AR60 Axle Component Set

AX31317 RR10 AR60 Axle Component Set

Axial’s RR10 AR60 Axle Components Set doesn’t have any bazookas or barbed wire, but it does have a great looking differential cap that you could use on an AR60-equipped rigs. There’s some great detail there and, of course, an embedded Axial logo to show your support.

AX80037 Axial Interior Detail Parts (Black)

AX80037 Interior Detail Parts (Black)

Here’s one of the parts trees that’s got a little bit of everything; some window cranks, arm rests, a variety of shift knobs, a couple gun racks and, of course, a shotgun and hunting rifle (or sniper rifle – depending on what you’re going to do with it). There’s also a pair of large, old school steering wheels and one that looks oddly similar to a GT model I had in my 1969 Ford Cortina.

AX80038 Axial Exterior Detail Parts (Black)

AX80038 Exterior Detail Parts (Black)

Another parts tree chock full of scale goodies, the AX80038 is all about the exterior; windshield wipers, three sets of mirrors, a fire extinguisher and a large selection of spacers and mounting backplates, something that might be useful with other scale parts you might be mounting up. There’s also a small bag of mounting hardware and a chrome sticker sheet for the mirrors so you can check your hair while out on the trails.

AX80047 Axial Interior Detail Parts (Chrome)

AX80047 Interior Detail Parts (Chrome)

The AX80037 Interior Detail Parts is the same as the AX80037 black parts except, well, chrome. These are great for detailing out an older ride, or projects where bling is better than black…or where you just gotta have a chrome shotgun!

AX80048 Axial Exterior Detail Parts (Chrome)

AX80048 Exterior Detail Parts (Chrome)

Like the interior set, the AX80048 Exterior Detail Parts are chrome versions of the AX80037 parts set. Mirrors, wipers, and a chrome fire extinguisher are included as is the vast selection of chrome spacers and mounting backplates.

AX80085 Axial Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar (Black)

AX80085 Universal Mount 5 Bucket Light Bar

Ready for some night crawling? Axial’s AX80085 has everything you need in this universal set to create a roof-mounted 5-bucket setup. The mounting system allows you to angle the lights and mounts to fit a wide selection of bodies, and spacers and clamps keep everything nice and tidy. Just add one of Axial’s lighting systems and you’ll be ready to do it in the dark!

AX80092 Axial EXO Linkage Set

AX80092 EXO Linkage Set

Axial pulled a sneaky and molded up a revolver on the EXO Linkage Set. Paint it, detail it and set it on the seat in your scale rig – just be ready to show a permit if you get pulled over.

AX80100 Axial EXO Chassis and Toe Block Insert Set

AX80100 EXO Chassis Guard and Toe Block Insert Set

The AX80100 parts tree has some toe blocks, toe block inserts, a skid plate AND … an AR15 rifle. Seeing this makes me want to buy 20 of these trees and build some sort of SWAT vehicle based on a SCX10. No stealing my idea.

AX80105 Axial EXO Chassis Component Mounts

AX80105 EXO Chassis Component Mounts

The next EXO parts tree is the AX80105, containing some component mounts, a gear protector and an AK47 rifle. I can’t wait to see some super scaler detail on the wood areas on this one!

AX80112 Axial EXO Cage Lower Center

AX80112 EXO Cage Lower Center

The AX80112 comes with a couple cage parts for the EXO Terra, but also a 2-piece, folding sand ramp. These can be painted silver, folded and strapped to the roof or side of your rig, allowing you to get out of sticky situations when the HoG (Hand of God) is not allowed. This package has only one ramp so you’ll need to purchase two of these to get a matching set.

AX80119 Axial EXO RTR Links Parts Tree

AX80119 EXO RTR Links Parts Tree

The AX80119 EXO Links Parts Tree comes with six molded links, a pair of braces and the final rifle to our list of cool parts. This AR-10 is nicely detailed and would look great in a diorama or propped up next to Big Jim in his SCX10 Ram Power Wagon. Beer cans optional.

AX80125 Axial SCX10 Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper

AX80125 SCX10 Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper

Clinging tight to the Poison Spyder brand, Axial has modeled up this replica JK Brawler bumper complete with mounting bracket and D-ring recovery hooks. A pair of buckets are molded in and ready for lights, and if you’re a crafty one, additional lights or even a winch can be mounted on the top flat area.

AX80129 Axial Roll Cage Top

AX80129 Roll Cage Top

Axial’s AX80129 Roll Cage comes with a pair of unexpected treats. The first is a nice racing steering wheel with the Axial logo molded in the center as well as the famous ‘racing orientation marker’ at the top. The second wheel is simply awesome – a chain wheel that also comes with the logo molded in the center. I’m matching this up with one of those skeleton heads!

AX80131 Axial Helmet Set (White)

AX80131 Helmet Set (White)

Finally, the AX80131 Helmet Set. This is the same as the AX31049 Helmet Set but, obviously, white. If you’re going to do some color matching and detailing, this might be the helmet set you check out. A sticker sheet is also included.

So there you have it; a whole slew of fun parts ready for customizing. Not sure where to start? Well I’ve taken three of the parts mentioned above and gave them a dash of paint as an example. Paint ‘em, detail ‘em or leave them au naturel – the choice is yours. That’s the best part of customizing!

Cool Parts on the Axial Parts Trees

Here’s the full list of the parts trees discussed:
AX30808 Axial EXO Battery Straps
AX31049 Axial Helmet Set (Black)
AX31125 Axial Yeti Fuel Cell
AX31186 Axial M4 Rod End Set
AX31317 Axial RR10 AR60 Axle Component Set
AX80037 Axial Interior Detail Parts (Black)
AX80038 Axial Exterior Detail Parts (Black)
AX80047 Axial Interior Detail Parts (Chrome)
AX80048 Axial Exterior Detail Parts (Chrome)
AX80085 Axial Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar (Black)
AX80092 Axial EXO Linkage Set
AX80100 Axial EXO Chassis and Toe Block Insert Set
AX80105 Axial EXO Chassis Components Mounts
AX80112 Axial EXO Cage Lower Center
AX80119 Axial EXO RTR Links Parts Tree
AX80125 Axial SCX10 Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper
AX80129 Axial Roll Cage Top
AX80131 Axial Helmet Set (White)

Axial Recon G6 BDay Bash II Scale Papercraft Accessories

At Axial we love to set up our rigs with scale accessories!
So naturally as we we built the SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Paper craft we thought it would be awesome to create scale accessories for our vehicles.

With the G6 event coming up we added a nice little touch for Parker and the gang!

Build your accessories and make it out to the RECON G6 B-Day Bash II on December 8th. Now you have no excuse not to go!
Download all of your papercraft scale accessories here
Sorry, US currency is copyright protected so no papercraft dollars…

Download all of your papercraft scale accessories here


OCRCRC – Comp One / 2012 Series

Orange County Radio Controlled Rock Crawlers (OCRCRC) held their first event of the 2012 calender year this past weekend. Winners of this series will get an invite to the SoCal Regionals later in the 2012 year. Winners of the SoCal Regionals event will get invites to the 2012 USRCCA Nationals. So, it is the beginning of a long road to the 2012 Nationals.

Being located in Orange County, Ca., we have access to limited terrain, and part of that terrain is man made. For the first stop of this series we hit up a local wash that is lined with concrete and rocks. There are some tough lines in this area, and there is traction for days, which allows the course designers to set some pretty crazy lines. While walking the courses before I ran I saw a few gates that made me go hmmmm. But, all gates were possible if you could find the right line through. The sun was shining and the weather forecast was calling for 80 degree temps, so the stage was set for a great day of competition.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

I set-up course one, which was a technical 20 gate marathon. The first few gates had some tough spots that you had to negotiate slowly in order to clear them without any penalties. Then, after gate 6 you had a series of technical off camber, as well as descending obstacles to clear. The last couple gates were easy if you found the proper approach.

Brandon volunteered to run my 20 gate course first, and who was I to deny him that pleasure. Of course him and his XR10 made it look easy as usual.




OCRCRC club member/starter Tyler Schuldt broke his leg recently, so he competed on crutches all day. Not an east task in this terrain. On this particular course you had to stand inside a circle and let your spotter guide you through the course. This was the only course that played into his favor.



Brandon spotting for Tyler.



A few random shots.





I spy some shafty axles, a man after my own heart!




Jake Wright’s latest custom build with XR10 axles.




Don Hughes attempts the 20 gate marathon course with his XR10.






More random goodness…….




This off camber gate forced you to blip the throttle on the way through in order to clear the lower gate.


Another blip was needed here……..


……..and here.




More blip action.






Here’s how the top 3 finished:

1st Rich B. -101

2nd Chris D. -88

3rd Jake W. -76

Congrats guys, see you at the next event!!