Are You Ready To Rule RC Rock Racing – Axialfest 2017

Rock Racing - Axialfest 2017

There is something going on every single day at Axialfest and whatever it is, it’s going to be something exciting! One of those must attend events is the Rock Racing event. Rock Racing is certainly not new like the Altra Ultra 5K Enduro, but it is still an event that many spend lots of time prepping for… or not. Like many driving opportunities during this week of off-road excitement, Axial has designed Rock Racing to be attended by anyone. So yes, you’ll see the experienced driver who probably spent the last few months hunkered down in his basement building a machine that could take on the terrain of a nuclear warzone or go head to head with a vehicle from a Mad Max movie and you’ll also find the driver that just showed up after removing a vehicle from a Ready to Run box. So is Axialfest Rock Racing really for you? We’re going to run you through the scene and expect to see you next year.

Axialfest 2017 Rock Racing

Although it’s safe to say, the first rule to an Axialfest Rock Race is to simply have fun, there are additional rules to help insure that rule number one happens. To do that, your rig gets a quick inspection and placed into a specific class to complete with similarly equipped vehicles. Kids classes are an option too and no, they do not go by mental age. By separating the various styles of rigs into specific classes, it levels the playing field a bit and now just build and driving skill is used to determine who will finish on the podeum. We’ve listed the nine classes available here and for a full break-down of the rules for each class can be found HERE.

Rock Race Classes
10-Under Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
11-15 Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
1.9 Factory SCX10 Class
1.9 Frame Rail Class
Factory Bomber Class
Wraith – OPEN Class
2.2 Tube Chassis Class
EXO/Bomber – OPEN Class
2.2 Tube Chassis Class

Smack dab in the middle of Cisco Grove Campground is a field like area with an abandoned tennis court surrounded by some rough terrain that most people pass through heading back and forth from the trails to vendor row and the pavilion where registration, concourse and the awards ceremony take place. To some, this midway, is just more terrain of a campground, but to the trained eye of trail building master John Schultz and some eager volunteer crew members, this terrain will be staked out and turned into a rock infested, jump littered, obstacle ridden, chassis scraping moguls; you get the idea a wild rock racing course. The zone for the driver to trek over isn’t exactly a park path either so be prepared with proper attire and watch where you step.

Axialfest 2017 Rock Racing 02

Many participants are excited and some amped up on energy drinks for the three lap sprint around the course. Qualifying takes place first and is pretty intense. Drivers are separated into heat races and trucks are lined up on the grid. When the start is called, it’s full throttle for all on the tennis court surface and a hoard of wheel spinning rigs head for the first obstacle which typically resulted in a pile of intertwined machines with wildly spinning wheels. This is where the strategy starts. Do you pull the trigger with the rest of the pack at the starting tone, or do you wait and snake through the clumps of chaos. Or do you go for it and hope you make it through the first obstacle unscathed? Things to think about, but it doesn’t end there. There is a lot of work ahead of you. Running as fast as you can, yet pacing yourself as not to tire out or overdrive your rig or even stumble on your footing. This Rock Racing isn’t like many locations in the country that have conventional RC tracks with driver’s stands. Here you are on the ground running and attacking a much larger course. There are no marshals to flip your truck over on the course either. If you’re rig goes belly-up, there it lies unless you can right it over with some wicked throttle and steering work. How does the staff keep track of who is placed where? The seasoned pros that make up rock racing crew keep a careful eye on who placed where and track finishes in a notebook; simple but effective for this ultimately fun event. When each of the heat rounds finishes, drivers are placed into mains depending on their finishes and that is when strategy tends to go out the window and drivers go all out in their drive to take home a trophy.

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners

At Axialfest 2017, the event had a “Prospector” theme and that carried over to the rock racing event as gold panning pans with decals inlaid in the center indicating the event and finish were given out to the top three finishers in each class. Each year, the theme changes and so does the awards to keep excitement levels high. Who finished where? Check out the top three finishers in each class along with their awards HERE

Rock Racing at Axialfest means dedication before and during the event if you want to roll home with the hardware. But if you’re in it for the pure fun of close competition and testing the limits of your rig, then once again this is the scene to be involved in at Axialfest. Congratulations to all of those who participated at this years event, the racing was intense for the spectators to watch as well. If you weren’t there this year, start your preparations for 2018 now!


AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Results

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners

If you didn’t get a chance to attend AXIALFEST2017, you certainly missed out on a fantastic event! Along with all the other amazing activities, the Rock Racing portion of the show was by far one of the most popular!

The Rock Racers were sorted into 8 different classes, allowing drivers of different ages and vehicle types to compete against each other. The classes were:

RR1] Rock Race 10-Under Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
RR2] Rock Race 11-15 Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
RR3] Rock Race 1.9 Factory SCX10 Class
RR4] Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class
RR5] Rock Race Factory Bomber Class
RR6] Rock Race Wraith – OPEN Class
RR7] Rock Race 2.2 Tube Chassis Class
RR8] Rock Race EXO/Bomber – OPEN Class
RR9] Rock Race 2.2 Tube Chassis Class

For a detailed description of all the classes, see our post here ROCK RACING RULES – AXIALFEST 2017.

After the dust had settled, 9 winners had been crowned champions of the AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing, well, race!

Rock Race 10-Under Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Simon Kirsch
2nd Place – Joe Zuniga
3rd Place – Andrew Pena

Rock Race 11-15 Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Kason Ernest
2nd Place – Hunt Parr
3rd Place – Ethan Mulhollen

Rock Race 1.9 Factory SCX10 Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Michael Pham
2nd Place – Paul Russell
3rd Place – Bryan Kautz

Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Michael Pham
2nd Place – Angelo Lanford
3rd Place – Brian Richards

Rock Race Factory Bomber Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Dominique Judkins
2nd Place – Harley Judkins
3rd Place – Saphira Judkins

Rock Race Wraith – OPEN Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Spencer Bell
2nd Place – Mason Dunievitz
3rd Place – Michael Pham

Rock Race 2.2 Tube Chassis Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Michael Pham
2nd Place – Rich Bolts
3rd Place – Danny Ensor

Rock Race EXO/Bomber – OPEN Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Jake Wright
2nd Place – Mike Thompson
3rd Place – Chris Duran

Rock Race YETI Class

AXIALFEST2017 Rock Racing Winners
1st Place – Michael Pham
2nd Place – Devlin Shipley
3rd Place – Ben Thomas

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As traditional R/C offroad race tracks have become super-groomed sugar-coated brown tarmac, Axial is once again putting the rough, the rocks and real dirt back into off-road racing!

At AXIALFEST, there’s no need for a driver’s stand! You are your own “helicopter-spotter” and “chase-truck” as you are physically moving around a designated course while driving your rock racer!

Rock Racing is fast and ferocious, and it tests the limits of the machine as well as the driver manning the machine! No computer timing systems; just line ‘em up and let ’em rip!
2-Lap qualifiers. Next group on deck! 5-Lap mains!


RR1] Rock Race 10-Under Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined

RR2] Rock Race 11-15 Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined

RR3] Rock Race 1.9 Factory SCX10 Class

RR4] Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class

RR5] Rock Race Factory Bomber Class

RR6] Rock Race EXO/Wraith/Bomber-OPEN Class

RR7] Rock Race YETI Class

RR8] Rock Race 2.2 Tube Chassis Class


RR1] Rock Race 10-Under Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
RR2] Rock Race 11-15 Kids Class – 1.9 & 2.2 Combined
Both of the above classes – follow these rules:
Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible Chassis: AX10, SCX10, Yeti, Wraith, Bomber. Chassis can be modified, but must retain a portion of the original chassis. No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails. (SCX10’s with aftermarket frame rails can compete in the RR4] Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class. See RR4 Class notes below).
Rule #3: Open motor choice.
Rule #4: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #5: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring & pinion sized gearing.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Tires & Wheels
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts

RR3] Rock Race 1.9 Factory SCX10 Class
Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible Chassis: SCX10 with no chassis modifications allowed.
No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails. (SCX10’s with aftermarket frame rails can compete in the RR4] Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class. See RR4 Class notes below).
Rule #3: Must be solid axle front and rear.
Rule #4: Motor limited to rushed 20T / NO Brushless systems.
Rule #5: 1.9” wheels only.
Rule #6: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #7: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring and pinion sized gearing.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts

RR4] Rock Race 1.9 Frame Rail Class
Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible Chassis: SCX10 with factory frame rails or AXIALFEST APPROVED aftermarket frame rails. Please review the approved List:
Rule #3: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #4: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring & pinion sized gearing.
Rule #5: 1.9” wheels only
No restrictions for the following items:
• Motor
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts

RR5] Rock Race FACTORY STOCK Bomber Class
Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible chassis: AX90048 RR10 Bomber RTR or AX90053 RR10 Bomber Kit. No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails. You are allowed to upgrade the AX90048 RTR by adding any of the parts that come with the AX90053 Kit. This would include aluminum links, aluminum shocks, machined gears, sway bars, universal axles, etc. Note exceptions in the rules below which allow additional parts not found on the AX90053 Kit version.
Rule #3: Must retain factory solid axles.
Rule #4: Must retain factory Axial BFGoodrich KR2 2.2 tires.
Rule #5: MUST USE 35T brushed motor – factory AX31312 35T OR AX31329
Rule #6: 3S Battery Limit.
Rule #7: Factory pinion and spur gear – 12T/64T.
Rule #8: Factory ring and pinion 38/13 – AX30392 or AX30395.
Rule #9: Can upgrade your RTR to AX90053 FACTORY Kit version aluminum shocks.
Rule #10: Can upgrade to aluminum steering link (AX31428).
Rule #11: Can upgrade to Axial AX30762 C-Hubs.
Rule #12: Can upgrade to Axial AX31434 Knuckles.
Rule #13: Body Panels can be modified graphically, but must retain factory shapes, and intact on vehicle. No running tube chassis naked.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Suspension links
• Driveshafts

RR6] Rock Race EXO / Wraith / Bomber Open Class
Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible chassis: EXO, Wraith or Bomber RR10 only. Chassis can be modified, but must retain a portion of the original chassis. No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails.
Rule #3: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #4: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring & pinion sized gearing.
Rule #5: 2.2 wheels only. EXO’s can run stock wheels.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Motor
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts

RR7] Rock Race Yeti Class

Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible chassis: 1/10th scale Yeti. Must retain factory chassis. No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails.
Rule #3: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #4: Must retain IFS front / Solid axle rear chassis format.
Rule #5: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring & pinion sized gearing.
Rule #6: 2.2 wheels and tires only.
Rule #7: 3S battery limit
Rule #8: Must run polycarbonate body or body panels with frame structure.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Motor
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts

RR8] Rock Race 2.2 Tube Chassis Class

Rule #1: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & wristband at start line.
Rule #2: Eligible Chassis: Must be 1/10th based; handmade tube chassis, custom frame rails, or Axial chassis.
Rule #3: Chassis must use a combination of Axial based independent suspension and/or axles.
(Independent Front Suspension / Fully Independent Suspension / Solid Front and Rear axles).
Rule #4: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #5: NO center differential transmissions
Rule #6: NO 1/8th big-bore shocks
Rule #7: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring and pinion sized gearing.
Rule #8: 2.2 wheels only.
No restrictions for the following items:
• Motor
• Battery
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts


2016 SoCal U4RC Winter Series Final Report

Words: Gerald Tobin-U4RC
Photos: James Goad,

The entire Winter Series was a back and forth battle in every U4RC class; but the SoCal U4RC Winter Series Finals proved to be the ultimate test of both the racers fortitude and their rigs alike. There was an initial short rain delay first thing in the morning then the racers dealt with blustery winds and mid 30’s temperatures all day long. With that being said, there was still impressive attendance and lap times at the Finals. U4 racers are definitely a hardy bunch. Several “series podium spots” were undecided going into the final event, which surely encouraged racers to attend despite the inclement weather.

The Axial Racing crew was out in force at the U4 Finals, with John Schultz racing for the day, as well as Rodney Wills and John Cary handling the media duties. Thanks to Axial, U4RC was able to hand out tons of Axial Racing swag and 3 sweet Yeti Jr’s to our racers at the end of the event! Needless to say the racers were ecstatic over the prizes offered from Axial.

1.9 Trail: The 1.9 Trail class top spot was “dead even” going into the finals between drivers’ Josh Hanson and Gene Boyd. Josh was eventually able to edge out Gene for top honors in the class for the series. The racing between these two was intense all day, and all series long as well. Both Josh and Gene race with highly modified SCX-10 based rigs. Third place in the series went to Jeremy Dee running a tamer version of the same SCX-10 platform, proving that consistency without extensive modifications can also prevail in U4RC racing. This series also saw its first SCX-II competing successfully in U4RC with a podium finish on its first outing. Josh Hanson, the winner for the day in 1.9 Trail, went home with a cool Yeti Jr, courtesy of Axial.





1.9 Comp: This class is for “IFS” rigs clad with 1.9” tires. Troy Spindler took top honors for the series with a slew of TQ’s, followed up very closely by Austin Daynes in 2nd place. Third place for this class was split between racers John Askar and Shawn Fant who swapped finishing positions the entire series! Next series should be an awesome show between the two of them.




1.9 Trophy: This is the smaller version of the 2.2 Trophy class. Mike Duncan dominated the series in 1.9 Trophy leading to a number one spot for the class, with his custom IFS rig. Veteran U4 racer, Bob Edwards went home with 2nd place for the series racing on a “consistency” platform. Finishing in 3rd place for 1.9 Trophy was Justin “J-Bod” Bodewitz. Both Bob and Justin both were competing with Axial based platforms on their 1.9 Trophy rigs.



2.2 Comp: 2.2 Comp class has historically been a hard fought class, mainly due to the wide availability of rigs like the Wraith, and Bomber from Axial. This series the Champion for the class Austin Daynes, was running a modified Axial Wraith. Austin eclipsed the competition by grabbing TQ’s at every event in the series in this class. Jeff Garcia took home 2nd place honors with his beautifully painted Axial Wraith. Third spot on the podium for the series went to SoCal’s Brett Carson racing with an Axial Bomber. You would be amazed at the all-out performance these competitors are getting from their rock racers. Troy Spindler was lucky enough to take home a Yeti TT Jr, courtesy of Axial, for his top finishing spot on the day.







2.2 Indy: Austin Daynes proved that he also had what it takes to come out on top of the 2.2 Indy class. 2.2 Indy is a class which is packed full of Axial Yeti’s from mild to wild. It is no surprise that Austin grabbed the “fastest lap time” for the day. Even better is that he was rewarded with an Axial Yeti TT Jr for that hot lap. Chris Pickering wrapped up a 2nd place spot for his efforts during the series. The “Ironman” Gene Boyd, took home the 3rd podium spot with his meticulously prepped Yeti. This class has, without question, has been completely dominated by the Axial Yeti since its inception. The Yeti seems to be the rig in Axials line up that has most opened up the “rock racing world” to the masses. Yeti’s flat out handle rock racing great and are available in either an RTR or a Kit platform.




2.2 Trophy: If any class in U4RC would be considered the “big boy” class, this would be it! Metal chassis’ and high levels of realism are par for the course in Trophy. First place for the series was awarded to Mike Duncan and his radical FIS race rig. Chris Pickering, Cherry Valley track operator, managed to wrestle a 2nd place finish in the series running an “oldie but goody” first generation U4 chassis. With his 3rd place finish, the “Ironman” Gene Boyd once again captured a podium spot for all his dedication to racing and rig prep. The majority of rigs being run in 2.2 Trophy classes all over are Axial based, from on one or another of their platforms.








With Axial Racing as title sponsor of the 2017 Axial Racing/U4RC Winter Nationals, this year is destine to be the biggest year of growth so far, for U4RC. The Winter Nationals this year will be held February 24-25, 2017 in conjunction with the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge at Fear Farm RC Raceway in Phoenix, AZ. There are already drivers registered to attend from all across the USA. The event is open to all racers regardless of running and placing in a local U4RC series.

Rock Racing Info: ,





U4RC: Rocks, ruts, jumps, sand, hills, silt, realism and adrenaline!


U4RC: Rocks, ruts, jumps, sand, hills, silt, realism and adrenaline!
words: Gerald Tobin
photos: Rodney Wills

Rocks, ruts, jumps, sand, hills, silt, realism and adrenaline! U4RC is moving headlong into another year, with national and international events set on calendars throughout 2017. And we are very proud that Axial Racing is set to be title sponsor of the 2017 U4RC Winter Nationals, being held late February in conjunction with the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge located at Fear Farm Raceway, Arizona. A must attend event that will include the best r/c rock racers from all over the U.S. battling it out for one of (6) National Titles up for grabs.


Although you may find obstacles similar to traditional r/c off-road racing. U4RC has many obstacles unique to r/c rock racing such as rock gardens, sand/silt beds, ruts, dust and other extreme conditions. Those extreme conditions put race rigs to the ultimate test constantly. With their awesome record of durability, and the scale realism Axial rigs have, it makes them the perfect match for U4RC rock racing. And with the constant release of new rock racer platform rigs Axial is sure to stay on top of the podiums at U4RC events.


In Southern California, SoCalU4RC operates the local U4 series. Being located in the heart of much of the r/c industry, it is not uncommon to have a visit from r/c insiders. That exact thing recently happened when none other than Rodney Wills (Axial Global Marketing Director) stopped by the most recent U4RC race at the Cherry Valley, CA Raceway and shot awesome photos, as always. He also delivered great news and promise of another year of great releases from Axial. One of which already landed with the announcement of the Yeti Jr and Yeti Jr Trophy Trucks 1/18th scale rigs.


1.9 Trail class has always been, and continues to be dominated by Axial SCX-10 and SCX-II based rigs. Every single 1.9 Trail Champion to date was running an Axial SCX based rig. Because if the unique aspects encountered on a U4RC race course, it is not unheard of for a “stock” rig with the right tuning and a patient forefinger to see a podium finish.


2.2″ solid axle Axial rigs are the staple of U4RC racing. The Wraith and Spawn are great platforms for rock racers and have been proven solid and used for rock racing since day one. They are both also a great basis for custom builds and such. For awesome out of the box performance from a solid/solid configuration the Bomber is hands down the best handling rig on the market and now taking U4 podiums everywhere.


For all out performance, nothing beats the Yeti! With its IFS/Solid rear configuration the Yeti is to date the fastest overall rig racing across the U4RC world. They are easy to drive right out of the box. Chris Pickering, Cherry Valley track operator holds fastest lap record with what is essentially an RTR Yeti. There are other brands with this configuration racing in U4 but none of them have experienced success like the Yeti.


Whether you consider yourself a scale crawler, a comp crawler, a racer or a just-for-fun crawler, U4RC has something to fill your personal “r/c itch”. Put together a local scene, find a local track to sponsor a U4 course, or just race on natural temporary tracks with your local club. Most important is to get out there and enjoy this great hobby we are all so passionate about. See you on the ROCKS!!

The following photos are from the December 3rd, 2016 SoCalU4RC race
at the Cherry Valley, CA Raceway.
















































































































































ULTRA4 Racing tackles the FALLON 250

ULTRA4 @ VORRA Fallon 250

Words and photos: Michael Plunkett
August 29 – 30th, 2015
Fallon, Nevada

When it comes to ULTRA4 racing, anyone that has been around rock racing understands how versatile these machines are. They are designed to reach up to 130mph across the desert, yet capable of crawling rock sections the size of school buses. In order to be able to withstand the punishment in the rocks and cross the desert at speeds of over 100mph, they must be engineered and designed with the toughest components on the market. ULTRA4 Racing got its start in 2008 at an event that is now known worldwide as King of the Hammers, or KOH for short. They since have started a west and east coast series of races and have ventured internationally to the likes of France, Italy, the UK, and even Portugal. In order to keep up with this rapidly growing sport of rock racing, ULTRA4 is constantly looking for fan friendly venues.
They have rapidly caught the eye of the desert racers by entering races such as Best in the Deserts Series – Vegas to Reno race, The Parker 425, and The Bluewater Challenge. On the other side of the desert racing spectrum, Currie Enterprises’ Casey Currie managed to take his rock racing ULTRA4 4400 buggy down to the BAJA 500 and finished that brutal race within the Trophy Truck class this year!

So when it came to choosing another course to round out the western series this year, choosing to venture together with the VORRA Series at the Fallon 250 seemed to be a legitimate match for Dave Cole’s ULTRA4 Series. Teams were excited with the thought of a desert race for the simple reason of getting more of an opportunity to stretch their legs a little and see if they can manage to conquer a desert style race course.

Teams started arriving Thursday afternoon in order to get out to see and pre-run the course. Some chose to show up Friday and venture out in the early afternoon and into the night to get used to running in the dark. To best fit the two series together, JT Taylor and VORRA president, Wes Harbor, went right to work sorting the classes and when each class would start.

During the drivers meeting Friday evening, the drivers from each series would get the chance to meet each other as well as see the order of which they were to start. It was also stated in the drivers meeting that this would be their largest race to date! Wes explained the various different rules of conduct to the ULTRA4 drivers so there would be no confusion on race day. As it was to turn out our lower classes sort of speak from the ULTRA4 4500, 4600, 4700, 4800 and UTV’s would run during the day starting at 6am with the variety of classes from the VORRA series varying from UTV to class 1 with a cutoff time of 1:30pm. That reserved the night racing to the ULTRA4 4400 class only!

It was a beautiful Friday night in the desert with very little breeze whatsoever which only meant one thing for the drivers that had to leave the line early the next day…DUST was going to be miserable!! True to that thought as the early classes left the line and off into the desert, I was already struggling to get clear photos even at the lineup. Without a ride to get around in, I was fortunate when I ran into Phil Kaos, another desert race photographer, and he offered to let me ride with him. We finish up at the start line and quickly headed out to check point one to see what we could find. Never having shot or seen this course before I was now at the mercy of Phil. He got us to pit one and we ventured off trying to see through all the dust, let alone get a picture of anything…Yes, it was dusty!! We stayed there to see the leaders come back through on the second lap and cover the racers we needed, then loaded up to head to Pit 2. Immediately after getting on our way, Phil’s truck started missing and running really rough…fortunately Phil being handy as he is, went right to work figuring out how to get us moving again.

After a short while on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere we were on the move again.

We arrived at Pit 2 not really knowing their lap times well enough to figure out what lap everyone was on by now? So we hung out quite a while there until we were satisfied with what we got for pictures and figured we better get moving back to the finish line. We arrived early enough to venture out into the wash to get some shots of the racers going out for which appeared to be their last laps. Getting myself out in there to get some photos meant I would end up missing some of the faster teams crossing the finish line on the final lap. I chose to get more shots out in the wash and gather up results later, which the top three in their classes went like this…4500 Class winner was 4531 Shawn Rants, 2nd Place went to 4596 Jason Wilkins, and 3rd Place 4540 Michael Bedwell. In the 4600 Class 1st Place went to 4608 Matthew Peterson, 2nd Place 4696 Sean McNamara, and 3rd place with only completing 5 out of the 6 laps went to Ben Varozza. In the 4700 Class 1st Place went to 4714 Luke Johnson, followed by his father for 2nd Place 4748 Ricky Johnson, and rounding off the podium for 3rd Place was 4702 Larry Nickell. In the 4800 Class 1st Place went to 4861 Anthony Arreola, 2nd Place went to 444 Rick Waterbury, and 3rd Place 4824 Sean Leonardini. In the Pro UTV Class 1st Place went to the father son driver – co-driver combo of 83 Raul and Darian Gomez. 2nd Place finishing only 5 laps was 1920 John Duckworth, and 3rd Place finishing 4 of the 6 laps was 1958 Andrew Goman. The UTV Sportsman Class’ 1st Place went to 125 Phil Blurton, 2nd Place 1927 Ben Wilson, and 3rd Place 18 1961 Bill Hermant. As I was hiking back up to the start line to see the stragglers come in and and get ready to see the Big Boys in the 4400 Class get lined up, I got to witness one of the interesting things from my weekend! I was looking at the Falken race driver Bailey Cole coming across the desert hooked up behind the UTV of Goodall Racing pushing him the last 10 miles through the desert to the finish! Very cool to watch to say the least…great job everyone! Now for the Main event…
Thank goodness the wind had started to pick up for the main even, maybe the dust wasn’t going to be too bad!

After getting a shot of the lineup and making my rounds wishing everyone good luck, Phil and I chose to shoot the start from in the wash and then cover this race in the same manner as we just did the first race. We shot the wash until everyone was off the line and quickly loaded up and headed to Pit 1. As we arrived at Pit 1, I was able to jump out and catch the rear end of Loren Healy going by on his 2nd lap!…We just made it in time! We shot that area for what we could tell was a whole other lap and a half before we decided to head out for Pit 2.

We made it to Pit 2 without any issues this time, but now it was time to figure out where the leaders were and what lap they were on? After a full cycle of vehicles went by we figured we must have missed Loren go by before we arrived and now Wayland had come by again with still no sign of Loren? We could make out that it was Wayland out front with Paul Horschel following close behind. It wasn’t long before we saw Loren come by like a man-on-a-mission, but with all the drivers starting every 30 seconds off the line, we could make out a few possible drivers on the move! We could tell Tom Wayes who started 22nd off the line had moved up closer to the front runners as well as Brian Capprara and Randy Slawson were charging hard as well! But since it is a timed race we couldn’t be sure exactly where everyone stood in the ranks. We decided to go ahead and wait for Brian Capprara to come back through before we left for the finish line. In doing so we noticed Wayland had not come through as normal when all the sudden Loren was coming by just as the sun was setting. We hadn’t seen Tom Wayes come through for quite some time before we got word that he had hit a large rock and and went end over end to finish his day short. We also had noticed Levi Shirley hadn’t come by for a long time and wasn’t sure what had happened to him, until we later found out at the finish line that he had mechanical issues and was still out there working on it. He was finally able to get going again and get in a couple more laps before the cutoff time to better himself in the points standing. What seemed to be about 5 minutes had passed since Loren went by, we saw Paul Horschel come through with still no sight of Wayland. We finally did see Wayland come through several minutes behind Paul and now were waiting on Brian to come through before we headed out for the finish. When we saw Brian come through a few minutes later and as we were loading up, we saw Randy Slawson come through. Now we were off to the finish line to see how things were going to pan out!

After getting to the finish line we had the results that Loren Healy had taken the win with 30 some odd seconds over Paul Horschel and Wayland Campbell had rounded off the podium coming in several minutes behind Paul. With this win for Loren it secured him the West Coast Championship for the second year in a row. Congrats to Loren and his team on another incredible year! On a interesting side note, Randy Slawson with his ULTRA4 rock racing Bomber Fab chassis set the fastest time of any of the straight axles rigs.

We were also getting word that Wayland’s dad, Shannon Campbell, was down in the desert with drivetrain issues and was calling on his daughter Bailey Campbell, which was racing steady all day to help him get to the finish. Bailey reached her father and was able to pull Shannon the last 20 miles through the desert to both finish the race and better themselves in the point standings. All in all it was one heck of a race that went well into the night with a cutoff time of 12:00am. Every bit of that time was used for some teams as 33 of the 49 starters in the 4400 class finished! After going around talking to a lot of the teams that night and in the morning after the race, everyone that had raced said they really enjoyed it and some even claimed it to be the most fun they’ve had in a race before! So what seemed to be a race that no one was quite sure of how it was going to go, it sounds like we found another venue for years to come, or we can only hope anyways. ULTRA4 Racing has one more race back east in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the east coast finals. Then, The National Championship will be held in my hometown of Reno, NV in October! Enjoy some of the photos from the event and I hope to see everyone again at the Nationals!

More photos:_DSC6341


































Axial Driver Jake Hallenbeck – NorCal Rock Racing – 2014 Finale


Axial Driver Jake Hallenbeck – NorCal Rock Racing – 2014 Finale

Words & photos: Michael Plunkett

With this being Nor Cal Rock Racing’s Championship race, we all knew that Jake being the defending 2013 Champion, might as well have a bull’s-eye on his back! Every team had one thing in mind, “beating Jake Hallenbeck!” As things were getting started and heat races were being randomly drawn, Jake found out he had been drawn to start in the back of the pack. Starting in the back forces Jake to work his way through slower traffic, which sometimes is a challenge in itself on a course like this.


With the two other power house teams of concern drawing the same heat race, this would give us an idea of how the rest of the day was going to go. Jake found himself being held up by certain drivers, slowing him down considerably. By the end of the race, Jake had worked his way up to finish 2nd behind his closest competitor in the points standings. This was going to be a showdown!



As the team was going over the car in the pits, Jake found out that they had a transmission cooler failure. Without a spare cooler, they decided to bypass the trans-cooler altogether and hope for the best.

Starting in the back of heat race 2 once again meant that Jake would have to rely on his skills to get him out in front to secure a better starting position for the main event. As the race started and Jake charged through the pack, he suffered a broken axle in the first rock pile. He maintained his pace the best he could to finish that heat in what appeared to be 4th place. Jake and his team quickly went to work pulling the axle, and in the meantime damaged the inner seal.


Fortunately, with Trail Gear’s large fill cap on their axles, they were able to get a pry bar in there so they could get the axle changed without having to pull the entire axle apart to put the seal housing back in. As it was, they finished with minutes to spare for the start of the main event!

When the teams lined up for the main event, I could see Jon Cagliero starting in the front row. Jon was only two points behind Jake in the points race. Jake was forced to start mid-pack and have to work his way through traffic once again! With the lineup in place and the sun in their eyes, the race for the Championship was about to begin!


From what I could see, Jake got a great hole shot and by the first and second rock pile he found himself in 3rd place. He drove the wheels off his bomber buggy and began to reel in the leaders…until his engine’s heating issue began to come back and haunt him. He was forced to pace himself for the longer main event so he could be in the hunt at the finish. He maintained his 3rd place position throughout the race until he got over taken by a car during a yellow flag.



Out of his control at that point, Jake knew he needed to gain that position back and get closer to the front for a chance to keep his lead in the points standings. With one lap to go, Jake overtook that 3rd position again but was running out of time to catch the leaders. When the race came to an end, Gary Ferravanti Sr. crossed the line first, followed by Jon Cagliero, and Jake finishing in 3rd and collecting another podium finish!


With the results of the race in place, it was time to figure out the point standings and who would be the 2014 Season Champion! With Jon Cagliero finishing the race in 2nd and Jake finishing in 3rd, it meant that they were tied in points for the 2014 season. With nothing in the rule book stating what to do in the case of a tie, John Goodby of Nor Cal Rock Racing decided to go with a motocross rule that states whoever crossed the finish line first between the two points leaders would be the new Champion.

Like the true Sportsman and Champion that Jake Hallenbeck is, he looked at Goodby and stated, “As long as you will assure me that this will be in the rule books in the future, I am good with that.” In the same breath, Jake asked John if he could deliver the Championship trophy to Jon Cagliero himself. Goodby agreed as long as he could be present. They together they delivered the trophy to Jon Cagliero and named him the 2014 Nor Cal Rock Racing Champion! It’s never easy in racing to except a 2nd place finish, but Jake did it with grace and style.


As the season concludes, I look forward to seeing if Jake can pick up new sponsors in the off season so he too can upgrade his rig to what most of the powerhouse rigs are running. Jake proves to me that you can stay on the podium with driving skills alone, but to be able to win races consistently you have to equal the playing field and run Independent Front Suspension with big horsepower!


All in all, in two years of racing the Ultra4 class, Jake has achieved a Nor Cal Championship, a tie for another Nor Cal Championship, The Ultra4 Racing series Rookie of the Year Award, and is still in contention in the 2014 Ultra4 Racing Series on driving ability alone. If given the Independent Front Suspension and the horsepower other teams are running, in my opinion, Jake Hallenbeck would be a force to be reckoned with!

U4RC 2013-2014 Winter Series Wrap-Up


Words: Jerry Tobin-U4RC
Photos: James C. Goad

Now that the dust has settled on the 2013-2014 U4RC Winter Series, it’s time for a final report. U4RC’s partnership with Axial Racing has again proven to be “the perfect fit”. U4RC racing is a blend of r/c rock crawler, short course style rock racing, with a twist of scale realism. Axial based rigs continued to be the dominating force in every U4RC series nationwide. This series again saw racers compete with everything from “out-of-the box” Axial RTR rigs to fully custom, purpose built, Axial based racing rigs. R/C rock racing is proving to be “the next big thing” throughout the r/c community.

The exciting r/c action was non-stop from the Season Opener in October, all the way to the Finals March 22nd 2014. The series championship battle in every U4RC class was highly contested from the sound of the buzzer in the first heat of the series, until the closing moments of the last Main at the Finals. This U4RC series again saw appearances from several high profile drivers and figures from all over the r/c industry and fullsize 1:1 racing. The list included current and past R/C Rock Crawling Champions, r/c pro-off road drivers, 1/5th scale pros, r/c world record holders and a handful of industry insiders, all getting in on the buzz, early. U4RC Racing has a class that will match and be fun for and every level of driving skill and experience that exists out there, from “newbies” through to “seasoned pros”.

1.9 Trail Class Series Champion Shad Patton took the series win with his lightly modified SCX10 Dingo. Trail class is another entry level class for 1.9 tire clad scale rigs. This class’s series championship went right down to the wire. Owners of Casey Currie J/K’s, G6 Jeep’s, Honcho’s, and all other SCX10’s typically run in this class. Axial Racing participated with some great driver giveaways of complete rigs for the 1.9 Trail class.

1.9 Trophy/Comp Class has seen a surge in Axial SCX10 based rigs during the last series. These rigs are fully custom, highly realistic and usually mimic full size 1:1 race rigs. Full metal chassis’, custom interiors, and stricter scale requirements are the backbone of the Trophy classes.

Axial Racing Team driver Jake Wright put together a flawless series to take home the Championship in 2.2 Competitor with his modified Axial Wraith. Jake also laid down the fastest lap time of any class for the entire series! 2.2 Comp class is filled with the absolutley fastest rigs on the rocks.

The closest points race out of all the classes was in 2.2 Trophy, where Chris Pickering faught his way to the class championship in his Axial based custom race car. Up until one race before the Finals there were 4-5 drivers that had a possible shot at the championship. All series long the starting bell meant total excitement instantly. Many of the rigs in this class run complete Wraith drivelines bolted directly into metal upper chassis’. The realism doesn’t get any better than in this class, with the sound of the 8+ pound rigs banging against the rocks and each other.

U4RC will be rolling out additional classes starting the next series. We have created a “2.2 Competitor Limited” class. This class came about to offer entry level 2.2 drivers a place to start in U4RC racing and race against similar, “stock” or “lightly” modified rigs, without the pressures of racing against the pros with highly modified vehicles. Axial Wraith and Dead Bolt owners will feel right at home in this class.

U4RC would like to thank all of the sponsors and partners that helped make the Winter Series such a great success. We couldn’t have done it without them. Check out each of these sponsors great products and services!….

Axial Racing, PitBull Tires, Mattzilla R/C Works, Holmes Hobbies, Mad Dog R/C, Mad Skinz R/C, Kling-on R/C, Jevne Racing, Cow R/C, Undertaker Custom Paint, RCP Crawlers…..

U4RC Rock Racing – Glen Helen Series Finale


Race Report: U4RC Staff
Photos: James C. Goad

It’s a wrap for the inaugural U4RC short course rock racing series! And “wow” what a series it was, with tons of never seen before extreme r/c action. U4RC has combined the world of r/c rock crawling and r/c off road racing with a “scale” twist. This exciting new genre of “scale” racing is exploding across the United States, with series either running or slated to start in the near future in several states. And U4RC is very proud to be partnered up with Axial Racing for 2014.

Previous to the start of the last event, the guys at U4RC were hard at work making some changes to the course

Axial Racing’s partnership with U4RC is a perfect match. Especially since one or more Axial Racing rigs are legal in all four U4RC classes. Not to mention they are the overall dominating manufacture at U4RC events. We have had several drivers show up with “box stock” Axial rigs. One of which was a Poison Spyder Customs Wraith that took home a 4th place finish right out of the box!

On to the Finals racing info! With a total of over 50 individual rigs registered to race throughout the 4 classes. This was the largest U4RC event to date.

Heat racing started with the 1.9 Trail class, which is an excellent entry/beginner level class into U4RC racing. The action started immediately at the start /finish line, with driver’s battling for the” hole shot” into turn #1. Most rigs in the 1.9T class are your typical “scale” rigs. Of which consist of 95% Axial rigs, namely; Rubicon’s, Honcho’s, Dingo’s, and SCX10’s, both stock and highly modified. There was tons of action throughout the day in 1.9T, although these rigs are slightly slower than their 2.2 counterparts they are definitely not short of excitement. The 1.9T classes top finishers for the day were James Williams #95 with 1st place, Jerry Ellifritz #88 with 2nd place, both Axial Rubicons and Steve Richardson #90 taking the 3rd spot, with an Axial SCX10.

The 1.9 Competitor class was not short of excitement either. Jason Fletcher’s SCX10 based FB rig had a great showing. And word from Axial Racing Team driver Jake Wright is of a soon to be completed, SCX10 based U4 rig that is guaranteed to take the 1.9C class by storm!

2.2 Competitor class is the most popular class right now at U4RC races. And it’s no doubt why with several Axial rigs (Wraith, EXO, RidgeCrest, 2.2” clad SCX10’s) that are legal in the class. The high flying action started with Heat #1 and didn’t subside till the podium was settled in the Main. The rigs in this class provide a lot of “aired out eye candy” for the spectators and drivers alike. This class was also dominated by Axial rigs, with Rich Boltz #4 taking the top spot with his AR60 rear axled EXO buggy, Derek Gan #711 took 2nd place with his Wraith, and Reed Claxton #4415 grabbed 3rd place with his Poison Spyder Wraith. The rock sections were tough and these drivers and their rigs conquered them without issues.

Last, but far from least is the 2.2 Trophy class. This is what we consider our “U4RC grass roots class”. 2.2T is a builder’s class, with some of the absolute most realistic rigs in any form of r/c racing to date. With a minimum weight and stricter “scale” requirements, it makes for true to life racing action! Several of the custom builds run Axial drivetrain alongside of Wraiths that have been tweaked to meet class weight specs. Don’t be fooled though, these drivers flog their rigs just as hard as the lighter classes. Top honors in 2.2T were handed out to Chris Pickering #01 1st place, Justin Bodewitz #13 in 2nd and Shawn Jones took home a 3rd place finish. All three top rigs were Axial based, with Justin’s rig being a Wraith.

U4RC is excited and looking forward to our winter series, which starts November 23rd at Glen Helen R/C Raceway, with a full race schedule every month going into 2014.

Special thanks to all the competitors and volunteers that help to make this exciting form of racing what it is, we appreciate your support!


For more information about U4RC and upcoming events, be sure to visit and like their FB page here.

Full Option RTR Poison Spyder Wraith

Axial offers several optional upgrade parts for the Poison Spyder Wraith RTR. Here’s a quick run down of what is installed and why you may want to use these items.

A couple shots of the fully optioned Poison Spyder Wraith RTR in the studio.

In this shot you can see you can see a handful of upgrades. The first upgrade is aluminum shocks, part number AX30092. Aluminum shocks provide better dampening than the stock plastic shocks, especially when mated with our polyoxymethylene – (POM/thermoplastic) shock pistons. The aluminum shock body and cap have less flex than plastic versions. Aluminum shock bodies also dissipate heat better than the stock plastic bodies. The shock shafts are oversized (3.5mm) for rigidity. They’re great for high power applications and long run times! We also offer a complete line of various springs to fine tune your suspension as needed – see the complete parts list below for more info.

Another parts upgrade is the front sway bar, part number AX30781. Designed for high speed this system will let you soften up your suspension for jumps, while keeping torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration. A sway bar’s main function is to control body roll, yet still allow your shocks to move vertically with the changing terrain. What does all this mean? It means more stability at high speed. A must have upgrade for any would-be rock racer. Installing sway bars does limit articulation, so this is an option best suited for high speed applications. Great for use with our Vanguard brushless system, part number AX24010 and AX24260.

Moving on to the next part we installed a 25T aluminum servo horn, part number AX30836. Axial’s HD aluminum servo horn provides more responsive steering with less chance of stripping the internal splines over the stock plastic servo horn. Clamping style head for secure mounting in high stress applications. Available in 23, 24 and 25 tooth spline counts.

Axial’s next option part install is the Universal Light Bar, part number AX30709. Axial’s light bar is a great way to add realism and working lights to your Wraith with this universal light bar. Another option part that we plan to install is Axial’s NVS Light System, part number AX24251. The ultimate level in detail you can now add the NVS light system which features controls for headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and right / left turn signals, as well as some extra auxiliary lighting. Great for those night time expeditions. We also offer a 5 string LED light set, part number AX24256, to fit this light bar and it is compatible with Axial’s simple LED kit, part number AX24257, and our NVS System.

Another great upgrade is the Wraith Stage One link kit, part number AX30797. Add even more durability to your Wraith by upgrading your stock plastic RTR suspension links with our HD Stage 1 Aluminum Link Kit. Replaces all the stock plastic suspension links with high quality 7mm diameter aluminum links. These links eliminate axle wrap and unwanted axle steer, especially in high power applications. Axial also offers machined heavy duty aluminum straight links, part number AX30790, to replace the stock plastic lower links as an alternative the the Stage One link kit.

Axial’s HD motor plate, part number AX30860. Our heavy duty motor plate is for any vehicle running our AX10 transmission. CNC machined from 4.5mm thick billet aluminum, with integrated heatsink fins to help motors run cooler on those all day expeditions. A must have for any R/C overland adventurist! Axial also offers 13T, 14T and 15T steel pinion gears and an 87T spur gear to give end users an array of gear ratios to choose from. Add more torque for low speed crawling to your Wraith by installing one of Axial’s optional brushed motors available in 27T and 55T configurations. Another option part that we installed here is Axial’s dig system for the Wraith transmission, part number AX30793. Axial’s dig system allows you to lock the rear wheels, while powering the front wheels only for a tighter turning radius. Shift servo sold separately.

Axial’s HD differential covers, part number AX30829. HD diff covers protect ring and pinion gears from being damaged by rocks, just like their 1:1 counterparts, all while adding a little bling to your ride.

Another option part that is usually hiding behind the HD cover is Axial’s HD ring and pinion gears, part number AX30395. HD ring and pinion gears are more efficient than the stock aluminum ring and pinions. CNC machined for precision, hardened steel for durability – great for high power applications. Axial also offers hardened steel overdrive ring and pinion gear sets, part number AX30401, for a little extra wheel speed. We also offer an underdrive ring and pinion gear set, part number AX30402, for a little more torque in binds.

Axial’s HD lower link mounts are another noteworthy upgrade, part number AX30830. Our HD lower link mounts allow users to fine tune ride height and wheelbase by providing more adjustment holes than the stock plastic units.

This shot also shows a few options parts. First option is aluminum knuckles, part number AX30760. Aluminum knuckles provide more responsive steering and helps vehicle track better at speeds and in the rocks. Another option shown is the Axial Aluminum C-hubs, part number AX30762. Aluminum C-hubs also help your vehicle track more consistently in all situations, especailly when used in conjunction with our aluminum knuckles. Also notice the AR60 universal axles, part number AX30780. Axial universal joint axles increase steering angle to 50 degrees, that’s 60% over the stock dogbone/drive cup setup. These universals provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain. The universal is oversized; typical for 1/8 scale vehicles and made of hardened steel so it’s capable of handling extreme power.

Next option is the rear sway bar, part number AX30782. Designed for high speed this system will let you soften up your suspension for jumps, while keeping torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration. A sway bar’s main function is to control body roll, yet still allow your shocks to move vertically with the changing terrain. What does all this mean? It means more stability at high speed. A must have upgrade for any would be rock racer. Installing sway bars does limit articulation, so this is an option best suited for high speed applications. Great for use with our Vanguard brushless system, part number AX24010 and AX24260.

Aluminum axle lockouts are another great upgrade, part number AX30789. Axial’s aluminum axle lockouts are more rigid than the stock plastic lockouts, which will allow the vehicle to track better in all situations.

We left the wheels and tires stock on this build. But, if you are looking to upgrade your wheels, we suggest our VWS beadlocks, part number AX08061. VWS wheels allow users to tune foam set-ups and change tires at will for varying terrain and conditions. Another wheel option offered by Axial is our black 8 hole beadlock wheels, part number AX8097. These wheels offer a little wider overall stance which equals stability at high speeds. For low speed rock crawling you can increase your Wraith’s climbing abilities by adding Axial’s 2.2 Internal Weight Rings, part number AX30545. Add even more weight by utilizing Axial’s 2.2 Internal Wheel Weights for the Internal Wheel Weight Rings, part number AX30546.

You can see our R35 Ripsaw tires pictured here on the full option RTR Wraith, part number AX12015. R35 Ripsaw tires offer both a realistic look for the image-conscious scale crawler and for those looking to up their performance game. This 2.2 Ripsaw offers an aggressive tread design, greater ground clearance, and is made from a R35 sticky compound. The VWS wheels include black aluminum rings, but I swapped those out for our Grey beadlock rings, part number AX08133, just to match the grey colored suspension links.

Complete Poison Spyder Wraith option parts list:
AX8097 – 2.2 Black 8 Hole Beadlock Wheels (x2)
AX08061 – 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels (x2)
AX08133 – Grey VWS Beadlock Rings (x2)
AX12015 – 2.2 R35 Ripsaw Tires (x2)
AX30545 – 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Rings (x2)
AX30546 – 2.2 Wheel Weight Inserts (x2)
AX30797 – Stage One Link Kit
AX30790 – Machined Heavy Duty Aluminum Straight Link 101mm (x2)
AX30469 – Machined Heavy Duty Aluminum High Clearance Upper Links (x2)
AX80057 – XR10 Linkage Set (x4 for all 8 links)
AX30395 – HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30401 – Overdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30402 – Underdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30571 – 13t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30569 – 14t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30573 – 15t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30672 – 87t Spur Gear
AX30829 – HD Differential Covers (x2)
AX30860 – HD Motor Plate
AX30830 – HD Link Mounts (x2)
AX30834 – 23t HD Servo Horn
AX30835 – 24t HD Servo Horn
AX30836 – 25t HD Servo Horn
AX30762 – Aluminum Axle C-hub’s
AX30760 – Aluminum Knuckles
AX30789 – Aluminum Axle Lockouts
AX30092 – Aluminum Shocks (x2)
AX30780 – AR60 Universal Axle Set
AX30781 – Front Sway Bar
AX30782 – Rear Sway Bar
AX30709 – Universal Light Bar
AX24256 – 5 LED Light String
AX24257 – Simple LED Kit
AX24251 – NVS Light System
AX24010 – Vanguard Brushless Motor
AX24260 – AE-3 Vanguard ESC
AX24007 – 55 Turn Motor
AX24004 – 27 Turn Motor
AX30793 – Dig Component Set
AX04027 – Wraith Clear Body Panel Kit
AX30223 – Black Springs 1.04 lbs/in (x2)
AX30224 – Purple Springs 1.43 lbs/in (x2)
AX30225 – Orange Springs 1.75 lbs/in (x2)
AX30218 – Red Springs 2.07 lbs/in (x2)
AX30219 – White Springs 2.47 lbs/in (x2)
AX30220 – Green Springs 2.85 lbs/in (x2)
AX30221 – Yellow Springs 3.27 lbs/in (x2)
AX30222 – Blue Springs 3.55 lbs/in (x2)