OLIVER KNIVES teams with RECON G6 Challenge and Axial Inc.

Axial Inc. and Recon Crawlers are please to announce OLIVER KNIVES in addition to the 2011 AWCC Sponsors list.

Dwane Oliver, head of Northern New Mexico Rock Crawling RC Club and chapter member of RECON Crawlers, is also a custom knife maker! Oliver Knives is graciously hand making something special for a prize award for the 2011 AWCC Finals at Cisco Grove, CA.

Oliver has recently hand crafted a survival knife while also recently attended his first G6 Challenge. Dwane has named this new knife after the RECON G6 Challenge, the G6 SK. A special Oliver G6 SK is also getting another custom treatment of which will be presented at the 2011 AWCC Finals to the first place winner of the Axial SCX10 G6 Challenge. As Brain Parker, founding member of RECON Crawlers says, “DO WORK! And a very special Oliver G6 SK will be bestowed upon you!”

Dwane Oliver – Custom knife maker since 2004. As many people do, I enjoy a good knife, only problem was I couldn’t afford one. Solution … learn to make knives. I am a self taught maker. I learned a lot from the Internet, a wonderful tool. I began making custom handmade knives in 2004. I do not use grinding jigs or CNC machines, these knives are all hand-made and shaped. I have sold knives all over the United States, Ireland, England , and Australia. I had several knives in the Iraq war and with my sons in the Marine Corps.

As with all of my knives, the G6 SK (G6 denotes the RECON G6 Challenge and SK denotes Survival Knife) is made to stand the test of time. The High Carbon 1095 Steel is precision ground (by my 2 hands) to a rugged size with a durable edge. The handle materials on a G6 SK are chosen for their durability in any conditions, wet or dry, hot or cold. Handles are always textured to give maximum grip , even is slippery situations. Removable Ferrocerium firesteel is placed in the handle to get you out of a tough spot on a cold night. Add a good Para-Cord lanyard, and you have the makings of a real tool for the outdoor adventure seeker. The Kydex sheath is heat molded to each individual knife. The tubular rivets that hold the sheath together are grouped in a Tek-Lok or a Molle-Lok pattern. Handling the G6 SK is truly ambidextrous and can be worn in any direction.

example of an Oliver G6 SK:
OLIVER KNIVES teams with RECON G6 Challenge and Axial