AXIAL SKINWALKER CURSE RECON G6 presented by Tekin Racing


The Axial Skinwalker Curse RECON G6 presented by Tekin Racing
August 15, 2015 • Utah
Words & photos by Brian Parker


Every Axial RECON G6 event starts with the National Anthem.

The Axial Skinwalker Curse RECON G6 set a record for stage elevation, at 10,800 feet above sea level. What an amazing location. Large slabs of monolithic rock, scale shale, & beautiful views gave drivers a scenic challenge in the state of Utah.

Getting to know everyone & see their builds are a highlight of every Axial RECON G6 event.



The new FC Body by Axial RC is a popular lid for the proven scx10.



Chris Schurer on Holiday from Austria.

The Day stage featured various types of terrain and elevation changes. Drivers had to complete two laps in order to finish the day stage. During those two laps, they were on the look out for scale adventure items and the Pit Bull Tires Alien Puppy.



What is a Pit Bull Alien Puppy? Well, ask these G6ers, some of them may know.




A RECON G6 scale adventure event usually has several “not mandatory, but highly recommended” items that participants can choose to do. These drivers chose to & did they do a great job.





Thank You to everyone who picked up trash. Our goal is to leave every area that we use, cleaner than we found it. Pack out what you pack in. I’m proud to say, G6ers pack out what others left behind.


Here are the “Drivers of the Day” for the 2015 Axial Skinwalker Curse RECON G6. Congratulations G6’ers!








Special Thanks to the 801RCC Crew for all their help, especially, Mike Thompson.


We look forward to seeing you next year in Utah. Where you can meet some great people like the O.T.R. crew out of Ogden, UT. The make the best Mountain Calamari & are avid scale adventure drivers. Thank you guys for all the hospitality and gifts.



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See you soon, getting your scale adventure fix, in an Axial RECON G6!

RECON G6 Challenge Birthday Bash 2014



2014 RECON G6 Challenge Birthday Bash
December 6, 2014
Moonrocks, Reno, Nevada
Words and Photos by Matt “Skeeno” Soileau

RECON G6 006 (Medium)

Can you believe that the RECON G6 Challenge is four years old?  I can’t. It seems like just yesterday a few of us guinea pigs showed up at the first RECON G6 Challenge and tested our Axial SCX10s on the longest, most technically challenging trail they had ever been on.

This year the RECON G6 Challenge not only traveled to seven of the United States, it went global with a stop in Austria! Attendance records were also set at each event as more and more members joined the RECON G6 family. So, in honor of the birth of the RECON G6 Challenge, the annual Birthday Bash G6 was once again held in the birth city of this great event.


This past weekend, Skeeno Jr. and I headed out to Moonrocks just north of Reno, Nevada to celebrate all the great things that have come to the RECON G6 Challenge this year. It just so happened to take place on the same weekend that a few local clubs were holding their Club Challenges, so the location was full.


When I arrived, the line was already out the door. Eager G6ers were waiting in line to be registered and to also donate their toys for the Washoe County Sherriff’s Christmas on the Corridor program.


Mr. Rivas Concepts and Mr. Cole were at the front of the line getting drivers registered and collecting the toys.




Over 100 new toys were donated.



Hoyfab had his YETI XL on display at the registration booth. This thing was sweet and full of extra detail. Equipped with a Premier Power Welder and tons of GoPro cameras. Hoyfab is the man to see for awesome 3D printed scale accessories.


Also on the table was this wonderful jerky. I may have eaten multiple pieces while Cole and Rivas weren’t looking.  Thanks for the hookup OFO Crawlers. Feel free to bring more to Axialfest 2015.


I spotted a couple sweet trailers waiting in line. The trailer is the new black. You better get yours ready for Axialfest 2015. And don’t forget, Axialfest will be held in July this year. More info can be found here:


Of course RPP Hobby was in attendance, they are the Official Hobby Shop of the RECON G6 Challenge.


This Drivin Diva didn’t have time to drive, but Alyssa made sure to come out to say hi to all her old driving buddies. Thanks for stopping by.  We hope to see you on the trail soon.


While waiting for everyone to register, I headed over to the 1:1s to check out the rigs and see what was going on.  This first crawler I came to just happened to belong to my old buddy, Bryan.  Can you believe this started life as a Suzuki Samurai?  The only thing Samurai left on this rig is the firewall now.


I also spotted the Axial Wraith in the queue waiting for its turn on course. Notice it’s also running the Official Tires of the RECON G6, Pitbulls.

DSCF0388The pile of kits kept growing and growing.


This lone Land Rover was looking for a home. Who wants this?


Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer would be proud to be seen in these two kits.


Parker went over the rules. Remember, no Hand of God.  That’s pretty much the golden rule.


As always, the National Anthem was played before the lipos were lit.


Parker was kind enough to line us up backwards. We got to drive in reverse to that rock behind him before we could drive forward.


Somehow, Skeeno Jr. and I ended up in the lead for the first dozen or so trail markers.


Of course, Mr. Pham eventually passed us by. His Axial SXC10 RECON G6 Jeep is the envy of many G6ers. That’s the perks of working at a hobby shop.



Skeeno Jr. tried to keep up the pace…


…but Mr. Fokai finally got by her. Besides, the RECON G6 isn’t about winning. It’s about having fun, so we let him by and relaxed.


Reno’s CKRC crew brought a full compliment of drivers and kits.  They were super helpful, and I saw them personally give away parts to at least three broken drivers, so they could finish.


It’s a good thing I had my new Bull Rope tow strap. It came in handy. Since we had some recent rains, the rocks got a little muddy and slippery. Here, I had to pull Skeeno Jr. out of a crevice she slipped in to.


Those balloons helped this Wraith float over the rocks.


TM102 presented the opportunity for a little air time, so I took it.


The courses at the RECON G6 Challenge are always long, so it’s a good idea to pack refreshments. Remember, it’s about having fun, so there’s no need to run.


I have to include this picture because Parker loves Scouts, and this one’s leading the way.


There’s always casualties at a RECON G6. Remember, finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6. Don’t be afraid to make trail repairs and ask for help if you need it. Other G6ers are always happy to lend a fellow G6er a hand.


Speaking of lending a hand, Werty lent Skeeno Jr. some of his sweet jack stands to help her with some maintenance in the pits.


I think Mini Meeks was giving me the stink eye.


Scale or 1:1?


This Jeep was having a hard time climbing this section.  It took me a while, but I finally figured out why…there was no driver, duh.


One of my favorite G6ers made it out. Mr. Stern is also our oldest G6er at 91 years young.


The last time I saw this trailer, it was camo-ed out. This teardrop trailer was even cooler this time in full RECON G6 regalia. You can see the old version here:


I told you trailers were popular. Here the Werty trailer adds a little extra challenge to this sandy hill climb.


Parker and RC Chick putted around on my CT70 making sure everyone was having a good time. He also used it to plant some special prizes on course.


Here’s what he was planting, $20 RPP gift certificate coins. Did you find one?


Remember that if you find something that looks out of place at a G6, it’s probably a trail treasure. Pick it up and take it back to G Central with you and you will be rewarded. Mr. Tree found this double barreled sling shot over on Course 2 and earned some bonus time for his good fashion sense.


The best part of Moonrocks is the rocks.  The jagged granite provides tons of traction and the sandy decomposed granite removes that traction, so it’s always a dance with the trigger finger.


I cut my RC crawling teeth at the Moonrocks, so it was fun to reminisce about all the old B.P.R.C.A comps that were held in these exact same lines.


Uh oh, that Scout is falling behind. He’s probably just letting this Jeep feel what it’s like to be in front for once.


After Skeeno Jr. and I were finished driving, we headed over to check out the 1:1s. This Jeep was at the top of a steep off camber climb.


Here’s the other side of the climb. This leaf springer almost flipped on its lid.


The Axial Wraith used a little wheel speed to get up this line.


Just like RC crawling comps, there’s lots of waiting in line with the 1:1s as well.  That’s why we love the RECON G6, no lines and Maximum Drive Time!



This 1:1 detonated his Rockwell in this crevasse. Skeeno Jr. thought it was awesome. She was fascinated by these big boys.


My buddy Bryan made the crevasse line with no problem even with a hastily stitched back together driveshaft.  It’s all about finesse sometimes.


As we headed back to G Central, we spotted a few of the last G6ers finishing up their courses.


Some scale water, axle deep.


The CKRC/Rivas Concepts Deadbolt was still looking good even after running all day long.

Of course, we finished up the day with a few awards.


Durty Driver of the Day, Mini Meeks


Drivn Diva of the Day, Mrs. Werty


Expedition Driver of the Day, Mr. J.J.


2.2 Driver of the Day, Mr. Kowatch


1.9 Driver of the Day, Mr. Klein


Drivers of the Year, Klein and Wolfe


6×6 Driver of the Year, Mr. Hoyfab.


Luckiest Winners of the Day taking home G6 kits, so they’ll be ready for the next RECON G6 Challenge.

The calendar of events for 2015 will be out soon. Watch for events coming to your area soon. You don’t want to miss one.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 2014 at King of the Hammers


Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers

Axial Racing & RECON Crawlers has brought r/c enthusiasts Big Events since 2007. The Axial West Coast Championships started the r/c crawling “Big Events” and was the first to ever have qualifying rounds and LCQ’s. Axial Racing and RECON Crawlers teamed up again to bring r/c enthusiasts and their families an r/c genre that has swept the World, known as the RECON G6. The RECON G6 is more than an event, it’s a Life Style. The King of the Hammers (KOH) and Ultra4 racing is also a life style and they are going to be getting their R/C scaler fix, in The Axial RECON G6. This is the last event on the 2014 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this 2nd annual Axial RECON Ultra4 G6.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 Intel

2014 Axial RECON G6 Adventure Series Event #1

When – February 8, 2014
Where – King of the Hammers (exact location TBA soon)
Why – Because we’re G6′n and everyone knows it.
Drivers Meeting / Stage line up to start at high noon or 12pm.
Stage Start following the National Anthem. (12:30+/-)
G-Fee – $25.00
15 and Under – $15.00

Bringing a power bar or Monster Ultra Zeros to G-Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-A tow strap is mandatory. This can be a lanyard or shoe lace.
-5 scale items are mandatory. This may include side mirrors, seats, sleeping bags, etc.
-5 medieval scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended. This could be a sword, shield, hat etc.
-Running the number and name of your favorite Ultra4 racer is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

If you missed the first ever Axial RECON Ultra 4 G6, don’t miss this one. There will be more of everything, including all the new 2014 RECON G6 classes and awards.

Classes –

- 1.9 Adventurist Class – This class is for all scalers using 1.9 size wheels & tires. It doesn’t matter your driving ability or your truck’s capability, everyone and every truck is capable of finding adventure here.

- 2.2 Adventurist – This class is for all scalers using 2.2 size wheels & tires. If you like big tires, this is your class. The 2.2 Adventurist will face bigger challenges, and their driving ability and scaler capability will be tested, as well. The 2.2 Adventurist has become a premiere class in the RECON G6.

- Expedition Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for 6×6’s and scalers with trailers. This class will have more mandatory scale items and is geared towards the builders who enjoy the challenges of driving a 6×6 Truck or towing a trailer. Wheel and tire size are restricted to 1.9’s. Tires must be scale licensed or scale knock-offs. Expedition 6×6’s and G-Rides with trailers will each be awarded.

- RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for the new Axial Jeep Wrangler G6 kit. Drivers are allowed to run any motor / esc combination, servo of your choice, any 1.9 tire / wheel combination, & battery of your choice. Rear steer and dig are not mandatory, but highly recommended. A winch and Pull Pal are not mandatory, but highly recommended. No AR60 or Wroncho style axles. The Stock body, frame rails, transmission case, and cage must be used. Stock or upgraded parts for the Axial SCX10 may be used, including transmission cases, axle housings, drivelines, steering knuckles, C’s, etcetera. Drivers finding adventure in the RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class are eligible for a new kit & swag package.

- RECON G6 Driving Diva of the Day Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6,- The best 1.9 Adventurist and 2.2 Adventurist female driver will be receive an award for their efforts.

- RECON G6 Driving Durty Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6. This award will be awarded for the top 1.9 Adventurist & 2.2 Adventurist 15 years or younger.

- Event Credentials and Finishing Tags – “New” for 2014 and available starting February of 2014, – All drivers that pre-register for a RECON G6, will receive event specific credentials to commemorate the RECON G6 they attend and all G6’ers will receive finishing tags upon completing the RECON G6 stage, because “finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6.

Bring the Family. Bring your friends. Bring your sense of adventure. The 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 will have you on the edge of your scale adventure seat. Join us for all the King of the Hammers racing action, including racing action on Axial Blvd. Not only will there be an Axial Adventure trail, but new for 2014, Ultra 4 racing action. Do you like bragging rights? Do you like swag? Do you like being the fastest driver of the day? Night? Week? Then come experience Ultra 4 racing Axial 1/10 scale RECON style.

Come get your scale adventure fix, at the 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6!

To Pre-register for this event, click here!

Please visit RECON on their web pages and FaceBook here….

RECON G6 Facebook

RECON G6 The Wild Turkey


RECON G6 Challenge Presents
The Wild Turkey G6
November 9, 2013
Sugar Pine Reservoir, Forest Hill, California

I am a little spoiled. RECON G6 founder, Parker, is my neighbor. He lives less than five miles from my house, and therefore I have been lucky enough to attend RECON G6 events monthly for over two years. That changed when Parker took the RECON G6 international. There have been fewer local events and I was forced to travel to Canada and Missouri to get my RECON G6 fix. That was over 5,000 miles round trip! Luckily, there are three consecutive RECON G6 events near me. The first one you probably read about in my previous blog, the Paranormal Scale Activities G6.

This one was called the Wild Turkey G6. I was extra excited to attend this one. It was in a new location, and I always love the spots Parker finds for his RECON G6 events. I loaded up the G Rides, grabbed SkeenoJr-etta, programmed my GPS, and headed towards Sugar Pine Reservoir to get our RECON G6 fix.


One the way, we passed Auburn Ravine; home of California’s tallest bridge, 730 feet.  You may remember this bridge from the movie XXX.


Skeeno Jr-etta and I had to stop and walk across. That’s a long ways down there. Too bad I forgot my B.A.S.E. jumping equipment.


We saw this sign just past Foresthill and knew we must be getting close. Parker Flat? That has to be an omen, right?


Yup, there’s the place we were looking for.  I wasn’t quite sure if this was the right spot.  Was it at the boat ramp?


We headed over to the boat ramp to see if we saw anyone familiar looking.


We didn’t really see anything over there, so we turned around and looked on the other side.


Skeeno Jr-etta spotted Red Rocket. It’s hard to miss with bright red paint and stickers galore.


We hopped out and had a look around. Red Rocket had some old school comp cones on her rail. I wonder what those are for?


The first people I spotted were Rivas Concepts and Mr. Pham discussing the new SCX10 Jeep Wranger G6 Edition. Pham was bragging about being one of the first to get one. You can follow his build here:


I walked down to the water to see if I could find Parker. He was nowhere to be found, which meant he was probably out hiding trail treasures. It still gave me a chance to scope out the lake. I wonder what those pink ribbons are for?


I saw these boys having a rock skipping contest. Who doesn’t like skipping rocks? And on a glassy surface; I bet I could get 10 skips. What’s your rock skipping record?


I saw some fishers down there. They would be in for a treat when the fun began.


Fishing looked pretty good.  This guy already had four Rainbow Trout on his line.


I cruised back up to the parking lot to check out the action. This guy was wisely doing some last minute checks to make sure he was trail ready.


I always like to see what new rigs and accessories are out there. I spotted this cool Jeep. It had tons of scale items.


I see a fishing pole, cooler, firewood, and a Rubik’s Cube. What did I miss?


Oh, that’s right. This Jeep had a SWEET Jack in the Box Jack Ball on its antenna. Coolest scale item I’ve seen lately.


This cool Jeep had a functioning hood and an all metal body. It also rocked rear steer.


Dan W was quick to whip out his latest project, the Mustang Wraith. He’s building this for the  RECON Terra Cross (RT-X) at next year’s Axialfest. You better start getting ready, yourself. It sneaks up on you.


I’m a sucker for Overland vehicles. I loved this 6×6 with the overhead camper. The awning and lawn chairs really made this thing.


I’m not sure, but I think those aliens are related to the one that drives Skeeno Jr-etta’s Wraith, Mr.Gee-Six.


Soon, it was time to gather for the driver’s meeting. There were lots of families in attendance.




That’s the great part of G6ing, everyone can do it.


Before the Nation Anthem, the winners of the Rivas Concepts Show and Shine were announced. Propane won with his RECON Ready Chevy S10. This thing was winched front and rear. No getting stuck for him.


But the thing that really won me over was his custom American flag seat cover. That’s a great touch.


Mr. Shane Krause of Big Yeti Fabrication won with his sweet 6×6. I really liked the alien/military theme with the nuclear bomb on the back.


Skeeno Jr-etta was eager to get started. She was prepared with a CamelBak of water and her Fast Eddy Bearings Score Card.


Finally, to Skeeno Jr-etta’s relief, the National Anthem was played and we all got ready to, Light our Lipos.


Boom! The G Train is off!



The first part of the trail was a smooth walking path. It kinda reminded me of the Canada G6, but with lots of pine needles. If you didn’t see the Canada G6 report, check it out here:


The trail opened up to the water. That’s where I saw what the pink ribbon was for.


Mandatory mud section. Don’t be shy, get in there.



Not bad, but I think you can do better.


That’s better. Get some, Pham!


Wow, easy buddy. You’re getting a little to much.


The Blue Bastard isn’t afraid to sling a little mud.


And Mr. BrokenNib isn’t afraid to wear the mud.


After the mud, the trail dried out a bit. Here’s a Jeep traction testing on some rocks.


Flipping over isn’t uncommon at a G6, but there’s no HOGing. (That’s Hand Of God) You can’t touch your kit to turn it over, gotta use a strap or winch.


Skeeno Jr-etta was ecstatic to be able to do some helping. She’s used to being helped.



These guys brought their parents to cheer them on.


Elio’s Home Depot Rental made quick work of most obstacles. Don’t worry, he told me he bought the optional insurance just in case he had any mishaps.


Dan W. had to stop to repair a steering link twice. The second time he put down his purse, so he could tighten it like a man.


Here’s the Home Depot Rental lending a hand up this slippery pine needle covered hill.


The Pride of Guam walking the log on TM34.


Don’t forget to stamp or hole punch your Fast Eddy Bearings score card if you see one.


Watch your head as you go under this fell tree.


This little man could drive. He was impressive behind the wheel.


Super Duty coming through.


Awww yeahhhh, Unimog! I loves me some Unimog.


Party train. Lots of G6ers drive in groups to help each other out. It also part of the social aspect of G6ing. Hanging with friends and making new friends.


This ground wanted to be muddy, but was more spongy. Weird feeling under your feet. I kept waiting to fall through and go knee deep.


You don’t have to worry about breaking through the mud when you only weigh 50 lbs.


Oh boy, Blue Bastard found some more mud.


Whoopsies. Looks like BrokenNib will be getting his feet wet.



Family time in the back forty.



That water looks a little red.


Yup, some fine red dirt to play in.


Skeeno Jr-etta was trucking along quite well when I ran into her.


I must have made her nervous, because she picked an odd line at the red water hole.


The Ridgecrest makes a great first timer/youngster G Ride. I can’t wait to see what the Deadbolt can do on a G6 trail. Here you can see red polish on her toes.



This JK led the way for the green Jeep. I think it was a Wrexo, but didn’t get a chance to look.



This Toyota Hilux had some sweet tube work, plus is was piloted by the beautiful Ms. Chelsea.


There’s Ms. Chelsea with the Roughneck Scalers Crew.


This guy was having so much fun he blew a bead. Good thing he had a spare.



The cool part of the G6 is it’s choose your own adventure style. You can make it as easy or hard or long or short as you want. The Jack Ball Jeep added extra drive time to his run by driving over everything that struck his fancy. He didn’t pick any easy lines.


The final ascent before finishing was a little taxing.




No worries though, everyone was smiling on the way up.


I watched this little man deftly pilot his Dingo in the Turkey Challenge area. Drivers with the fastest times won a turkey.


I just though the hood on this Honcho was interesting.


I guess Skeeno Jr-etta couldn’t get enough. She took out the Blog JK after she finished with her Wraith. I think she was practicing 1.9 in hopes of getting the sweet new RECON G6 Wrangler. She already told me she wants to paint it blue and add blue bead locks. Did you order yours yet?


After the drivers came in, Parker had some announcements.


These guys won the Turkey Challenge. Thanks to VP for bringing the turkeys.


Speaking of VP, I think they have the first custom part for the RECON G6 Wrangler, an aluminum 4 link mount.  Here’s the prototype.

Winners, winners, turkey dinners…..







The RECON Wild Turkey G6 was just enough to get me through to the next RECON G6 event coming in December. You better mark your calendars for December 7. That’s when the third annual RECON G6 Birthday Bash will be held at Wingfield Park in Reno, NV. Don’t miss it. It’s always a great one. Look for details here:

You can also read about the first RECON G6 Birthday Bash here:

and the RECON G6 Birthday Bash II here:

Axialfest 2013 – The Recap!


Photos by Tristan

Axialfest 2013! Where do I start? Hundreds of night stage gates? Beautiful trail runs through the vast Tahoe wilderness? Backyard racing on an epic handcrafted track? Scalers floating downstream on homemade watercraft? A weekend of camping alongside 200+ fellow R/C enthusiasts? Mud pits that would make your mom cringe? My head’s still spinning a month later! Let’s back-up a little, one year to be exact!

I attended Axialfest in 2012, and had a blast. I got more drive time in on that one 3 day weekend, then all of the previous year combined……………….seriously! I entered so many classes I could hardly keep my batteries charged in time for the next event / class! On top of running the numerous classes that were available, I was there to document the event for Axial. So, it was an extremely busy weekend for me.

Fast forward one year to Axialfest 2013. I decided this year I was going to only enter one class for the Terra Cross races and the rest of the weekend would be utilized shooting photos and video of the whole Axialfest experience, as well as interacting with event attendees. This would allow me to to take in the event’s ambiance a little more than the previous year. While I did miss the R/C side of it a little this year, I had a lot more time to document the event.

Friday got started with the UTAC event and Rock Riot, and the momentum never let up the rest of the weekend. Here’s a quick run down of the weekend!

UTAC competitors line up for the start.


A lone competitor running the Rock Riot class.

Friday night was the first big stage for the G6 event. Drivers started out just before sunset, and were on course well into the night. It was crazy to sit at G-Central headquarters and watch all the lights in the woods flicker around you as competitors navigated the courses. Max Gremillion from Pull-Pal and Brian Parker pose for the camera before the night stage gets started.

There was plenty of water and mud to be had on the Friday night stage.

Saturday was going to be the busiest day by far with events starting out first thing in the morning, and carrying well into the night. Driver’s were gathering at the rally style start box early in the morning preparing for the day’s events.

The highlight for Saturday was the creek challenge. Competitors that wanted to participate had to fab a boat / float for their rigs. Once they reached a certain gate marker on course, they had to load their vehicles onto their boat / float and send it down stream. Some competitors built basic floats that went where the stream’s current took them. Others got crafty and had powered boats that were either driven by their own motor, or the wheels of the scaler being carried. It was an interesting spot to sit and spectate from for sure!

If your float needed some guidance to get downstream resident creek monitor Cole Bailey would help coax your set-up in the right direction.

An example of a very basic, but extremely effective float. This guys navigated his home made float down stream like a champ!

More action!



A couple shots from Saturday night’s stage.

Good lights are a definite must for the night stages, some gates can be tough to find in the pitch black of the mountain forest!

A bad jerky commercial? No, it’s just Charlie from Novak and his new found friend. Pretty sure this will show up on both their FB pages!

The prize giveaway was held on Saturday night after the night stage. Tons of goodies up for grabs from Axial and the Axialfest sponsors!



Sunday morning got started with the RTX races. RTX is short for Recon Terra Cross, which is best defined as backyard racing at its finest! EXO RTX!

Hybrid / Wrexo RTX!

1.9 RTX!

2.2 RTX!

And the RTX mud pit which never disappoints!

That wraps up our coverage of Axialfest 2013! Every year this event keeps getting bigger, we had 160+ competitors this year which was awesome to see! Axial would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s event from the sponsors, to the volunteers, to the event attendees, everyone! We want to see 200+ entries next year, so spread the word and keep the month of June 2014 open!

AXIALFEST 2013 – Online Registration Prizes

It is officially time to register for AXIALFEST 2013! In an effort to get you to register on-line we are offering some incentive prizes for this “highly recommended” task as Brain Parker of RECON Crawlers would say. EVERYONE WILL GET AN ENTRY PRIZE IF THEY SIGN UP ON-LINE!!! This is an effort to help Brian Parker and the RECON G6 Crew with the theme “More Drive Time & Less Line Time.” If you attended AXIALFEST last year you already saw the tremendous amount of drive time so we are looking to help streamline the process.

Some of the prizes are newer products from Axial, and some are older, harder to find Axial product because some of these prizes have been discontinued. This is just a sample of the goods that will be given away this year. Let’s take a look and see what is up for grabs from us!!

First up we have five of Axial’s Universal Light Bars. This light bar is a direct bolt on application for the Wraith, Honcho and Dingo.

Next we have some complete sets of HD lower links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest, five sets total up for grabs.

Here is one prize that we know a few would like to get their hands on, five discontinued Trail Ranger bodies. We found a few of these in a box recently and decided to offer them up for the event this year.

Anodized threaded links are priceless when it comes to new builds. We have some assorted link packs in various colors up for grabs, 20 sets total will be given away.

Next up is five sets of white 2.2 8 hole beadlock wheels. These wheels can be dyed any color you want using Rit-Dye.

We also have five more sets of 2.2 wheels, in the original AX10 styling. Again these wheels can be dyed any color.

10 sets of 1.9 Ripsaw tires are also up for grabs.

Following along with the discontinued bodies, we have 10 OG pre-painted XC-1 bodies, 3 red, 3 green and 4 orange.

Next we have five sets of standard nut drivers, because you can never have enough tools.

We will also be giving away five complete sets of high clearance upper links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest.

Night runs are really fun, especially when you add some friends. You will need lights and light buckets to outfit your rig properly for night time G6′n, so we have 20 sets of chrome light buckets available. There are 2 sets of buckets in each package, along with lens covers in yellow and clear.

Got an EXO? Need some new body panels? We have 5 complete EXO bodies in clear lexan, ready for custom paint.

Add some speed to your SCX10 with a 20t brushed motor, we have five up for grabs!

Next up, five sets of black Corbeau seats for the Wraith.

Want to add some high steer knuckles to your SCX10? We have five sets total that will be given away at random.

Aluminum rear axle lockouts will also be given away, five sets total.

Machined grey high clearance links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest, five complete sets.

Next we have five sets of aluminum knuckles for the SCX10 axles.

Need HD transmission outputs? Five sets are up for grabs.

More discontinued goodies, we have five Rat Rod bodies up for grabs. We found these in the box with the Trail Ranger bodies, so we decided to pass them on to the entries for Axialfest 2013.

Plus, we may have a few more surprises. But, you will have to attend Axialfest 2013 to find out what we are up to.

Click here to Register!



AX90031 Axial’s Poison Spyder Wraith

Axial’s latest Wraith™ release is fully licensed by Poison Spyder Customs. The new Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ also comes with a new fully licensed Jeep body, that is painted to match the real 1:1 Poison Spyder Ultra4 buggy driven by Larry McRae and Shad Kennedy. Ultra4 Racing combines the best of both off road racing worlds including high speed desert action and hard core rock racing. The Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ appeals to fans of this event series because it offers some of the same spectacular abilities. Featuring a full tubular chassis and a detailed interior just like the full size counterparts, the realism offered by this vehicle is second to none. The Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is built with traditional straight axles allowing for maximum suspension articulation. This vehicle features differential lockers front and rear, just like its full size counterpart. With lockers and maximum articulation, there isn’t anywhere you can’t take this rock racing machine! Let’s take a look inside the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ and see what new features it has to offer.

A photo of the 1:1 Poison Spyder Customs Ultra4 buggy tearing it up on the dry lake of Johnson Valley! Poison Spyder lives and breaths the off road lifestyle, just like Axial! On their days off Larry and Shad can usually be seen around the Johnson Valley area testing and tuning their latest line-up of products in a real world environment.

All new Trail Ready 2.2 beadlock wheels! Officially licensed Trail Ready HD Series beadlock wheels dressed in an aggressive all black style are easy to assemble and they work with most 2.2 tires. The hub design allows this wheel to mount to any Wraith, AX10 Ridgecrest or SCX10. Our IFD™ (Interchangeable Face Design) wheel system makes it easy to dress it up with a new look. Serrated wheel nuts provide plenty of bite to keep the wheel securely in place and they’re anodized blue for great looks! The new Trail Ready HD beadlock wheels feature a 3 piece wheel design, plastic hub adapters that eliminate the need for an aluminum hex hub, adjustable breather holes and a simple six screw system for ease of use. These wheels are also compatible with Vanquish Product’s popular SLW hubs, which allow you to change the offset of your wheels to fit your needs exactly.

A photo of the new wheels before assembly.

Assembly order.

A few shots from the backside of the new wheel. Notice the adjustable breather holes, and new hubs. The breather hole adjustments are controlled by how the backside ring is timed to the main body of the wheel. Clocking the backside ring to various positions adjusts how much your tire and foam set-up are able to breath. Expose more breather holes for a softer set-up that will work great for crawling, as it allows the tires to conform to the terrain better. If your Wraith is set-up for high speed trail running and bashing less breather hole exposure will be the desired set-up, which will stiffen the tires up and lessen the chances of the sidewalls folding over at speed. The new hub design eliminates the need for a 12mm drive hex, as the hubs are designed to mate directly to the drive pins in the outer axles.

Next new feature that is included with the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is licensed BF Goodrich tires. That’s right, officially licensed BFGoodrich Krawler™ T/A® KX tires! In the full-size offroad world, they are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). The Axial version captures the same aggressive look you’ve been waiting for.

Another shot of the new wheel and tire combo!

Axial has lowered the overall ride height on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, by flipping the lower shock / link mounts on the axles 180 degrees. This helps keep the overall center of gravity lower on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, for better handling in all situations.

The next new feature is a fully licensed Jeep® Wrangler body, which is compatible with any Wraith, and is guaranteed to add some style to your ride!

Close-up shots of the Poison Spyder logos on the new body.

The Jeep hood sports the Poison Spyder logo, as well as the roof panel. Pretty slick!

That covers the biggest changes that have occurred to this new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™. Keep an eye on your favorite retailer to see when they will be available!

Axial RECON G6 – Trifolium Event Report – Grass Valley, CA

RECON G6 Trifolium

March 16, 2013

Greenhorn Campground, Rollins Lake, Grass Valley, California

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the RECON crew packed up and headed out to Rollins Lake in Grass Valley, California.  This was a new location for a RECON G6, so I was eager to check it out.

While paying my day fee at the honor box, I spotted this familiar sight.

The G Crew were already there and many eager G6ers were lining up to register.

As usual, I looked around to see what interesting things I could spot in the parking lot. First thing I spotted was this Half Cab FJ.  I do love the Half Cabs.

I also saw this pretty sweet 6X6.  That’s a lot of link going on there.

The Pham Mobile pulled up.  He was loaded up with lots of goodies.

While checking out Pham’s trucks, I noticed this sweet Chassis Mounted Steering setup on his SCX10 JK.  These will be available from Vanquish Products soon. You can also see the replica Currie Axles in the photo.  Pham always has the cool stuff.

I also spotted these sweet Wraith axles.  They are GCM A-13 MetalHead axles.  You can get them in center or offset pumpkin.

This Dingo/Land Rover had an interesting body trim.

I snooped around the RECON trailer and found these new shirts.  Are you certified?

Remember this guy?  This is Daniel Siegel.  He lives in Austria, but has been bitten by the G6 bug.  This is his second trip to get his G6 on. He is definitely G6 Certified. Will we see him at Axialfest?

This crew was definitely in the St. Patty’s spirit.  Team Green FTW!

Parker gave his usual pre-start driver’s meeting instructions.  This was an extra long one since there were quite a few new G6ers in attendance.  There were 94 entries, Wowzers!

Once everyone lit their lipos, it was off and running to the lake.  First task was to drop off your boat before heading out on to the trail.

The first part of the trail was along the lake shore.  You know you will be getting wet when Parker sets up a trail.

It was pretty green over here. Must have been a St. Patty’s Day thing.

Around the backside of the trail, the grass turned to this really tacky, gritty rock.  It appeared igneous in nature.  Plenty of traction was to be had.

About halfway through the trial was this sandy climb. It created a bit of a back up. It was good for me.  It gave me time to take photos.

It took some winching to make it up.

After clearing that hill, the third part of trail was an uphill jaunt through the brush.

Keep climbing.

Almost there.

Phew, finally the top.

The Pull Pal Posse Posed for a Picture.

You may have noticed a lot of young ones on the trail.  I did. Even infants can G6.

Pilot and Navigator.  G6ing is family fun.

Hmm, right hand drive? That must be the JK Euro Edition.

After the climb, the hiking got easier as you descended the fourth section.

At the bottom of the hill was the Get A Hobby crew. They had a little shop set up.  Special thanks to the G.A.H. crew for fixing my daughter’s Wraith while I was running in the Ultra class.

The Get A Hobby Crew set up a special skills section.

The high light of the G.A.H. Skills Course was the zip line.  The what? Yes, a zip line.

After the zip line, drivers had a little walk back to G Central.  Hope you packed an extra battery.

Don’t think you are done.  The Austrian Arena had to be conquered before finishing.

Awards time.  Remember that Finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6, so even if you didn’t get an award, you are still a winner.

And of course, we must thank all the sponsors that donate finishing prizes. Axial Racing, Pull Pal, Pitbull Tires, Vanquish, PLE, Rock Armor, BPC, Fast Eddie, Kling On, Get A Hobby, and everyone who helps out.

If you ever see this trailer headed down the road, just follow it.  A good time will be had wherever it stops.


Battery Relocation – SCX10 Jeep RTR

We have been getting a few requests recently for a “step by step” tutorial on relocating the battery from its stock location in the rear on the SCX10-JK, to the front. This is a simple modification that can really transform how your rig performs in the rocks. Moving weight from the back to the front of a vehicle greatly enhances its ability to climb steep rock faces. This is a no brainer for me, as I am all about performance with my rigs regardless if they are scale or comp rigs. So let’s dig in!

I am using a “kit” SCX10-JK for this article, but the steps are exactly the same for the kit and RTR Jeeps. A couple shots of the battery tray in stock RTR form.

First thing we need to do is remove the two screws holding the metal battery tray to the chassis.

With the metal tray removed you can access the screws that hold the plastic base of the battery tray.

Remove the two screws that hold the base of the battery tray to the chassis cross-member, located between the rear shock towers.

Next remove the two screws that tie the radio box to the front chassis cross-member.

Locate the bag of plastic extras that is included with the RTR Jeep. Inside there are a few parts required to complete this modification.

Find two of the three battery tray posts in your bag of extras. These will be the main supports for the tray in its new location.

Now grab the parts tree numbered AX80009 from your bag of extras. Cut item #5 off the parts tree. We will use this spacer for the front of the battery tray.

The hardware required for the relocation.

The two main support screws should measure just over an inch.

The front screw needs to be shorter and should measure in the 5/8″ range.

Insert the two long screws in the holes closest to center of the plastic battery tray base, then slide the plastic battery tray posts over the screws.

While holding the spacers on the screws, set the battery base into place so the two long screws line up with the radio box holes. Tighten the screws down until they are snug.

Now grab your short front spacer and set it into place over the front frame cross-member’s molded boss.

Set the metal battery tray into place on the plastic base and install the shorter 5/8″ long screw through the front of the whole assembly.

Install the short flathead screw that holds the metal tray to the plastic base at the rear.

And you are done! A shot of the newly relocated battery tray.

Following these simple steps to move the battery will greatly improve on your SCX10′s already amazing capabilities. Time to go hit the trails!!

What is a RECON G6 ?

What is a RECON G6? If you have ever been to one of these events, the veterans will tell you, “It is whatever Parker wants it to be”. For those of you that are new and interested in these events, we take a look at the ins and outs of this revolutionary R/C scale event series.


2013 Rules & Guidelines

The RECON G6 is an r/c scale adventure that will test a driver’s ability and their r/c scalers capability. A driver will navigate their Axial vehicles through a stage marked with trail markers and perform mandatory skill sections and complete driver challenges along the way.

Goal: Finish all predetermined stages and complete all mandatory skill sections and driver challenges while maintaining a drivers log book and having fun.

Classes: There are several classes to choose from. A driver may only challenge themselves in more than one class if time allows and the second class is a different tire size. Each class will offer a driver different levels of fun with different challenges and guidelines.

-Adventurist 1.9 – This class is for drivers of 1.9 scale vehicles who enjoy a challenge. The Adventurist will demonstrate driving ability with more skill sections and more stage challenges and contend with the ever present break out time. This is the class for the driver who realizes that finishing the adventure is the goal. Drivers may use natural winch anchor points or be assisted by other Adventurists by a tow strap, winch, or another drivers shoe laces. The Adventurist may partner up with fellow Adventurist or several to experience the stage as a group and help each other reach the goal of finishing.

-Adventurist 2.2 – This Class is the same as the Adventurist 1.9 Class. Wraiths and Wronchos are at home in this class.

-Ultra 1.9 – This class is for drivers of 1.9 scale vehicles who take their scale challenge to the next level. An Ultra Driver will have to complete class specific stages and tasks and mandatory skill / driver challenges in the quickest time possible. This class is a more like a rally cross style stage with a quicker pace and more difficult mandatory challenges. Drivers of this class must use natural winch anchors points only or be helped from another Ultra Driver. Any outside assistance will result in a Stage DNF. There are no time restrictions for the Ultra Class Driver and a pee test for doping may not be mandatory, but highly recommended for any Ultra Class Driver who isn’t sweating.

-Ultra 2.2 – The same as the Ultra 1.9, except 2.2 tires are used.

-RECON G6 Teams – This Team Challenge is for 1.9 drivers who share one scale vehicle. This could be two friends or two family members that drive and maintain one scaler. Each team driver will be required to drive half of the total stage or any configuration of the stage as the Driver or Team Captain deems. If a stage is 200 trail markers, each driver will be responsible for driving half of the trail markers then handing the driving duties over to their teammate to complete the stage and finish. Keeping your vehicle together is part of the team challenge. While one team member is driving, the other will be their stage buddy. A Team driver may winch off their stage buddies shoe lace.

RECON G6 Scale Vehicle Requirements:

The rule of thumb here is simple; is it scale?

-Axial Vehicles or custom vehicles with Axial transmissions, Axial axles, Axial chassis or a significant amount of Axial products only.

-Your Axial based scale vehicle must be 1/10 car / truck with a scale chassis or custom tube scale chassis.

- Wheel sizes may be 1.55, 1.9, or 2.2, Tires that fit these wheels must be a licensed manufactured tire or knock offs. Tires must resemble the real thing and can only be siped or grooved. No other alterations may be made.

- A minimum of 5 scale items must be attached and remain attached to the vehicle. This may include mandatory scale items that may be used on stage for recoveries. The number of scale items may vary from event to event.

- A tow strap is mandatory on all vehicles at every event. A tow strap may be used to assist or recover other drivers on stage.

- All scale recovery items/tools, must be attached to the vehicle and after their use, be placed back on the vehicle. This includes sand ramps, tow straps, and hi-lift jacks. The only exception is lug wrench or nut driver. Real tools may be on the driver.

- All classes are allowed to use dig and 4 wheel steering on their scalers if they choose.

RECON G6 General Rules:

Rule #1 – NO HAND OF GOD. (HOG) A RECON G6 is all about driving. In keeping with the essence of the r/c scale scene a driver may not assist, stop, catch, or kick his/her vehicle. There are no penalties for electric winching or using your tow strap with help from another competitor or for reverses, so DRIVE SMART! The penalty is a DQ for hogging your scale vehicle. Performing on course repairs or having to touch your vehicle for recovery purposes is not hogging. Picking your vehicle up out of water, mud, sand, or rolling it over onto its wheels with your hand is all examples of hogging your vehicle, thus resulting in a disqualification. If this happens, log the HOG incident in your drivers log book and report it to G-Central.

Here is a brief video explaining this particular rule….

Rule #2 – A driver can not drive through a trail marker and reverse back through it to avoid trail obstacles. This will result in a DQ. A stage is directional and a driver must maintain the intended direction of travel. Reversing through the trail marker in the intended direction is ok and may be required during mandatory reverse skill sections.

Rule #3 – Mandatory skill sections are just that, MANDATORY! They will be located throughout a stage and will have an entrance and exit. There may or may not be a trail marker at a mandatory skill section. This does not mean you can bypass the section. Each class will have a mandatory skill section(s) and it will be marked with a class specific color boundary. A driver must drive their class mandatory skill section(s) only.

Rule #4 – HAVE FUN! The RECON G6 is the premier scale adventure event in the World. Each class has different parameters that must be met, but you are only cheating yourself out of one of the best experiences you will have with your r/c scaler by not driving with integrity and the willingness to perform each challenge in the spirit of scale r/c.

General Guidelines:

Stage Format:

- A RECON G6 Main Stage will consist of a stage. The stage will take a driver through various terrain conditions and return them to G-Central where a driver may pit for repairs, eat lunch, or full fill a mandatory pit stop. Some drivers may choose to continue on with the stage, but all vehicle break downs that happen on stage, must be repaired at the spot of the breakage or return to G-Central or their pit and make the needed repairs. Then they can return to the area of the break down and continue.

-Trail Markers [1 min+/-] – Trail Markers are numbered and different colors to mark the stage route and direction of travel. The red trail marker is always on a driver’s right and is the intended direction of travel through the trail marker. The left trail marker denotes the stage a driver is on. A driver may not straddle a trail marker. A driver must get all 4 tires through the trail marker. If a driver dislodges a trail marker or steps on a trail marker, that driver is responsible for putting that trail marker back in to position. All trail markers must be traveled through. Missing any trail marker will result in a DNF. Any trail marker hit or dislodged will result in 1 min penalty to be logged in the driver log book.

- Stage Boundaries [5 min+/-] – There are several types of stage boundaries. A sponsored stage boundary is a boundary that displays G6 sponsors and is the only boundary section of a stage that multiple drivers can be in at the same time. All other boundaries are one driver at a time inside the boundary. A Pink boundary is always a time bonus; whether it is a driving section or a driver task, pink = time bonus. Orange ribbon marks 1.9 mandatory skill sections. Yellow ribbon marks Ultra Drivers mandatory skill sections. Blue ribbon marks the Wraith and 2.2 skill sections. All of the above mentioned boundary markers, if touched by a driver’s vehicle is a penalty. If a pink ribbon is touched, no time bonus will be awarded and the driver must finish the section and mark his/her boundary penalty.

- Mandatory Skill Sections are marked with the appropriate boundary ribbon and must be driven. A mandatory skill section may be driving through mud, water, snow, sand, or a taco stand. A driver may be asked to drive up or down a steep grade, handle a tarmac track or hook up to a pull sled and attempt a full pull. A mandatory skill section is designed to test the driver’s ability and his/her vehicle’s capability.

-G-Tags [15 min+/-] – G-Tags are additional placards on a trail marker. Think of a G-Tag as a check point. G-Tags will be placed along a stage and will be in a specific order. A driver that misses a trail marker with a G-Tag will receive a time penalty.

Penalty Winch [3 Min+/-] In the case that there is not a competitor there to help you with a pull strap, or you do not have a working winch, then you may employ the penalty winch. The penalty winch is a scale tow strap, lanyard, or winch line that you would operate with your hand acting as another vehicle to extract your stuck rig. The idea is to act as though your hand is another vehicle and pull the stuck or rolled over vehicle out of its situation in a “scale manner”. You must mark the use of the penalty winch down in the driver’s log book. It is always best to use an onboard working electric winch, or use a tow strap with the assistance from another competitor. Use of either of these methods does not result in a penalty.

Once a penalty winch (self used tow strap) is employed, it will be necessary to mark this down in the G6 driver’s log book.

- Driver Log Book – RECON G6 works on the honor system. All Drivers will be on stage, driving at the same time. The driver log book must be maintained and the necessary information must be logged or the driver will receive a time penalty for an incomplete log book. G-Tags, boundaries, and time bonuses are examples of what a driver will track in their log book. Filling out your log book correctly and accuratly could result in a time bonus.

- Driver Challenges are tasks that the driver must complete. A driver never knows what he or she will have to do, but rest assured, it will provide spectators (and organizer, Brian Parker) entertainment. Some examples of past tasks have been hop scotch, airsoft target shooting, or reaching into a bucket of guts for a time bonus. Driver challenges are random, and come from the depths of Brian Parker’s brain.

- Stage Challenges have drivers keeping their eyes wide open for objects of desire. A stage challenge that a driver completes may net them a time bonus or even swag. These challenges often include picking up extra cargo along the route. Returning this cargo to G Central is rewarded.

- “Not Mandatory, but Highly Recommended”, is a phrase often used to describe an event specific task. As stated, these tasks are not mandatory, but highly recommended and would behoove a driver to participate in this task.

- Stage etiquette should be adhered to at all times. Make 3 attempts at a trail obstacle and then winch or receive assistance from a fellow G6’er. Drive smart. There is no penalty for winching or having a fellow G6’er assist you. Faster drivers have the right of way.

- All scale items must remain attached to the vehicle. If sand ramp has to be used, it has to be replaced back on the vehicle. The mandatory tow strap must start attached to the G-Ride. After its first use, a driver may keep it in his/her pocket. All other scale items must be replaced after they are used. The number of scale items may change depending on the G6. In addition, a specific scale item may be required. A driver must meet these changing requirements.

- Time Bonuses [5 min+/-] – There are two types of time bonuses that a driver can earn. First, a driving time bonus must be completed cleanly to earn. If a driver has to assist their vehicle in any way or a boundary marker is touched or crossed by the vehicle, no time bonus will be awarded and the section may or may not have to be completed before a driver can move on, even if this means winching out of the section or being pulled out by a fellow G6’er. The second is a driver’s challenge. A driver must successfully complete the task to earn the time bonus.

- Driver’s Meeting Challenge is an online challenge that a driver must successfully complete to receive a time bonus or swag at the driver’s meeting.

- Pit Repairs -[No Penalty] – Every G6’er knows that sooner or later, no matter how much preparation went into their G-Ride, something is going to break. In the G6 Challenge, any breakage that happens on stage, must be repaired then and there. If the repair cannot be made on stage, then a G6′er may make a Pit Repair. Naturally, a driver may find a flat spot near the breakage spot that is out of the way of fellow G6’ers, that is perfectly ok, but if a driver needs to make the repairs in the pit, they need to head straight to the pits. After the pit repair has been completed, the driver must return to the spot where they removed thier scaler from the stage and continue. There will be no penalty when a driver removes his/her scaler from the stage for a Pit Repair. A driver’s time will not stop for Pit Repairs. A driver must finish with the scaler that they started with. No switching of scalers, if a scaler cannot be repaired, the driver must immediately inform G-Central of their DNF.

Battery reccomendations- Every G6 event will be different, therefor the required battery power for each event will differ. The average G6 event will last 3 hours, so make sure you have the battery power needed to go the distance! Pay close attention to the G6 intel specific to the event to make sure you have the mAh to do the job. Do some homework to know the economy of your rig. You can count mAh rating on the battery versus your run time and know what you will need based upon the estimated time for the event.

RECON G6 brings pure adventure, but with all fun adventures, things are always changing. Drivers need to read the intel thoroughly, because each RECON G6 is different in one way or another and that will never change. Pay extra attention to the statement, “This is not mandatory, but highly reccomended”, this is especially necessary if you want to have an advantage going into any RECON G6 event.

If you love driving your r/c scaler as much as we do and you breathe adventure, then light the lipo’s and come get your scaler fix…

…in a RECON G6!

The next G6 on the Calendar is the RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers, this is the last event on the 2013 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this historic RECON Ultra4 G6. For more information on this event, click here.

For more information on RECON crawlers, and to see past G6 events, please visit their site here.

To see more about the G6 on the Axial Blog, click here.