Yeti Pre-run Checklist – Read Before You Run


Now that the Axial Yeti is hitting hobby store shelves, we are hearing of more “Yeti sightings” being recorded! That being said we wanted to take a few minutes to help you get familiar with this new platform! First and foremost, let’s go over what to look for when you first pull it out of the box. As with any new RTR R/C vehicle, you should check everything over carefully before installing a battery and heading off to your local bash spot. RTR means “ready to run”, but even then there are certain things you should check before actually running your new “RTR” R/C. For this blog post we will cover unboxing your new Yeti, and what to look for before driving it for the first time.


1. Check and make sure the wheel nuts are properly torqued down on all four corners of the vehicle after you pull it out of the box. No need to get crazy and over tighten them, just make sure they are good and snug.


2. Adjust the height of the battery tray to fit the battery packs you have, or that you plan on running.You want to make sure the battery is held firmly in place so it can’t move around while you are driving. If the battery can move around in the chassis while you are driving the Yeti, it can cause erratic or inconsistent handling.


3. Next we added a little foam to the battery tray to stop the battery from sliding back and forth after you have adjusted the height in the previous step. We cut up an old tire foam and used a little at both ends of the battery. Shoe Goo can be used to hold the foam in place so it stays put during battery changes.


4. Check all drive shaft set screws prior to your first run to ensure they are tight. You will also want to check these after your first battery pack as well, just to make sure they are still properly seated.


For the front output, turn the front tires to the passenger side. Then, you can access the set screw from the driver’s side with a long 2mm driver as shown.



This covers the initial inspection before you run your Yeti for the first time. Taking a few minutes to go over this list, as well as giving the entire vehicle a quick visual check, will definitely give you a better experience. We will have more maintenance tips and tricks coming soon as well! Stay tuned!!