RECON G6 Challenge MADDNESS Sparks, Nevada

RECON G6 Challenge “MADDNESS” Round 4
Rivers Edge RV Park – Sparks, Nevada March 12, 2011

RECON G6 Challenge round 4, dubbed “Maddness,” was held in Sparks Nevada at the Rivers Edge RV Park. On the course, G6 Challengers navigated their way along portions of the Beckwourth Trail located alongside the Truckee River of what will be remembered as the “MADDNESS 300!” as in 300 course-marker gates!

At designated points along the trail, the G6 course-markers challenged drivers to navigate portions of the Truckee River itself along with various terrain and obstacles with three hundred course marker gates! YES 300 GATES! This is the largest number of gates used for an R/C course to date!

The overland adventure event was comprised of two courses, one with 100-gates and the other with 200-gates; with each offering a different variety of terrain and obstacles for the drivers to conquer.

I personally witnessed the “course marking madness” from the mad-mind of Brian Parker and his assistant Cole Bailey as they set out in the early hours before sunlight, headlamps intact to light the darkness, while towing five-gallon buckets full of course markers.

Brian was on a mission! “How does one do it?,” you might wonder. Earlier that evening, Brian told me about how he had been going by the park and pre-running* “mentally visualizing” the course about a month and a half in advance with weekly visits leading up to the event.

*Brian Parker called after posting this and stated that he does not actually pre-run a course. Brian stated that he visually reviews the course and mentally drives the course prior to setting the course on event day, but NO PRE-RUNNING! I can attest that I did not see any tracks whatsoever on set up day, so I do agree with his statement, although interesting as with my motorsports background, recce and pre-running have been crucial. Yet, as I am moving more into the 1:1 adventure stuff, there is also no recce or pre-running. So, this brings me to my next thought as maybe there should be no “pre-walking” the course by the competitors on the day of the event. It’s all about the adventure of discovery!

While the park is located in the city next to an airport, it is adjacent to the Truckee river with makeshift paths and trails that make for great R/C adventures and this G6 Madness course felt as though we were participants on a Camel Trophy Challenge in the “WILD,” though our wildest animals encountered were not wild zebras, elephants or monkeys. The setting was scenic, just tamer with several downed trees by beavers and wild geese and ducks coming and going out of the river like it was Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

While most R/C enthusiasts are familiar with the round-de-round racetrack format or even the 3-course technical crawl formula, the G6 Challenge is totally unique. If you are familiar with 1:1-motorsports rally and or the Camel Trophy Series [Point:A-to-point:B]. Such events are RECON’s inspiration for the G6 Challenge where it is more about battling the course with comrades, tactics and mechanical survival. Although this is the inaugural year for the RECON G6 Challenge, the events have delivered excitement and pushed boundaries; elements of what a real adventure should deliver – the unknown!

While pushing boundaries can sometimes exceed driver’s skills or vehicle capabilities, there is one tool that every properly prepared adventure vehicle should be outfitted with, an on-board winch! Per G6-Intel Regulations, on-board winch’s are highly recommended and I saw this single piece of scale equipment be both friend and foe for every single driver. The art of vehicle recovery is the new skill-set and the vocabulary that goes along with it added to the fun at the G6 Challenge! Even if you do not have this particular piece of vehicle recovery equipment, just “come-a-long” and tow-strap your way out to the next G6 event for some awesome adventure fun! Just know that you will be in the company of comrades who are willing to lend a helpful tow-line of assistance.

We wish to thank all in attendance for your participation in the RECON G6 Challenge!

Thank you to the RECON Crew for bringing this event to life:
Brian Parker, Stuart Gartner [Timing/scoring G-Factor], Brad Baily & Sons Inc.,
and John Halman; all put in the “DO WORK” attitude.




TEAM Division: Team-Twerk “Newcrawler” and “Smoke-n-Mirrors”

G-DEGREE Winner: Chris Goris


Next Event:
RECON G6 Challenge “Gamblers Paradise” April 2, 2011 Las Vegas, NV


I remember the days of “Driver, watch your line!” The new BP-phrase: “Driver Do Work!”

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