HobbyTown’s “Crawl for Cash”

Hobby Town’s “Crawl for Cash” was one of the Axial Fall Sponsored events  hosted at the Hobby Town at 4420-A Treat Blvd., Concord CA.

We suspected it to be a success and we were even more excited that everyone loved our donated items for raffle! Congrats to the raffle winners. The following letter was sent from Michael Mann, HobbyTown owner:

Hi Axial,

Thank you for the follow up.  I think it was a huge success!  Our final count was 57 drivers from all over Northern California.  We even had several drivers who recently competed at the Worlds Competition in the finals.  So the competition was fierce.

For a lot of drivers, it was their first time at taking on an indoor course and I think the intimidation factor was high.  The courses were tough, but very enjoyable.  Each having a mid-course bonus line that could be attempted for an additional 10 progress points.  We invested into our course prior to the event and built two additional large structures and added several extra tons of rock to add new elements that would make the course fresh and give no driver an advantage.

Top Ten drivers ended being

1.) Dean Hall
2.) Bryan Crofts
3.) Troy Faber
4.) Travis Crockett
5.) Joe Donnel
6.) Daniel Flemming
7.) Kris Williams
8.) Kevin Rodriguez
9.) Joel Gallegos
10.) Anthony Redfearn

Dean came away with $200 in Cash Prizes and a First Place Trophy.  It was Dean’s first big win at a comp ever!

What I was most excited about was we were even able to make arrangements at the last moment with John Hubbard (Badger) and RCCrawler.com to have him come out of a two year retirement in the 2.2 class to compete  He was also gracious enough to also set up a LIVE feed of the entire event which was broadcasted on the RCC Live TV portion of the RCCrawler website.  This really made the event special for the drivers attending and gave exposure to our sponsors and the HobbyTown Crawler Course all day long.

Our Raffle was the highlight of the day and Axial’s donation to this went over tremendously.  Everyone loved the new t-shirt designs and I even saw some local drivers/customers who won them wearing them the very next day!  As well, one of our Top 10 drivers Daniel Flemming was actually the winner of the AX10.  Thank you so much for the support of our event.  We realize that it’s your contributions that really make these things a success.


We look forward to your next event Mike, and keep up the good work! :)