AX90031 Axial’s Poison Spyder Wraith

Axial’s latest Wraith™ release is fully licensed by Poison Spyder Customs. The new Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ also comes with a new fully licensed Jeep body, that is painted to match the real 1:1 Poison Spyder Ultra4 buggy driven by Larry McRae and Shad Kennedy. Ultra4 Racing combines the best of both off road racing worlds including high speed desert action and hard core rock racing. The Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ appeals to fans of this event series because it offers some of the same spectacular abilities. Featuring a full tubular chassis and a detailed interior just like the full size counterparts, the realism offered by this vehicle is second to none. The Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is built with traditional straight axles allowing for maximum suspension articulation. This vehicle features differential lockers front and rear, just like its full size counterpart. With lockers and maximum articulation, there isn’t anywhere you can’t take this rock racing machine! Let’s take a look inside the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ and see what new features it has to offer.

A photo of the 1:1 Poison Spyder Customs Ultra4 buggy tearing it up on the dry lake of Johnson Valley! Poison Spyder lives and breaths the off road lifestyle, just like Axial! On their days off Larry and Shad can usually be seen around the Johnson Valley area testing and tuning their latest line-up of products in a real world environment.

All new Trail Ready 2.2 beadlock wheels! Officially licensed Trail Ready HD Series beadlock wheels dressed in an aggressive all black style are easy to assemble and they work with most 2.2 tires. The hub design allows this wheel to mount to any Wraith, AX10 Ridgecrest or SCX10. Our IFD™ (Interchangeable Face Design) wheel system makes it easy to dress it up with a new look. Serrated wheel nuts provide plenty of bite to keep the wheel securely in place and they’re anodized blue for great looks! The new Trail Ready HD beadlock wheels feature a 3 piece wheel design, plastic hub adapters that eliminate the need for an aluminum hex hub, adjustable breather holes and a simple six screw system for ease of use. These wheels are also compatible with Vanquish Product’s popular SLW hubs, which allow you to change the offset of your wheels to fit your needs exactly.

A photo of the new wheels before assembly.

Assembly order.

A few shots from the backside of the new wheel. Notice the adjustable breather holes, and new hubs. The breather hole adjustments are controlled by how the backside ring is timed to the main body of the wheel. Clocking the backside ring to various positions adjusts how much your tire and foam set-up are able to breath. Expose more breather holes for a softer set-up that will work great for crawling, as it allows the tires to conform to the terrain better. If your Wraith is set-up for high speed trail running and bashing less breather hole exposure will be the desired set-up, which will stiffen the tires up and lessen the chances of the sidewalls folding over at speed. The new hub design eliminates the need for a 12mm drive hex, as the hubs are designed to mate directly to the drive pins in the outer axles.

Next new feature that is included with the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is licensed BF Goodrich tires. That’s right, officially licensed BFGoodrich Krawler™ T/A® KX tires! In the full-size offroad world, they are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). The Axial version captures the same aggressive look you’ve been waiting for.

Another shot of the new wheel and tire combo!

Axial has lowered the overall ride height on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, by flipping the lower shock / link mounts on the axles 180 degrees. This helps keep the overall center of gravity lower on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, for better handling in all situations.

The next new feature is a fully licensed Jeep® Wrangler body, which is compatible with any Wraith, and is guaranteed to add some style to your ride!

Close-up shots of the Poison Spyder logos on the new body.

The Jeep hood sports the Poison Spyder logo, as well as the roof panel. Pretty slick!

That covers the biggest changes that have occurred to this new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™. Keep an eye on your favorite retailer to see when they will be available!

Axial Teams with Poison Spyder – 2013 Season

Axial is proud to announce the continued partnership with Poison Spyder for 2013 and beyond. The partnership between Axial and Poison Spyder is a perfect match. Poison Spyder is a company built around the off-road lifestyle, much like Axial. The McRae family and the entire Poison Spyder family for that matter, are enthusiasts. When they are not in the shop with their noses to the grindstone producing top shelf Jeep gear, they are out on the trail, enjoying what nature has to offer with friends, fans and customers. This business philosophy is shared by Axial, as we all love what we do, providing the equipment for like minded individuals and families to bring smiles and endless fun.

We are fast approaching one of the most anticipated events for 2013, the Ultra4 King of the Hammers. This event has been called the toughest 1 day off road event in the world, and attracts off-road enthusiasts and press from all over the planet. Last year, Larry McRae and co-driver Shad Kennedy were the masterminds behind a new race vehicle. The Venom Chassis dubbed BFH (Built for the Hammers)was a success out of the box. The Poison Spyder crew are not starngers to competitive rock crawling events, though this was quite an undertaking. The crew competed and won the EMC (Every Man Challenge) in the modified class, in the vehicle’s first outing. This year, after countless days of testing, the Poison Spyder racing team is back and will contest the unlimited class in the same vehicle with a few modifications.

Here is a shot of the BFH in the shop being prepared

On the ground and ready to be loaded for testing

Out in the desert with “Daddy Long Legs”

Larry doesn’t just race this rig, he also brings it out to some events such as TDS (Tierra Del Sol) as seen here

A little over a week ago, Larry traveled to the 4Wheel Parts HQ in California for the live drawing for starting/qualifying positions. This year he will qualify for his KOH starting position. He will be 62nd in line to get his qualifying time. He spent some time on the air talking with Dave Cole and all of his fans about his efforts.

We wish Larry, Shad and the entire crew the best of luck at KOH 2013!

Rumor has it, the race vehcile will have a new graphic scheme this year, if these shirts are any indication, it should look awesome!

They have these shirts for sale on the Poison Spyder website, if you are interested, get yours here.

Larry’s week out at KOH will not end on Friday with the KOH main event, he will stay through Saturday and compete in the Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers. Larry will be piloting an Axial Wraith in the 2.2 Adventurist class. This is your chance to rub paint with one of the big boys! For more information on the G6 event click here.

To check out Poison Spyder’s efforts at the King of the Hammers last year, click here.