Yogi Bear Drives a Wraith

Yogi’s Favorite saying is “I’m Smarter than the Average Bear,” and he proved it.

As he was roaming Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest Campground in Western Pennsylvania looking for unattended Picnic Baskets, he came across John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton, driving his new Axial Wraith.  As Yogi welcomed the children that gathered around him, he had his big eyes peeled at Rckcrwlr and his cool rock racing Wraith!  As he approached, he pointed at Rckcrwlr’s hands and motioned to hand him the transmitter.

Yogi Drives the Wraith

Concerned about a “newbie-bear” running an RC rig, Rckcrwlr took time to teach Yogi how to use the the AX-3 Transmitter.  After about 3 minutes, Yogi wanted to try it.  Rckcrwlr put a new battery in the Axial Wraith and off he went.  The only time Yogi had a bigger smile was when he scores a Picnic Basket full of Chicken, Biscuits and Danish.

Yogi Bear Drives a Wraith...

Yogi first drove in circles that he got bored with.  Quickly he was climbing wood piles, rocks and dirt hills.  Yogi is a little heavy on the throttle and really had the Wraith moving.  At one point he was chasing BooBoo with it.

Yogi had his fun and about that time, caught a whiff of a freshly opened picnic basket and was off on his next entertainment mission.