AX90046 SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee Kit Build Series – Part 6


Assembling the Wild Boar Driveshafts is a fairly simple task and should only take you a few minutes to complete. There are however a few tips we’re going to throw in to make sure the parts work well for those long treks on the trail. Ready, set, build!

2mm Hex Driver
Side cutters
Supplied grease and threadlock also required

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 1
Start by cutting the driveshaft parts from the parts trees. The trees have various size driveshaft parts on them so reference the manual to see exactly which parts you need.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 2
Here we start to assemble the driveshafts and it is extremely important to add thread lock to the screws before inserting them into the driveshaft and screwing it into the universal mounting boss.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 3
After the end is screwed into the driveshaft, place a small dab of grease on the hex driver and use it to coat the inside of the driveshaft end.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 4
With the ends greased, you can slip the universal barrels into the ends.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 5
Slip the drive cup over the end and line-up the cross-pin holes. Once the holes are lined up, you can insert the pins.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 6
To secure the pins in place, you’ll simply need to slide the plastic sleeve over the cups. Set-screws will hold these in place later.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 7
Assemble the rest of the driveshaft by inserting the appropriate slider into the Wild Boar shafts.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 8
Now the shafts are attached to the transmission output shafts. Here you’ll use the set-screw pins to secure the drive cups to the output shaft. You may use a dab of threadlock on the set-screws for extra security. Note, if the holes for the drive cup do not line up with the shaft, you may have installed the shaft incorrectly, go back and rebuild the gearcase if necessary.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 9
The skidplate is up next for installation. This is simple, secure it to the transmission case with the two provided flathead allen screws.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 10
The transmission mounts are installed next. Pay close attention to the direction in which they are installed. Snug the two buttonhead screws that secure the mounts.

Axial SCX WB Driveshafts 11
With several sections of the manual complete, the next steps will really start turning parts into an actual rig. Make sure you check back for the next part of our kit build!

TECH – Jeep Cherokee XJ Truck

RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-HEADER

When it comes to the scaling scene, there’s an abundance of creativity amongst the mix and everyone once in a while there’s that one build that catches the eye. Especially when a builder uses an existing product and morphs it into their own creation. Take Jason Kilpatrick and his Jeep Cherokee XJ with truck bed for for example. Stock Jeep Cherokee body from the AX90046 kit but it’s gone under the knife with some added bolt ons. In the full size realm, Jeep Cherokee’s seem to be canvas people convert their dreams into reality on without a big dollar sacrifice. Jason followed suite by carefully trimming out the back covered cargo area and slid the back door up to the back seat area. The truck bed area was finished off with a styrene built truck bed that’s been grafted onto the body. Next came a Red Bull themed paint job, scale accessories and added small bits of detail. Rewind, notice the Tamiya PS-53 Lame Flake paint backed black? Nice touch!
All and all, solid build Jason. Keep up the good work!

RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-5 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-4 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-6 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-10 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-9 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-8 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-11 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-12 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-7 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-3 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-2 RedBull_cherokee_Jason Kilpatrick-1
Check out more of Jason’s work within his social media: