West Fork Ranger Station Scale Challenge Text: James Story Rice Photography: Robert Wise The event began early on Saturday May 30th, with a cool breeze moving down the river’s edge. Drivers began arriving around 8 am in droves from the Carolinas, Alabama, and Florida. Once sign ups began at 9:00am the hype in the crowd began to rise. Drivers began getting their scale trucks set for an epic Axial Adventure. 11130030_360476130812287_3538436371955806259_o The drivers meeting began with a huge thanks to the sponsors, including Axial, Phoenix Designs, Team KNK Hardware, ScalerFab, Rolland Rock Shop, CBERC, and TJ RC products. Each sponsor donated a number of great prizes making for a great raffle. Following giving thanks, we discussed a few ground rules: Have Fun, no Hand of God, help your fellow drivers, stay on the trail and don’t disturb wildlife or the native plants located on the property and one more reiteration that this was meant to be a Super Fun Day. 11268362_360476090812291_2518134082353789587_o Class 2 took to the course first in an open start as the drivers hurried getting the last few things ready. Soon after, a few of the class 3 drivers that were not a running a class 2 rig, set out to conquer the course. Right off the bat the beginning of the course traversed up the riverbank to rock ledges, which always prove to be a tough spot. Several drivers found weak spots in their trucks having to quickly do a bit of repair and adjustment. As they reached the end of that leg they came upon the Carolina Bridges that made their first appearance at Motorama, and have been traveling with the Axial Ambassadors everywhere from Belleview Florida to Daytona for Jeep Beach.

Soon after they hit the semi-dry riverbed section, they navigated the partially submerged bridge and down through some very sandy and slippery rocks, which directed them over a bamboo bridge to an island formed by the floods of 2004. Trail marker followed by another, drivers worked through the random river rocks, boulders back to the top of the island, and eventually back across the dry riverbed to the shore. Though the next section could be viewed as an easy stroll through the gardens with scattered small obstacles, it seemed to get the best of some of our drivers. They began to get tired and the wobbly suspension bridges proved to be tougher than they looked. As they finished the final gates that curled around the property gardens, the excitement began to grow as the smell of lunch permeated the air.

Mrs. Nancy Rice, mother to Axial Ambassador and host Story Rice, had prepared a filling menu that included, Italian Sausage covered with peppers and onions on hoagie rolls, fresh summer salad, chips, fresh tossed field greens salad and a variety of dessert bars. Comforting food filled bellies and boosted sprits, preparing drivers, including class 3, to carry on navigating their way through the end of the course.


Shortly there after began the awards Ceremony, were the top drivers were awarded for their greatness in navigating the trail with little faults. Class 2 winner was Joseph Meaders, while Class 3 victory went to Marcus Moore, both receiving highly coveted Axial Camo-bill hats and class trophies! Remaining prizes were raffled off to drivers and spectators.


After a small break waiting for night fall to begin the night run, some drivers left while others stayed, those who hung around were hooting and hollering through the course as they had been during the day but under the light of a full moon, along with lights mounted to these great tiny trucks! Once completed the two drivers that managed to hit the least trail markers Shawn Barton and Matthew Walker both received Axial Camo-bills, along with more prizes in a raffle fashion to the remaining drivers. The drivers that had to head out did so quickly; some with over an hour drive to get home from the Ranger Station, while others set up tents to camp for the night. Great times were had by all and another Axial Adventure is already being planned for the Fall at the West Fork Ranger Station.



10608354_360475710812329_4455645564183150097_o 11141779_1108602449157012_6509360296087327167_n


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.59.14 AM 11391438_10205809983520058_32218362823581375_n 11351344_10205809987400155_5296750408232771309_n 11270608_360476127478954_1043525695394286002_o 11270595_954742614545770_2715336286739484861_o 11259145_10205809988480182_5724080381380282775_n 11141779_1108602449157012_6509360296087327167_n 10838176_360476034145630_7173608699476754544_o1800064_360475440812356_8854244867534702622_o

Axialfest 2013 – The Recap!


Photos by Tristan

Axialfest 2013! Where do I start? Hundreds of night stage gates? Beautiful trail runs through the vast Tahoe wilderness? Backyard racing on an epic handcrafted track? Scalers floating downstream on homemade watercraft? A weekend of camping alongside 200+ fellow R/C enthusiasts? Mud pits that would make your mom cringe? My head’s still spinning a month later! Let’s back-up a little, one year to be exact!

I attended Axialfest in 2012, and had a blast. I got more drive time in on that one 3 day weekend, then all of the previous year combined……………….seriously! I entered so many classes I could hardly keep my batteries charged in time for the next event / class! On top of running the numerous classes that were available, I was there to document the event for Axial. So, it was an extremely busy weekend for me.

Fast forward one year to Axialfest 2013. I decided this year I was going to only enter one class for the Terra Cross races and the rest of the weekend would be utilized shooting photos and video of the whole Axialfest experience, as well as interacting with event attendees. This would allow me to to take in the event’s ambiance a little more than the previous year. While I did miss the R/C side of it a little this year, I had a lot more time to document the event.

Friday got started with the UTAC event and Rock Riot, and the momentum never let up the rest of the weekend. Here’s a quick run down of the weekend!

UTAC competitors line up for the start.


A lone competitor running the Rock Riot class.

Friday night was the first big stage for the G6 event. Drivers started out just before sunset, and were on course well into the night. It was crazy to sit at G-Central headquarters and watch all the lights in the woods flicker around you as competitors navigated the courses. Max Gremillion from Pull-Pal and Brian Parker pose for the camera before the night stage gets started.

There was plenty of water and mud to be had on the Friday night stage.

Saturday was going to be the busiest day by far with events starting out first thing in the morning, and carrying well into the night. Driver’s were gathering at the rally style start box early in the morning preparing for the day’s events.

The highlight for Saturday was the creek challenge. Competitors that wanted to participate had to fab a boat / float for their rigs. Once they reached a certain gate marker on course, they had to load their vehicles onto their boat / float and send it down stream. Some competitors built basic floats that went where the stream’s current took them. Others got crafty and had powered boats that were either driven by their own motor, or the wheels of the scaler being carried. It was an interesting spot to sit and spectate from for sure!

If your float needed some guidance to get downstream resident creek monitor Cole Bailey would help coax your set-up in the right direction.

An example of a very basic, but extremely effective float. This guys navigated his home made float down stream like a champ!

More action!



A couple shots from Saturday night’s stage.

Good lights are a definite must for the night stages, some gates can be tough to find in the pitch black of the mountain forest!

A bad jerky commercial? No, it’s just Charlie from Novak and his new found friend. Pretty sure this will show up on both their FB pages!

The prize giveaway was held on Saturday night after the night stage. Tons of goodies up for grabs from Axial and the Axialfest sponsors!



Sunday morning got started with the RTX races. RTX is short for Recon Terra Cross, which is best defined as backyard racing at its finest! EXO RTX!

Hybrid / Wrexo RTX!

1.9 RTX!

2.2 RTX!

And the RTX mud pit which never disappoints!

That wraps up our coverage of Axialfest 2013! Every year this event keeps getting bigger, we had 160+ competitors this year which was awesome to see! Axial would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s event from the sponsors, to the volunteers, to the event attendees, everyone! We want to see 200+ entries next year, so spread the word and keep the month of June 2014 open!

Axial RECON G6 – Hunt for UNIO Report – Oroville, CA

RECON G6 Challenge presents The Hunt for Unio

Saturday, April 20, 2012

Bald Rock Trailhead, Oroville, California

RECON must be doing something right.  Why else would I be waking up early on a Saturday morning to drive over three hours to drive RC cars?  Skeeno Jr. and I loaded up the Honcho and Wraith, fueled up at Starbucks, and headed out to find Unio.  We weren’t sure what Unio was; we only had the following photo as a clue.

He kinda looked like Bigfoot.  Skeeno Jr. has watched all the Finding Bigfoot shows on Animal Plant, so she was anxious to get the search started. I on the other hand, was a little apprehensive.

About an hour outside of Reno, Nevada we spotted an old friend

Yup, that’s Cisco Grove; location of the greatest RC festival on Earth, AXIALFEST.  If you have never been, call them right now (530-426-1600) and reserve your camp spot for June 21-23. Tell them Brian Parker sent ya.

Like I said, Skeeno Jr. and I had a little drive and the roads were unfamiliar and twisty. We started to worry we had taken a wrong turn when we finally found the sign we were searching for.

We showed up later than we wanted, but still with plenty of time.  We jumped in line to register with the other 55+ G6ers who also were looking for Unio.

I saw this Unimog in the parking lot.  My favorite G Ride is the VW Transporter that was at Axialfest last year, but this is really fighting me for the #1 place in my heart.

Before I go any further, I have to make sure everyone knows this guy. This is Brad Bailey, aka B-Rad.  He is kinda whiney, but he is the #2 man behind RECON. He cried that I never give him any props in the blog, so here you go Mr. Bailey, your very own special cameo. Once known as the invisible man, he is now like Pinocchio; a real boy! If you give him a Monster when you register, you will receive a time bonus.

Parker had a few new details to go over with the G6 veterans and newbies before the fun began; new trail marker colors…..special shout out to Anthony Rivas for staying up all night with the G Crew to get them all made.

Parker told us he spotted Unio the night before and to be on the lookout.  He warned us that Unio may or may not be friendly.

While Parker continued his pregame instructions, Skeeno Jr. and I snuck away to look for signs of Unio.  We found this interesting tree with a unique bubble.  Could this have been caused by Unio?

This was TM1.  It was a little farther up from the start than usual.  Glad I scouted a bit so I knew where to go once the whistle blew.

Finally it was go time.  The first 20 or so trail markers took you up a canopied trail.  It was a little cool and dark in there.

Once you cleared the tree line, this is what greeted you; the largest slab of granite I have ever walked on. The beauty of this place is hard to capture with a cheap camera like mine, but I recommend a visit of this place.

There were many steep inclines, side hills, and crevices to navigate as you made your way to the top.

The Blog Honcho chugged along and made it to the top of the world.  There were lots of cool wind sculpted rock formations up here.

It almost looks like this Bronco is about to catch a wave. Surfing trucks?  Maybe an idea for the Shaka Brah III.

Every course that Parker lays down has to have some clear dirt.  Thankfully, this clear dirt was very pure, mountain spring water.  It even has a little life in it.  These pollywogs will be delicious frog legs soon enough.

Unibomber found some wildlife up on the rocks.  By the way, Unibomber is another unsung hero of the G Crew.  He is usually the one tasked to pick up all the trail markers at the end of the day.  Shake his hand and bring him a hamburger and a Monster next time you see him.

I run the Ultra class, so I can finish up quicker to capture photos. Skeeno Jr runs in the Adventurist class.  Luckily, every time I go to check on her, there is a friendly G6er to assist her.  Here the PLE crew is getting her Wraith righted.  Special thanks to Sumquak and crew for looking out for her all day.

Speaking of helping out.  G6ers are always quick to pull out a tow line to help a rig clear a difficult obstacle.  If you have never G6ed, don’t be shy.  Everyone helps each other.

This guy was even kind enough to wedge his rig into a crevice, so others didn’t have to pull out their sand ramps.

Since the G6 is not a race, and more of an adventure, it is common to see groups running together.   It reminds me of 1:1 trail runs I’ve taken on the Rubicon and Sierra Trek. It’s a great way to get the family outside for some fun.   Husbands, wives, girlfriends, dads, grandfathers, sons, and daughters are all seen at a G6. This was this young lady’s first G6.  The smile tells me she’ll be back.

It was a little hot out.  Don’t forget to hydrate.  Camelbaks are a good idea at any G6.

Elio is just about finished.  Here he drops in at 97

I’m having so much fun, I almost forgot about Unio.  Did you? This guy is still searching.

G6 Two, Electric Boogaloo?  M-Pham decided to do a little RC break dancing.

I have no idea what this guy is doing, but that doesn’t look like the fast line. He probably went to the M-Pham School of Driving.

Break time in the shade.

Uh oh, looks like the Walk of Shame is coming.  Keep your head high little one.  Every G6er does it eventually.

Check out the new Fast Eddy Bearings G6 Score Cards.  They look slick, work well, and come with a 10% off coupon for all Fast Eddy products.

TM80.  This Jeep is making tracks back to G-Central.

Are those Unio footprints by TM81? Better keep your eyes peeled.

This lady was bumping an iPod in her JK.  Every G6er needs their own theme music on the trail.

One last TM before finishing.

Holy Crapoly, what is that?  Is that Unio? Should I run?

Heck no!  Unio was a good guy.  He really enjoyed the Axial SCX10, but the Wraith was his favorite.

He even posed for some selfies.

This is a G6 right of passage.  The Parker Pickup.  Every newbie gets one.

Props to this guy for working hard for his G degree.  He fixed his rig three times before having to do the Walk of Shame.  Better luck next time and may the G be with you.

Drivers of the Day showing off their unique awards.  My favorite is the Top Banana.  What’s yours?

Again we want to thank all our sponsors for making the G6 a great event to use, abuse, test, and G6 Certify all their products. Finishing a G6 is great, but taking home a little swag makes it even better.

The G Train is currently on a whirl wind tour of the US and Canada.  Check the list of events on RCCrawler.com for details on events in your area. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/competitions/435207-2013-recon-g6-recon-terra-x-event-schedule.html


AX90031 Axial’s Poison Spyder Wraith

Axial’s latest Wraith™ release is fully licensed by Poison Spyder Customs. The new Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ also comes with a new fully licensed Jeep body, that is painted to match the real 1:1 Poison Spyder Ultra4 buggy driven by Larry McRae and Shad Kennedy. Ultra4 Racing combines the best of both off road racing worlds including high speed desert action and hard core rock racing. The Axial Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ appeals to fans of this event series because it offers some of the same spectacular abilities. Featuring a full tubular chassis and a detailed interior just like the full size counterparts, the realism offered by this vehicle is second to none. The Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is built with traditional straight axles allowing for maximum suspension articulation. This vehicle features differential lockers front and rear, just like its full size counterpart. With lockers and maximum articulation, there isn’t anywhere you can’t take this rock racing machine! Let’s take a look inside the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ and see what new features it has to offer.

A photo of the 1:1 Poison Spyder Customs Ultra4 buggy tearing it up on the dry lake of Johnson Valley! Poison Spyder lives and breaths the off road lifestyle, just like Axial! On their days off Larry and Shad can usually be seen around the Johnson Valley area testing and tuning their latest line-up of products in a real world environment.

All new Trail Ready 2.2 beadlock wheels! Officially licensed Trail Ready HD Series beadlock wheels dressed in an aggressive all black style are easy to assemble and they work with most 2.2 tires. The hub design allows this wheel to mount to any Wraith, AX10 Ridgecrest or SCX10. Our IFD™ (Interchangeable Face Design) wheel system makes it easy to dress it up with a new look. Serrated wheel nuts provide plenty of bite to keep the wheel securely in place and they’re anodized blue for great looks! The new Trail Ready HD beadlock wheels feature a 3 piece wheel design, plastic hub adapters that eliminate the need for an aluminum hex hub, adjustable breather holes and a simple six screw system for ease of use. These wheels are also compatible with Vanquish Product’s popular SLW hubs, which allow you to change the offset of your wheels to fit your needs exactly.

A photo of the new wheels before assembly.

Assembly order.

A few shots from the backside of the new wheel. Notice the adjustable breather holes, and new hubs. The breather hole adjustments are controlled by how the backside ring is timed to the main body of the wheel. Clocking the backside ring to various positions adjusts how much your tire and foam set-up are able to breath. Expose more breather holes for a softer set-up that will work great for crawling, as it allows the tires to conform to the terrain better. If your Wraith is set-up for high speed trail running and bashing less breather hole exposure will be the desired set-up, which will stiffen the tires up and lessen the chances of the sidewalls folding over at speed. The new hub design eliminates the need for a 12mm drive hex, as the hubs are designed to mate directly to the drive pins in the outer axles.

Next new feature that is included with the Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™ is licensed BF Goodrich tires. That’s right, officially licensed BFGoodrich Krawler™ T/A® KX tires! In the full-size offroad world, they are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). The Axial version captures the same aggressive look you’ve been waiting for.

Another shot of the new wheel and tire combo!

Axial has lowered the overall ride height on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, by flipping the lower shock / link mounts on the axles 180 degrees. This helps keep the overall center of gravity lower on the new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™, for better handling in all situations.

The next new feature is a fully licensed Jeep® Wrangler body, which is compatible with any Wraith, and is guaranteed to add some style to your ride!

Close-up shots of the Poison Spyder logos on the new body.

The Jeep hood sports the Poison Spyder logo, as well as the roof panel. Pretty slick!

That covers the biggest changes that have occurred to this new Jeep® Wrangler Wraith™. Keep an eye on your favorite retailer to see when they will be available!

Project Wrexo – The Ingredients!

Overall chassis shots.

Detailed shots. Here you can see the details of the EXO front end. The front toe block was flipped 180* to get a little more kick-up.

A shot from the top out front. Here you can see one of the chassis braces running from the top of the bulkhead to the upper link mount on the Wraith skid. I also had to clock the steering servo so the servo horn cleared the cage work. It now runs parallel with the front driveshaft, which provides just enough clearance.

A shot of the rear axle and its suspension set-up. I used an old AX10 chassis plate to make the rear shock towers and sway bar mount.

The rear cage has been cut since these photos were taken, in order to mount a full size spare.

A couple finished shots with the spare tire mounted.

The ingredients:
AX90020 – Wraith Kit
AX90015 – EXO Kit
AX30091 – 67 – 90mm Aluminum Shocks (Front)
AX30222 – 14 x 70mm 3.55 lbs/in Blue Springs (Front)
AX30092 – 72 – 100mm Aluminum Shocks (Rear)
AX30224 – 14 x 70mm 1.43 lbs/in Purple Springs (Rear)
AX30825 – EXO Front Shock Tower (Front)
AX30811 – EXO F1 Toe Block (Front)
AX30812 – EXO F2 Toe Block (Front)
AX30815 – EXO Machined Steering Rack (Front)
AX30415 – EXO CVD’s (Front)
AX30781 – Wraith Front Sway Bar (Rear)
AX30829 – Wraith HD Differential Cover (Rear)
AX30402 – HD 43/13 Ring and Pinion Set (Rear)
AX30789 – Wraith Aluminum Lockouts (Rear)
AX30860 – HD Motor Plate
AX80059 – XR10 Lower Link Mount Sleeves
AX24260 – Vanguard Brushless ESC
AX24010 – Vanguard Brushless Motor
AX30836 – 25t HD Aluminum Servo Horn
AX12015 – R35 Ripsaw Tires
AX90001 – OG Axial Scorpion Chassis Plate (Rear upper shock towers)
AX30519 - 101mm x 30* grey links x2 – rear upper links
AXA1420 – 15mm grey post x2 – sway bar links
AXA1421 – 20mm grey post x1 – steering drag link
AXA1424 – 35mm grey post x2 – chassis brace ties upper/lower cage together
AXA1425 – 40mm grey post x2 – front upper links for IFS
AXA1427 – 50mm grey post x2 – steering tie rods
AXA1428 – 55mm grey post x2 – shock braces front and rear
AXA1429 – 60mm grey post x2 – rear upper roll cage supports
AXA1431 – 70mm grey post x1 – front bulkhead brace
AXA1413 – 1mm grey spacer x10 – washers and front upper suspension arms
AXA1414 – 2mm grey spacer x10 – washers, front bulkhead brace and steering drag link
AXA1415 – 3mm grey spacer x10 – chassis brace ties upper/lower cage together
AXA1416 – 4mm grey spacer x10 – rear lower links, sway bar
AXA1417 – 5mm grey spacer x10 – front chassis brace
AX30475 – 74.5mm grey links x3 – rear lower links and rear upper shock mount brace

All links and spacers listed are for the color grey, not red. All red links and the 74.5mm links are now discontinued.

Parts sourced from Vanquish Products.
Vanquish SSZ-Star Wheels (Soon to be re-released)
Vanquish .350 Hubs (Front)
Vanquish .600 Hubs (Rear)

Project Wrexo – Bender’s Latest Custom Build

Now that Axial is the official R/C company of Ultra 4 Racing, I figured it was time to build a proper Ultra 4 R/C vehicle. If you are not familiar with Ultra 4 Racing it basically combines low speed “rock crawling” with high speed “baja” style racing. So, your vehicle has to be able to handle technical rock sections and high speed desert bumps in the same race, on the same day. Most hardcore off-road enthusiasts know a solid axle set-up front and rear rules in low speed rock crawling. And most of those same off-road fans know that independent suspension rules for high speed and jumps. There are a few competitors in Ultra 4 Racing that have been mixing the two set-ups together for a suspension system that works decent in both situations. Shannon Campbell was the first to try this, if I am not mistaken, and he has had great success winning the King of the Hammers crown in 2008 and 2011. Shannon’s rig runs independent suspension up front and a solid axle set-up in the rear. This latest custom build has been dubbed “Project Wrexo” and follows suit with that hybrid suspension set-up. Here’s a little sneak peek at this new build, more details and info to come soon so keep an eye on Axial’s blog and Facebook page.

Axial – The Official RC Vehicles of Ultra4 Racing – King of the Hammers

(Irvine, CA) January 3, 2013.

Axial R/C Inc., A subsidiary of Hobbico Inc., is proud to announce Axial as the Official R/C Vehicles of Ultra4 / King of the Hammers for 2013.

Ultra4 Racing is the latest and greatest off road motorsport event on earth. This style of racing challenges man to a duel with the elements. Unlike standard off road racing in a stadium or in the wide open desert, Ultra4 vehicles face challenges that no other motorsport demands. Competitors are not only made to cross vast areas of open desert, they also travel up boulder strewn canyons and negotiate terrain that appears impassable. To compete in such a demanding environment, competitors build custom four wheel drive vehicles that are made to crawl over the harshest terrain, then conquer the wide open desert at exhilarating triple digit speeds. This element of automotive enthusiasm is precisely what Axial R/C has set out to deliver in 1:10 scale, so the relationship between Axial R/C and Ultra4 is a very natural fit.

Axial’s roots are directly tied to motorsports, especially competitive rock crawling. As full size competitive rock crawling transcended into what is now rock racing, the sport became globally recognized in a short five years, most notably the King of the Hammers [KOH] held annually in Johnson Valley, California. Axial followed suite with its own version of vehicles that translated well within this segment of the off road community. Axial has been very offroad lifestyle driven and fits perfectly with Ultra4 and the King of the Hammers event which is the mecca of enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of rock racing. Axial will be on site at the 2013 King of the Hammers offering enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the endless fun that these rock racing and trail navigating R/Cs have to offer.

On the Saturday following KOH [Feb 9th], there will be a radio controlled version of King of the Hammers as Axial hosts the RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers
When: Feb. 9 – 12:00 Noon
Where: (GPS- N34 24.927, W116 31.090) just west of Hammer Town at the base of the mountain.

R/C motorsports joins full size motorsports once again as Axial joins forces with Ultra4 / King of the Hammers. 2013 will see Axial bring the RECON G6 Series along for the full experience. Axial has teamed with full size motorsports in the past and is doing it again in Johnson Valley, Ca. ,on Saturday Feb. 9th, the day after the King of the Hammers main event. This is the last event on the 2013 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this historic RECON Ultra4 G6. The RECON G6 series is made up of R/C endurance events featuring man and scale machine tackling the elements, a true test for your R/C vehicle with a major emphasis on a family fun atmosphere. The object is to conquer the course set forth by RECON G6 mastermind Brian Parker. For more information on this event, please click here.

About Axial
Founded in 2005, Axial R/C, Inc. has quickly became a global brand leader of hobby grade radio controlled products as Axial is a company of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We manufacture chassis and accessory products predominantly for the Rock Crawling and Overland Adventure segments, with design emphasis on rugged construction and scale realism. Axial is regularly involved in local and national events which allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of R/C culture, thus earning us awards every year from 2007 through 2010, including “Best Truck”, “Most Innovative”, “Best Engineered Product of the Year”, and “People’s Choice.” For more information on Axial and Axial products please visit www.axialracing.comtwitter.com/axialracingfacebook.com/axialincyoutube.com/axialvideos

About Ultra4
Ultra4 Racing is the official website of Hammerking Productions. The founders of Hammerking are the force behind the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet: King of The Hammers. King of the Hammers takes place each year in February, on public lands in Johnson Valley, CA. The race has evolved from 12 teams racing for bragging rights and a case of beer, to more than 150 teams competing before thousands of fans both live and online. Due to the incredible success of King of the Hammers, Hammerking has created an equally difficult off-road endurance race called The Stampede which occurs annually in Reno, NV.

In addition to these races, Hammerking has established a racing class known as the Ultra4 class. The defining characteristic of this class is that all cars must be capable of 4-wheel drive. Beyond that, the class is unlimited, which means these cars come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of speeds over 100+ MPH and still contain gear ratios as low as 100 to 1 for technical rock crawling.

To give these cars and their drivers a chance to showcase their unique capabilities, Hammerking has formed the Ultra4 Racing series. The series challenges drivers to compete in a wide variety of terrain from endurance desert racing to competition-style rock crawls to short course racing. Hammerking currently produces five of the six races in the series on their own. The races take place on both public lands and in private motorsports parks across the country including: Exit 28 Motorsports Park in Nevada, Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania and Miller Motorsports Park in Utah.

Hammerking Productions has also produced three full-length feature films chronicling the first three King of the Hammers races. These award winning movies have helped shine a spotlight on this new form of racing throughout the world. Currently, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Hammerking’s fourth production which will be coming to theaters and DVD by mid 2011.

If you would like to know more about Hammerking, Ultra4, the races produced and/or the movies created, please visit www.ultra4racing.comtwitter.com/Ultra4racingfacebook.com/Ultra4Racingyoutube.com/HeavyMetalConcepts


Scott G.
Marketing – Special Projects
Axial R/C Inc.,
8 Goodyear, Suite 125
Irvine, CA 92618
email: scottg@axialracing.com
cell: 714-280-7392


RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers 2013

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers

Axial Racing & RECON Crawlers has brought r/c enthusiasts Big Events since 2007. The Axial West Coast Championships started the r/c crawling “Big Events” and was the first to ever have qualifying rounds and LCQ’s. Axial Racing and RECON Crawlers teamed up again to bring r/c enthusiasts and their families an r/c genre that has swept the World, known as the RECON G6. The RECON G6 is more than an event, it’s a Life Style. The King of the Hammers (KOH) and Ultra4 racing is also a life style and they are going to be getting their R/C scaler fix, in The Axial RECON G6. This is the last event on the 2013 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this historic Axial RECON Ultra4 G6.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 Intel

When – Feburary 9, 2013
Where – King of the Hammers (exact location TBA soon)
Why – Because we’re G6′n and everyone knows it.

Drivers Meeting / Stage line up to start at high noon or 12pm.
Stage Start following the National Anthem. (12:30+/-)
G-Fee – $25.00
Bringing a power bar or Monster Ultra Zeros to G-Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-A tow strap is mandatory. This can be a lanyard or shoe lace.
-5 scale items are mandatory. This may include side mirrors, seats, sleeping bags, ect.
-5 Ultra4 King of the Hammers scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended. This could be a Griffin Radiator, Rigid Light Bar, Poison Spider Bumpers, ect.
-A KOH / Ultra4 scale sticker is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-Running the number of your favorite Ultra4 racer is not mandatory, but highly recommeded.
-A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 Course Description

The course will consist of 200 +/- trail markers. No whoops or silt beds. There may be some rocks.

I can’t think of any better way to start the year than a watching the best Ultra4 racers battling it out for one of the most coveted crowns in all of racing, the King of the Hammers. Are you going to be the first Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 King of the Hammers? You can answer that in person.

“The G-Crew will see you soon and remember…

…Come get your scaler fix, in the Axial RECON Ultra4 G6!”

Note: Registration, the Drivers Meeting Challenge (DMC), and more intel coming soon!

For the most up to date info and a conversation about this event, please visit the RECON Crawlers forum here.

About RECON G6
Founded in 2009, the RECON G6 event series is a lifestyle, an R/C scale fun adventure for the entire family. RECON G6 has held 30+ events over the course of four years in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington with approximately 1,200 participants during the 2011-2012 seasons.

Most R/C events through history have been held on closed courses. RECON G6 events are held in outdoor environments making use of the natural terrain. RECON G6 events are based around adventure and battling the environments and building camaraderie with fellow competitors. This is very much the same type of competitive event as the globally famous Camel Trophy Cup. Like these events, RECON G6 events are point to point challenges with special skill sections pitting man and machine against the elements.

R.E.C.O.N. has a goal to help drivers be the best R/C driver that they can be. R.E.C.O.N. will achieve this goal by constant commitment to driver training, designing challenging courses, rewarding good driving, and instituting the values of sportsmanship. R.E.C.O.N. understands that success does not come without adversity and how a driver handles adversity defines their character. R.E.C.O.N. will encourage drivers to strive for success, but to accept adversity with professionalism and integrity. R.E.C.O.N. will provide leadership to its drivers through a family friendly club environment.




The RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Las Vegas 2011

The RECON G6 CHALLENGE “Gamblers Paradise” Las Vegas
Date: April 2nd, 2011
Location: Some N.E. hillside outside Las Vegas, Nevada
Words: Rodney “GCRad1” Wills
Images: Brandon Coonce & Rodney Wills

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (116)

The year Twenty-Eleven has barely started and the RECON Crew has already and totally changed the game of having R/C fun in a friendly environment!

The G6 Challenges first started in January with “Erzberg” and “Folsom G6 Blues,” February saw “Love of Rock” and “Folsom G6 Blues part Duex,” then March brought on the “Maddness.” Finally, April was not fooling around with “Gamblers Paradise!” All in all, six events of G-six’ism this year!

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (16)
The casual bystander would view the landscape for a G6 Challenge as beautiful to view from a distance but would not consider the terrain and environment as “friendly,” but for the adventure G6’ers, the rougher and less traveled, the better! But what is this G6 Challenge that has Trail Honcho’s in a frenzy to adventure into the unknown?

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (149)
The Gamblers Paradise Edition of the G6 Challenge was actually a “no gamble – all win” event with spectacular al la natural landscape, awesome weather and course design on the Scalers’ list of paradise-type terrain! Yes, this event was EPIC for the adventure enthusiast!

While on a previous G6 Challenge in Reno, I did a little sample driving as I spent most of my time filming and shooting photos. I had such a blast with the little time I drove my rig at the “Maddness” event, that this time I wanted more seat-time! Jeff Johns [Axial President] and myself went out to participate in this event from start to finish. With two very stock SCX10’s in hand, we wanted to get the full flavor of fun and a full-day of seat-time… ok, steering-walking time. Either way, it was the adventure of the unknown we were chasing!

Here is Jeff just past #20-Trail Marker into the 100-TM course:
RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (177)

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (158)
The G6 Challenge events are comprised of three trails ranging from 50 to 200 course markers- pretty much however many Brian Parker feels like putting in that day, but with heavy emphasis on “challenge” as in the most challenging courses set in natural terrain. At G6 Challenge events, two guys work together as “trail buddies.” The mission is that one person drives his rig and the other guy goes along as “co-pilot” alerting the driver to course directions while scoring his driver. Once the driver finishes a trail, the participants switch duties for the same course and repeat for the other trails. Yes, this is the honor system with nine million ways to seek the gray area. But hey, this is the very reason we are seeing a flip as the other side coin has nine million rules to follow. At the end of the day, we currently only need/want general guidelines for some wild style adventure fun!!!

Jeff Johns, Axial President getting his G6 ON! Yes, our president is also an enthusiast!

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (143)
Jeff and I being first time G6’ers, we were also trail-buddies and driving showroom bone-stockers! Can we make it any harder!? From a participant standpoint, it is very easy to show up and run at one of these events! As the event was getting underway, I couldn’t hold back my urge to snap a couple of shots of the other adventure seekers as Jeff was making ready his SCX10 murdered-out Honcho. OK. So his rig is not that stock, he has custom flat black paint and a couple of scale accessories.
RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (172)

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (201)
It dawned on me that while I understood the rules, I was not familiar with the score keeping process and in just a few moments we would be out on a trail, clock ticking and no way of returning to G6 base-camp to ask about rules and scoring, so I made a quick inquiry about rules right as Jeff approached the start line. Talk about cutting it close!
RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (137)
“Rules – EASY! Don’t hit trail markers and don’t hit boundaries. Have FUN!,” stated Stewart G. with assistance from Brad Bailey while starting other G6’ers out onto the three trails simultaneously. OK, so that is (I hope) rather simple, I thought and we started our adventure in the “deep-end of the pool” with the 100-trail marker course!

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (225)
StewartG [center] of RECON, the man behind the digital clocks and all things keeping up with Brian Parker [right].

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (222)
The coolest thing about participating in the “chase of adventure” at a G6 Challenge is that it is not about the podium finish. It’s about the massive amount of seat-time driving and possibly surviving the unknown unscathed and then, sharing stories at the end of the day- “How in the heck did you clean TM-24 on the 100-course?” “Did you see that Bender-6X walk-it!” “Did you get passed by the Swanson Swagger!?”

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented by Axial - Las Vegas, Nevada 2011

WELL. Let me tell you! I personally witnessed the “Swanson Swagger!” I got passed on the 100-course by the man himself, Mr. Tom “Swagger” Swanson, somewhere after TM-66 and before TM-75 on the radical terrain of the 100-course. I was in disbelief, but the “rumor” is in fact true! “The Swagger” as he will now be known, was walking, not running, in a brisk and smooth manner as he somehow piloted his SCX10 Dingo [the only one at the event] through the Vegas outback. As he navigated his rig past and was a few feet ahead, he shouted back for me to look on the left as he thought he may have seen a cleaner line for me to attempt. I looked in a fit of frustration and why yes, I saw the line! HOW THE HECK!? I’m laughing as I line my Sharpe Camo’ed SCX10 Honcho up to the rock and could only punch the skinny pedal and succeeded in launching my rig up the rock on the left side only to take out the course marker on the right. Luck will only take you so far and did at this point as some of my previous course marker clearings where finessed in complete amazement even to myself and stage partner. I’m sure everyone knows of what I speak, everyone needs video to capture the proof of pure amazement.

Here at TM-74 is where I would be passed by Tom “Swagger” Swanson:
RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (210)
I pulled out of the way in order for Tom to have a clean-through line. Also, I was attempting to reverse through the trail marker diagonally without having to winch without the winch I do not have and without the use of the stage buddy winch. Tom of course needed no stinking winch as he boosted up the ledge on the third approach!

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (153)
Tom Swanson in action – standing for a brief moment.

Later at the G6 Base Camp, I asked Tom Swanson for some of his hysterical magical swagger to be sprinkled on my rig to make up the difference in driving talent that expired and without instant renewal, back there around TM-68. He graciously popped the Dingo’s bonnet [it was European] and showed me his personal outback setup! This is the comradery that the G6 Challenge members have! It’s us that have to survive both the outback wilderness defined by the trail markers of Brian Parker and the G6 Crew. It’s all part of the mystery and adventure that happens at the G6 Challenges.

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (233)
We came, we drove and we performed our wilderness clean-up duty!

Brian Parker and Brad Bailey of RECON Present Thom Kowatch [center] his First Place at RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (256)
Brian Parker and Brad Bailey of RECON Present Thom Kowatch [center] his First Place “Wagon Wheel” Award

Brandon Coonce of Axial at RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (255)
Brandon Coonce of Axial Inc., is presented the Second Place “ashes to ashes – dust to dust” Award


Brain Parker presents Tom Swanson with the Third Place “Vegas Desert Shark Landmark” Award


Brent Brammer is presented the Tough Luck “G-Degree Good Apple” Award. Brent battled electric gremlins from the very start but fought them through the 100-TM course and the first 50-TM course before expiring his battle. This was inauguration to the G6 family.

Brad “Bender” Dumont’s 6XSCX10 set the fastest time on the 100-TM Course!!!

RECON G6 CHALLENGE Gamblers Paradise Presented By Axial Las Vegas Nevada April 2nd, 2011 (243)
G6 Participants where given the first public viewing of the Wraith Rock Racer!

You can bank on there being more… more G6 Challenge in store!