Axialfest 2014 – Report By Skeeno


Well it was that time of year again, Axialfest Time!  Did you make it out?  The Skeenos did, and it was an awesome way to spend Father’s Day Weekend.  Skeeno Jr and I had another great time.  If you didn’t make it, you better make plans for next year.

Here’s how it went down around the Skeenos.


First thing was that Axialfest 2014 fell a week earlier than usual.  For me, that meant I had to do a little preplanning, since I would be working up until Friday when Axialfest started.  I didn’t want to be rushed to set up camp the day of the event, so I met Mr. Parker up at Cisco Grove after work one day and set up camp a little early.


Red Rocket kept an eye on G Camp during the week while I was at work.  Thanks Red Rocket.  You did a stellar job.

DSCF1073 (2)

For the rest of the week, it was a little hard to focus on work knowing good times were just around the corner. Finally, Friday came and I was able to sneak away from work early, scoop up Skeeno Jr. and head up to Axialfest 2014.  These signs made it easy to find the new location at Cisco Grove Campground.


First thing I saw was Mr. Tree strutting around. He was actually prepping the mud pit. Sweet shoes big boy.


Since the buckets were heavy, Tree got some assistance from Mini Meeks.


I walked around G Central and saw lots of familiar faces. Here I saw Bender, Rodney, and Sam Trujillo of Rock Armor chatting.


I also saw Anthony Rivas.  He is a huge part of the G Crew, Parker’s right hand man.  He was actually smiling.  It must have been because the craziness hadn’t started yet.


A few people were still driving on the Trials Course.  Here a Toyota runs through the Axial Alley.

DSCF1006Axial Alley was a popular spot to run.

DSCF1004 (2)

Before the start of the the G6, I had some business to conduct.  I was the official cook of the G Crew for Axialfest. I had this view for every meal.


4 pounds of Tri Tip should keep the G Crew happy.


My cooking must have been ok, because the G Crew seemed to enjoy it.  Rivas didn’t get to eat with us because he was tasked with manning G Central all weekend.  Don’t worry, we sent him up a plate.

DSCF1003 (2)

Skeeno Jr hustled to get her new G6 Jeep ready for Stage One. It was its first real usage other than street testing back home.

DSCF1017 (2)

Turnout was pretty impressive.  I mean, it’s always a good turnout, but Axialfest 2014 shattered attendance records.  Could we see 500 next year?  I think so.



After the driver’s meeting it was go time. First stage was a night run, so you better have packed your LEDs.


It was a little crowded for a minute until the drivers spread out. Skeeno Jr. was anxious to get some real wheel time in.

DSCF1049Skeeno Jr’s new G6 Jeep did awesome on its inaugural run. She ran it completely stock with a 55T motor and 2S Lipo. It did AWESOME and finished without any issues. This G6 Jeep is the Bomb!


It did so well, Skeeno Jr. had to slow down and wait for some slower traffic.


That’s Trail Marker 216.  Stage one had 500 for the Adventurists and 1000 for the Ultras.  That is maximum drive time.  I hope you remembered to pack some extra batteries.

DSCF1080Here’s Skeeno Jr. steering clear of the river.  Her ESC isn’t waterproof…yet.


Stage 1 went late into the night.


Good morning, time for breakfast burritos.

DSCF1027 (2)

There’s that mud pit.  Some people were a little scared to get dirty.


Don’t worry, he took the first run a little slow, but then he got her dirty.

DSCF1020 (2)

Others were so eager to fling some mud that they flung themselves.

DSCF1021Old Blue Bastard is never afraid of getting a little muddy.


The bridges on the Trails Challenge were quite challenging.  You needed your A-game to pull some of these lines.

DSCF1047This suspension bridge bucked off everyone.


This kit didn’t need the Pull Pal RW60 to get up the hill climb even though this hill was steep and silty.

DSCF1056 (2)

I saw some sweet custom 1:10 Trasharoos.  Do you have monogrammed accessories on your kit?

DSCF1065 (2)

Of course the Bautista Terror was at Axialfest.  It goes to all RECON G6 events.  It’s also known as the Driveshaft Killer. It’s claimed more than one of mine.


Stage 2 took us back down by the river.


Lunch time, Beer Brat, anyone?


Skeeno Jr. and I kept seeing these Yetis.  They were a little creepy. Turns out that the Yetis were a promotional gimmick for the new Axial YETI. I’m sure you’ve seen it.  If you haven’t, go check it out here:


Stage 3 of the RECON G6 was a treasure hunt to capture a Yeti.  Successful hunters got a sneek peek before the Yeti was announced to the public.  Here, a lucky G6er drives his Yeti back to G Central.

DSCF1075One thing I love about Axialfest and all the RECON G6 events is the families that come out.  How many times have you seen daughters come out to drive an RC car?  How about whole families?  It’s quite common at Axialfest.

DSCF1084 (2)The Meeks are old RECON G6ers from the 2.2 comp days. Now the whole clan comes out to drive.  How cool is that?


Here’s another Mother/Daughter combo. Cassie’s daughter was a little camera shy.

DSCF1089Hold up, what is this?  Many vendors made their way up to enjoy and support Axialfest, but Werty Made Products did it right. They brought a movie projector and inflatable hot tub to relax in after a long day of driving.

DSCF1092 (2)

DSCF1093 (2)

The rocks down at the river were slickery from years of polishing.  Once your tires were wet, these simple climbs became difficult.

DSCF1102Even if you couldn’t make an obstacle, there was always someone to lend a hand.  Here a driver gets a little tug over a tough patch.


There’s HoyFab’s 6×6 waiting its turn.  When you are trail running, sometimes you have to be patient.

DSCF1081Dropping in down by the river.  Slick rock and sand is a nasty combination.

DSCF4015Down at RPP’s Rattle Snake Creek, some drivers had to call for help if they didn’t pack a raft.


Luckily, CKRC gave free rides to anyone in need.

DSCF4003Skeeno Jr. wasn’t skeerd, she jumped right in and pulled her kit to the safety of the far bank.


After the river crossing, Skeeno Jr. panned for a little gold.  She found a nice nugget and put it in her scale Trasharoo.


After sitting in the hot tub all night, Werty considers sitting in the stream. That, or he was taking some pictures of his trucks.


Stage 3 and still smiling.  Axialfest must be a lasting good time.


Well that just about wraps up the Skeeno report.  Another year and another Axialfest in the books. It was a great time seeing old friends, making new friends, and making memories with my daughter.  Skeeno Jr. and I are already counting down the days until Axialfest 2015.


The Driver of the Day Awards were waiting back at G Central.  Did you get one?  Look for a complete report on winners in an upcoming blog.

RECON G6 Paranormal Scale Activity


RECON G6 Presents
Paranormal Scale Activity
Haunted Rock Park, Sparks, Nevada
October 19, 2013

This was the third year that the RECON G6 held an event at Rock Park. Each October in conjunction with the Halloween spirit, the RECON Crew hosts a spooky event to entertain their loyal followers. This year the theme was the paranormal as the title implies.  Many eager G6ers came out to experience chilling fun.


Jesse, aka Fliptout808, is the newest member of the RECON G6 crew. He handled the check in.


Broken Clothing came and hung out to support the G6ers.


Some Axialfest attendees represented with their Axialfest Banners and window stickers.



Since there was paranormal activity reported, the Ghost Busters showed up, who else you gonna call?


This apparition was pretty for a ghost. From the skull, I deduced that she was once on a pirate ship. She haunted this JK.


Alright, enough talking and gawking. Let’s get this drivers’ meeting going.


A ghost must have stolen Parker’s voice, because I have never heard him this quiet; even after Axialfest. He enlisted the help of Erik O’bien, aka Tree, to relay the rules and his message of fun.


Of course no G6 can begin until the National Anthem is played.


The first Trail Marker was through the mud pit. It’s better to get the dirty part with over quickly.


Most rigs took the first pass in the mud a little daintily.


These guys were happy to get in a little Truckee water to wash off the mud.


Because the RECON G6 is so much fun, lots of families come out and run as a group. Here the Meeks clan begins their day.


There were several pink kits on course, most of them driven by females. We love to see the ladies at the RECON G6.


This guy’s smiling because he knows that finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6. Here he is just taking a minute to readjust his beadlocks.


I know these guys are RECON G6 vets because the one on the right is wearing his G6 Certified shirt.  Look at his smile.  That’s why he came back.


Tree roots are like stairs.


If you see a stamp on a RECON G6 trail, stop and stamp your log book.


This pipe was easy if you were the first few kits through.  It got a little dug out and became tricky quickly.


Not only was the pipe tricky, but so was the footing.  The ground was a little steep and this unlucky fellow took a face dive into the Truckee.


Luckily, Tree was there to lend a hand to his fellow G6er.


I see another one of those pink kits back there.


Ahh, spider! Wait a minute; that’s a fake spider. If you see suspicious things like this at a RECON G6, pick it up and drive it back to G Central. You get a little bonus for it.


Team Scuba tried not to get fully submerged this time.


TM79 was the turnaround point.


Back a G Central, drivers got to do a little hopscotch.


They also got to tackle the Bautista Terror.


Drivers did 2 laps, so another pass through the mud pit was necessary.


Not a Conga line, but still more fun.


The Hobbit section was tight going, but by the second lap, the G Trail had been cut in nicely.


The trees around Reno were starting to turn a pretty orange for fall.


Pooped Parker chilled by the pit while Anthony, aka Rivas Concepts, did work.


Those lights tell me it’s time for the night stage.


This pink kit is ready to conquer the night.


Pink sweatshirt, you know what that means.


Yup, females representing.


Uh oh, help a brother out will ya?


Of course, helping is what the Spirit of the G is all about.


Up the rocks…


…and down the rocks


Time to go Boony Bumping in the Rip Rap.


This Wraith makes the Truckee River glow green.


This is what it looks like before you get run over.


Lots of fun is happening here.


Rivas Concepts is trying to figure out where the 1.9 and 2.2 lines are.


Night bath.


Darkness makes water even more treacherous.


There’s a lady doing work.


And another.


Another family getting in some drive time.


The Tree Crotch of Doom.  That wire hooked a few kits.


G Train.


What the heck is that?


The Glowing, Smoking Mud Pit.  Party Time!


Like an alien crossing.


This guy tried to jump the mud. He almost made it.


The highlight of this little guys night was getting to drive the mud pit.


1.9 Driver of the Day


2.2 Driver of the Day


Broken Clothing Driver of the Night


Another Broken Clothing Driver of the Night

The next RECON G6 is coming to Nor Cal on November 9.  Look for details on the Wild Turkey G6 here:

Full Option RTR SCX10 Jeep


Axial offers several optional upgrade parts for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon RTR and Kit. Here’s a quick run down of what is installed and why you may want to use these items.

A couple photos of the completed full option build. Axial offers complete body kits for the Jeep, part number AX04035, that includes the clear Lexan body and all the scale accessories. We also offer just the replacement clear Jeep bodies as well, part number AX04033.

First option we will cover is Axial’s simple LED kit, part number AX24257. The simple LED kit comes with 4 white and 2 red LED lights to keep you running long after the sun goes down. I used two small light buckets from Axial’s Light Bucket Set, part number AX80045, and attached them to the front bumper mount with long M3 screws. I used Axial’s LED lens set, part number AX80049, to cover the LEDs front and rear for a more realistic look. The lens kit includes both clear and yellow lens covers to give users a couple options. Need even more light? Add our NVS system, part number AX24251, for the ultimate scale light system.

A couple shots of the rear LEDs with the clear lens covers in place.

Next option added was our new fully licensed Icon shocks, part number AX30103. These come standard in the Jeep kit, but are an option part for the RTR. These shocks feature a new and improved CNC machined shock piston for smoother action through the range of travel. The new Icon shocks also feature clear coated polished aluminum bodies, complete with aluminum faux reservoirs. The main body of the shock is threaded for quick ride height adjustments and pre-load tuning ability. Like their full size counterparts these shocks are completely rebuildable, tunable and offer consistent handling all while adding some of that Icon bling to your SCX10™ chassis.

Axial’s aluminum link kit, part number AX30550, for the SCX10™ was the next upgrade we added. Upgrade your stock plastic links to high quality aluminum. Aluminum links have less flex than the stock plastic links which helps your vehicle track straighter in all conditions. This link kit includes aluminum suspension and steering links, as well as all hardware and rod ends required to complete the conversion.

A shot of the steering links. If you just want to upgrade your steering links only Axial offers a steering upgrade kit, part number AX30426, as well. Upgrading your steering links to aluminum with improve steering response in all conditions, especially in hard binds associated with rock crawling. Another option part that can be seen here is Axial’s HD 25t aluminum servo horn, part number AX30836. Axial’s HD aluminum servo horn provides more responsive steering with less chance of stripping the internal splines over the stock plastic servo horn. Clamping style head for secure mounting in high stress applications. Available in 23, 24 and 25 tooth spline counts.

In this photo you can see a handful of upgrades to improve steering performance and increase the strength of the front axle. Aluminum knuckles, part number AX30496, aluminum knuckles help your vehicle track more consistently in all situations. Combine our knuckles with our aluminum C-hubs, part number AX30495, for the ultimate steering precision. Another option part installed here is Axial’s CVD’s, part number AX30464, for the SCX10™ axles. The CVD’s provide more steering throw that the stock dog bone set-up which is great for tight, technical trail runs. CVD’s also have less slop than the stock set-up for increased efficiency.

Moving on to the rear axle we installed our aluminum axle lockouts, part number AX30494. Axial’s aluminum axle lockouts are more rigid than the stock plastic lockouts, which will allow the vehicle to track better in all situations.

Axial’s HD motor plate was our next upgrade, part number AX30860. Our heavy duty motor plate is for any vehicle running our AX10 transmission. CNC machined from 4.5mm thick billet aluminum, with integrated heatsink fins to help motors run cooler on those all day expeditions. A must have for any R/C overland adventurist! Axial also offers 13T, 14T and 15T steel pinion gears and an 80T spur gear to give end users an array of gear ratios to choose from. Add more torque for low speed crawling to your SCX10™ by installing Axial’s 55T motor. Or if more speed is your thing, add Axial’s 20T motor for higher top speeds. Another option part that we installed here is Axial’s dig system for the Wraith transmission, part number AX30793. This conversion also requires use of our Wraith Dig Transmission Case, part number AX80051. Axial’s dig system allows you to lock the rear wheels, while powering the front wheels only for a tighter turning radius. Shift servo sold separately.

Next option part installed is Axial’s black 1.9 beadlock wheels. Beadlock wheels allow users to tune foam set-ups and change tires at will for varying terrain and conditions. We also added our 1.9 internal weight rings, part number AX30547, for some added weight up front which will help us on steep vertical climbs. You can adjust how much weight is in the front wheels by using our 1.9 wheel weight inserts, part number AX30548.

For tires we went with our 1.9 Maxxis Trepador, part number AX12019. These tires are fully licensed by Maxxis and are molded in Axial’s sticky R35 compound for the ultimate traction in any conditions.

Complete SCX10™ option parts list:
AX8087 – 1.9 Black Eight Hole Beadlock Wheels (x3 to have spare tire)
AX8088 – 1.9 Chrome Eight Hole Beadlock Wheel (x3 to have spare tire)
AX08138 – 1.9 Black Walker Evans Wheels (x3 to have spare tire)
AX12019 – 1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tires R35 Compound (x3 to have spare tire)
AX12016 – 1.9 Ripsaw Tire R35 Compound (x3 to have spare tire)
AX30547 – 1.9 Internal Weight Rings (x2)
AX30548 – 1.9 Wheel Weight Inserts (x3)
AX30549 – SCX10™ Aluminum Link Set (11.4″ wheelbase – Dingo)
AX30550 – SCX10™ Aluminum Link Set (12.3″ wheelbase – Honcho and Jeep)
AX30426 – SCX10™ Aluminum Steering Kit
AX30464 – SCX10™ Universal Axle Set
AX30395 – HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (stock gear ratio) (x2)
AX30401 – Overdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30402 – Underdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30786 – Aluminum WB8 Driveshaft Retainer Rings (x2)
AX30571 – 13t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30569 – 14t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30573 – 15t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30665 – 80t Spur Gear
AX30860 – HD Motor Plate
AX30834 – 23t HD Servo Horn
AX30835 – 24t HD Servo Horn
AX30836 – 25t HD Servo Horn
AX30494 – Aluminum Axle Lockouts
AX30495 – Aluminum Axle C-hub’s
AX30496 – Aluminum Knuckles
AX30103 – Icon Aluminum Shocks (x2)
AX30132 – Machined Shock Piston 7mm – 1.5×3 (4pcs)
AX24260 – AE-3 Vanguard ESC
AX24010 – Vanguard 2900KV Brushless Motor
AX24007 – 55 Turn Motor
AX24003 – 20 Turn Motor
AX24256 – 5 LED Light String
AX24257 – Simple LED Kit
AX24251 – NVS Light System
AX80045 – Light Bucket Set (x2)
AX80049 – LED Lens Set – Yellow / Clear (4pcs)
AX30793 – Dig Component Set
AX80051 – Dig Transmission Case
AX04033 – Clear Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Body (Body only)
AX04035 – Complete Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Body Kit
AX30200 – Red Springs 3.6 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30201 – White Springs 4.32 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30202 – Green Springs 5.44 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30203 – Yellow Springs 6.53 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30204 – Blue Springs 7.95 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30205 – Red Springs 2.7 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30206 – White Springs 3.6 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30207 – Green Springs 4.08 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30208 – Yellow Springs 5.44 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30209 – Blue Springs 6.81 lbs/in (long) (x2)

Axial RECON G6 – Hunt for UNIO Report – Oroville, CA

RECON G6 Challenge presents The Hunt for Unio

Saturday, April 20, 2012

Bald Rock Trailhead, Oroville, California

RECON must be doing something right.  Why else would I be waking up early on a Saturday morning to drive over three hours to drive RC cars?  Skeeno Jr. and I loaded up the Honcho and Wraith, fueled up at Starbucks, and headed out to find Unio.  We weren’t sure what Unio was; we only had the following photo as a clue.

He kinda looked like Bigfoot.  Skeeno Jr. has watched all the Finding Bigfoot shows on Animal Plant, so she was anxious to get the search started. I on the other hand, was a little apprehensive.

About an hour outside of Reno, Nevada we spotted an old friend

Yup, that’s Cisco Grove; location of the greatest RC festival on Earth, AXIALFEST.  If you have never been, call them right now (530-426-1600) and reserve your camp spot for June 21-23. Tell them Brian Parker sent ya.

Like I said, Skeeno Jr. and I had a little drive and the roads were unfamiliar and twisty. We started to worry we had taken a wrong turn when we finally found the sign we were searching for.

We showed up later than we wanted, but still with plenty of time.  We jumped in line to register with the other 55+ G6ers who also were looking for Unio.

I saw this Unimog in the parking lot.  My favorite G Ride is the VW Transporter that was at Axialfest last year, but this is really fighting me for the #1 place in my heart.

Before I go any further, I have to make sure everyone knows this guy. This is Brad Bailey, aka B-Rad.  He is kinda whiney, but he is the #2 man behind RECON. He cried that I never give him any props in the blog, so here you go Mr. Bailey, your very own special cameo. Once known as the invisible man, he is now like Pinocchio; a real boy! If you give him a Monster when you register, you will receive a time bonus.

Parker had a few new details to go over with the G6 veterans and newbies before the fun began; new trail marker colors…..special shout out to Anthony Rivas for staying up all night with the G Crew to get them all made.

Parker told us he spotted Unio the night before and to be on the lookout.  He warned us that Unio may or may not be friendly.

While Parker continued his pregame instructions, Skeeno Jr. and I snuck away to look for signs of Unio.  We found this interesting tree with a unique bubble.  Could this have been caused by Unio?

This was TM1.  It was a little farther up from the start than usual.  Glad I scouted a bit so I knew where to go once the whistle blew.

Finally it was go time.  The first 20 or so trail markers took you up a canopied trail.  It was a little cool and dark in there.

Once you cleared the tree line, this is what greeted you; the largest slab of granite I have ever walked on. The beauty of this place is hard to capture with a cheap camera like mine, but I recommend a visit of this place.

There were many steep inclines, side hills, and crevices to navigate as you made your way to the top.

The Blog Honcho chugged along and made it to the top of the world.  There were lots of cool wind sculpted rock formations up here.

It almost looks like this Bronco is about to catch a wave. Surfing trucks?  Maybe an idea for the Shaka Brah III.

Every course that Parker lays down has to have some clear dirt.  Thankfully, this clear dirt was very pure, mountain spring water.  It even has a little life in it.  These pollywogs will be delicious frog legs soon enough.

Unibomber found some wildlife up on the rocks.  By the way, Unibomber is another unsung hero of the G Crew.  He is usually the one tasked to pick up all the trail markers at the end of the day.  Shake his hand and bring him a hamburger and a Monster next time you see him.

I run the Ultra class, so I can finish up quicker to capture photos. Skeeno Jr runs in the Adventurist class.  Luckily, every time I go to check on her, there is a friendly G6er to assist her.  Here the PLE crew is getting her Wraith righted.  Special thanks to Sumquak and crew for looking out for her all day.

Speaking of helping out.  G6ers are always quick to pull out a tow line to help a rig clear a difficult obstacle.  If you have never G6ed, don’t be shy.  Everyone helps each other.

This guy was even kind enough to wedge his rig into a crevice, so others didn’t have to pull out their sand ramps.

Since the G6 is not a race, and more of an adventure, it is common to see groups running together.   It reminds me of 1:1 trail runs I’ve taken on the Rubicon and Sierra Trek. It’s a great way to get the family outside for some fun.   Husbands, wives, girlfriends, dads, grandfathers, sons, and daughters are all seen at a G6. This was this young lady’s first G6.  The smile tells me she’ll be back.

It was a little hot out.  Don’t forget to hydrate.  Camelbaks are a good idea at any G6.

Elio is just about finished.  Here he drops in at 97

I’m having so much fun, I almost forgot about Unio.  Did you? This guy is still searching.

G6 Two, Electric Boogaloo?  M-Pham decided to do a little RC break dancing.

I have no idea what this guy is doing, but that doesn’t look like the fast line. He probably went to the M-Pham School of Driving.

Break time in the shade.

Uh oh, looks like the Walk of Shame is coming.  Keep your head high little one.  Every G6er does it eventually.

Check out the new Fast Eddy Bearings G6 Score Cards.  They look slick, work well, and come with a 10% off coupon for all Fast Eddy products.

TM80.  This Jeep is making tracks back to G-Central.

Are those Unio footprints by TM81? Better keep your eyes peeled.

This lady was bumping an iPod in her JK.  Every G6er needs their own theme music on the trail.

One last TM before finishing.

Holy Crapoly, what is that?  Is that Unio? Should I run?

Heck no!  Unio was a good guy.  He really enjoyed the Axial SCX10, but the Wraith was his favorite.

He even posed for some selfies.

This is a G6 right of passage.  The Parker Pickup.  Every newbie gets one.

Props to this guy for working hard for his G degree.  He fixed his rig three times before having to do the Walk of Shame.  Better luck next time and may the G be with you.

Drivers of the Day showing off their unique awards.  My favorite is the Top Banana.  What’s yours?

Again we want to thank all our sponsors for making the G6 a great event to use, abuse, test, and G6 Certify all their products. Finishing a G6 is great, but taking home a little swag makes it even better.

The G Train is currently on a whirl wind tour of the US and Canada.  Check the list of events on for details on events in your area.


Axial – ICON Vehicle Dynamics 61-90mm Aluminum Shocks – Step by Step Build

AX30103 – Icon 61-90mm Aluminum Shock Set – 7mm piston (2pcs)

Now that we have released Axial’s newest scale shocks, which are officially licensed by Icon Vehicle Dynamics, I wanted to take some time to do a step by step build here on the blog to help people get the most out of their new shocks. These shocks are an improvement over our old SCX10 shocks, because of the new fully machined shock piston. The new piston provides a tighter fit inside the shock body which helps eliminate binds as the shock cycles through its travel. The new Icon shock bodies and reservoirs are clear anodized for durability and classic looks, which is a nice touch. Time to dig in and get our hands dirty!

A shot of the packaging. Each package contains all parts and hardware required to build two complete shocks.

I cut all the plastic parts I will need to get started off their respective parts trees.

Open the hardware bags and dump the contents out in a secure location so you don’t loose any vital parts.

Start by locating your aluminum shock bodies and the red o-rings. Apply a little grease to each o-ring before installing them into the shock bodies.

Once you have the o-ring lubed up drop it into place in the bottom of the shock body.

Now locate the plastic spacer that goes in between the o-rings, and install that on top of the first o-ring.

Grease the 2nd o-ring and install it into place on top of the plastic spacer in the shock body.

Next install the lower plastic cartridge and threaded preload adjuster onto the shock body.

Locate your shock shafts and e-clips next.

Install the first e-clip in the bottom slot on the shock shaft.

Slide the shock piston onto the shock shaft next.

Then, install the second e-clip to hold the piston in place.

Both shafts prepped and ready for the next step.

Now we can slide the shock shafts into the shock body from the top. Install the rubber bump stops and thread the rod ends into place as needed.

Apply the Icon decals to the shock reservoirs.

Using the supplied hardware, secure the shock reservoirs to the shock caps.

Insert the black o-rings into the shock cap, and make sure they are properly seated.

Now we will fill the shock body about 3/4 of the way with shock oil and cycle the shock piston to dissipate any and all air bubbles. Make sure the piston stays submersed in the oil while you cycle the shock to get rid of the air bubbles. Once the bubbles are gone fill the shock body until the oil is about 1/16th of an inch from the top of the shock body, so just shy of being full. Once the shock shaft is fully compressed, you should see the oil crown just above the top of the shock body. Screw the cap down tight while holding the shock shaft fully compressed. Once the cap is tight, wipe any excess oil away. Cycle the shock shaft a few times and listen for air bubbles. If you can hear air bubbles gurgling around inside the shock, start over and use a little more oil. Make sure all air bubbles are gone before re-assembling. If the shock shaft won’t compress all the way after this step, you have a little too much oil in the shock body. Remove the shock cap, and re-bleed the shock with a little less oil.

After you are finished bleeding the shock we can install the dual rate springs and spacers as needed.

Slide the springs over the shock body with the plastic spring retainer between the two springs.

Install the lower spring retainer next, and you are done!

That wraps up building Axial’s new fully licensed Icon shocks. Following these tips will help people get the most out of their new SCX10 shocks.

Axial Day in Italy

Robotronics, [Axial's distributor for Italy] recently hosted a single day event catered to Axial customers and potential R/C newcomers. The event took place on Sunday, September 30th. Even though it rained for the few days prior to the event, the rain held off long enough on Sunday for the event to go off without a hitch. Attendees were treated to a custom built scale trail run that featured many different obstacles, both man made and natural. The course had a little of everything built in from hill climbs, to rock crawling sections, bridges, mud, sidehills and even trials type obstacles. There were two different classes to be run based on tire and wheel size, the 1.9 class for SCX10′s as well as the 2.2 class for the AX10′s and Wraith’s that attended. Drivers spent the morning practicing on the course to get a feel for the layout and the obstacles. After lunch the competition started for both classes, and the top 3 for each class were crowned. Numerous prizes were handed out during the day as part of the giveaway that was going on as well. So, a lucky few walked away with free R/C gear on top of a great day of R/C trail running. Looks like a great course to crawl on, especially with the mud and water holes. We are a little jealous!!

A few highlights from the event. An overall group shot.

Competitors checking out the goods!


SCX10 climbing out of a mud hole.

Axial display.

SCX10 on 2.2 wheels and tires attempts a man made hill climb.

A Wraith climbs out of another mud hole.

A future 1:1 offroad enthusiast in training.

The full event report and photos can be found here.

All in all we would say it looks like a lot of fun, congrats to the winners!!

Axialfest 2012 Recap

The first annual Axialfest was held this past weekend, June 22 – 24th, in Cisco Grove, CA. This event was known in the past as the “Axial West Coast Championships”, aka AWCC. This year’s event was geared towards “scale adventure” more so than a full on “competition”. While there are many classes to run, and trophies to win, this year’s event had a little different format to it, by offering numerous scale classes to compete in. Brian Parker’s new competition format known as “G6″ is slowly taking  the country by storm. Parker and his group of Recon Crawlers set out to make this event all about driving your scale R/C truck on lengthy adventures. When I say lengthy adventures, I mean it. For example the first stage of the G6 challenge on Friday consisted of navigating 500 gates that were sporadically laid out in the woods surrounding Cisco Grove Campground, the base camp of our adventures for the weekend. These 500 gates are numbered and must be run in consecutive order. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it can be, if you can locate all the gates. Brain and his crew can be pretty creative when it comes to setting courses, and camouflaging gates. And keep in mind there are 3 stages to this G6 challenge, so 500 gates is only part of the 3 day adventure. In the end I believe some adventurists in attendance ran in excess of 1200 gates throughout the weekend. Here’s a run down from the event.

Axial base camp.

The mud pit, which would be used throughout the weekend.


Registration on Friday morning.


The Terra Cross track.


Competitors line up according to class for the start.


Brian Parker holds the driver’s meeting before releasing competitors out onto the course.


On to the action. A cool Crawlmaro replica made with a Wraith.


Brett Carlson from Bulu Productions made the trip down from Oregon to shoot a little video, as well as compete with his Wraith.


Driving out of a rollover will save time and penalty points if you don’t have a winch.


One of the challenges that had to be performed on this stage was a sled pull.


Here you can see the mud depth is keep scale for realism.


Teamwork is another key factor to making through all 500 gates. Competitors are allowed to help each other over obstacles if need be.


The start of day two’s Ultra Race. This was a class that required you to run the set course as fast as you can. If you are looking for a good fun cardio workout, this is the class for you.


The first turn was a bottle neck for the more densely populated classes.


Axial’s own Brandon Coonce took the holshot in his custom blue paneled Wraith.


Next class hits the ground running. This was the adventurist class if I remember right. This class wasn’t about speed, it was more about adventure. But, a quick start to get ahead of the competition is still a good idea until the group gets spread out on course.


Turn one mayhem.


Next class to depart for the starting area.


Turn one was a great vantage point again.


Ty Campbell from Tekin’s custom Wraith build hits the mud pit flying.


More turn one action.


Not very often you see a Gremlin sporting 54″ tires.


After all the classes got underway, I set out on foot with my camera to see what challenges lay ahead for our competitors. First driver I came across was my co-worker Brandon. He had a weird monstrosity strapped to the hood of his Wraith. I asked him as he went by what it was, and all I heard was something about a boat? Confused, I followed him up the trail for a bit until he hit a challenge section of the trail run. This challenge required those carrying kayaks or boats on their vehicles to launch their boats at the designated boat ramp, let the vessel float its way downstream to the designated pick-up zone, then recover your boat and load it back onto your rig before you continue on. Actually turned out to be very entertaining to watch, some boats sank in the “rapids” requiring the owner to tip toe their way out into the stream for a recovery. Here is where Brandon’s previously mentioned monstrosity/camp fabbed raft came into play. Constructed of a 2.2 Ripsaw tire, stock tire foam, Proline roof rack, Proline cooler and a little duct tape, this raft floated down the scale river like a champ!! Everyone was laughing as it floated by us.


A few other watercraft making their way downstream.


After completing a few hundred gates the trail leads the competitors back to base camp for a run through the mud pit.


Cupid’s set-up is looking pretty high-tech these days, he is now apparently sporting a compound bow!!


Meanwhile back at our campsite our XR10′s are still covered in shaving cream from the previous night’s “Rock Riot” event. It’s a long story………. click the link below the photo.

A little video of Brandon and I hitting the shaving cream pit first. Brandon had the honors of breaking trail, I am second. Listen to Parker laughing as we go through.


Our guard dog watched over the Axial RV while we were away.


One of my favorite scale vehicles from the weekend.


A few random campsites that were set-up properly for the disco themed weekend.


Time for some Terra Cross action. The TC races had a little something for everyone. There were classes for the SCX10, Wraith and EXO. Each class had its own variation of the track to run. This was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. It was the definition of backyard racing!!

First up for the heat races were the SCX10s.


Next up, the Wraith class.


And the EXO heat races were last.


Winner of the SCX10 Terra Cross Race was Matt Soileau


Start of the Wraith finals.


Taking the first Wraith Terra Cross victory was Axial team driver Ryan Gerrish.


Start of the EXO finals


Steve Brown of Vanquish Products tries to get his RTR EXO out of Ty Campbell’s way. Ty was by far the fastest guy on the track.


After all the dust settled, Ty Campbell took the win in the EXO Terra Cross.


Congrats to all the winners, you guys earned it! Here are a few highlights from the awards ceremony.


The future of our sport.


The Hawaii club sent this autographed banner to the event with signatures from the Hawaii G6 thanking Axial for their support. Thanks guys!!

That wraps up the 2012 Axialfestivies. If you can find a way to attend one of these G6 events you won’t be disappointed, especially if you own a scale R/C truck. Don’t forget to pack spare batteries either, because you are going to need them.

R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge Joker’s Wild


R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge “Joker’s Wild”

When: Saturday July 30th, 2011

Where: Exact location will be announced 24hrs prior to stage start. Cisco Grove Campgrounds, CA will be the host/lodging for this G6.

Tech: 0800hrs. All vehicles will be impounded immediately. All vehicles that do not pass tech will receive a time penalty. Tech will remain open until 0845hrs.

Start Time: Stage start time will follow the National Anthem. No late starts!

What: 3 stage G6 Challenge featuring new terrain and poker run for all 1.9 r/c scalers and Axial Wraith drivers.

G-Lunch: Trail dogs, chips, and oranges.

G-Fee: $20

Cisco Grove day use fee: $5

More information:

Brandon’s SCX10 Unimog Build

Mercedes Unimogs

I have a fascination with Unimogs, these seemingly unstable and over sized trucks.  The places they can go and terrain they are capable of traversing is incredible.  Not to mention how cool they look when you see one out on the trail or even the streets.

I had the opportunity to pick up one of these Unimog 406 bodies from a friend of mine and I started planning a build using the SCX10 Dingo RTR as my starting platform.

First thing I did was paint the body.  I took some random shrubbery  and mixed paint to create a scale camo paint scheme on the outside of the body.  The inside of the body is painted rust and backed with black.  Hopefully it wears well after some good use.

I also made a custom light bar using some parts from the new Axial Wraith AX90018.  The locations to mount two outside lights were already there, all I had to do was add a the 3 middle lights.  Axial’s Simple LED system from the Dingo along with a new 5 LED string powers this light bar.  I used the oval fog lights from the AX80045 Light bucket sets.  To finish off the body I installed a snorkel that I had in my random box of scale goodies.

The Dingo Chassis was modified slightly.  I cut about 1.25″ off the back of the frame and shortened the rear wheelbase about0.25″.  The front suspension received a Hand Bros CMS kit.  The factory shocks were replaced with a set of Pro-Line Scale shocks.  All the original Dingo bumpers and rock sliders were removed. A Futaba S9156 handles the steering duties, with 300+ oz/in it should be more than enough.  The front bumper was kept very simple, just a piece of 1/8″ rectangle stock and 1/4″ round steel brazed together and bolted on.  I also installed a fair-lead that is recessed to keep it from getting too banged up.

The Dingo chassis also received the following Axial Option Parts:

AX30549 Aluminum links pack

AX30495 & AX30496 Aluminum C Hubs and Steering Knuckles

AX30464 Universal Set

Next I started on the rear cage structure.  I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and my main goal was to hide the transmission.  The cage also has some diamond plate styrene integrated into it for the flatbed section and transmission cover.  The finished cage received a coat of black paint and a waterproof receiver box from the AX90018 Wraith.

With the new rear cage/flat-bed installed I got everything wired up.  The box on the rear between the shock towers holds a Tekin FXR.  I also moved the Axial battery plate and mounted it perpendicular to the chassis and as low as I could get it without interfering with the Drive shaft.  This allows me to run a very high capacity 2S or 3S lipo.  My battery of choice is the MaxAmps 2S 6500mah LiPo.

Final assembly required some custom front body mounts.  The upper body mounts are integrated into the top bar of the rear cage and the front body mounts are shifted forward with a piece of bent aluminum stock (this will give me a good foundation for the interior in the future as well).

Cant forget the spare tire and tie downs!  Made from the wife’s hair ties and paperclips.

Final Pics, for now at least.  Scale builds never really end ;)  Thank you Axial Marketing for the awesome photo’s.

First run!  Thank you HB_Crawler for posting the pictures on SoCalRCRC.