HemiStorm’s Custom 2017 SCX10 II Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC


If you’ve spent any time at all on Youtube perusing the endless uploads of radio control videos, you’ve most likely stumbled upon a video or two or more from the Hemistorm RC channel. The man behind Hemistorm, Chris De Graaf is truly passionate about the radio control hobby. His channel has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to his unique model builds, enthusiasm, awesome action clips and unfiltered commentary. Hemistorm is always on point with his RC reviews and took a bit of a different direction when the AX90060 SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC landed on his workbench. First he did the somewhat standard overview approach video, but what he did in his next video, not many saw coming. He started customizing the rig to suit his style before it even touched dirt! Photos and video were posted online and many Axial fans went wild over the customization. Best part was, the modifications cost less than $50. This shows that with a little creativity, you can bring your Axial model to the next level in style without breaking the bank. We caught up with Hemistorm and convinced him to send some detail photos of the build while it was in progress. Check out how easy it is to customize your machine and we hope it inspires you to start a custom project of your own.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 4

So how did Hemistorm create his custom rig? Most of the custom work was done with just one tool; a hobby knife. Hemistorm, carefully planned out the customization, trying to take into account how a real roof looks on a JK and used a marker to trace out his cut lines.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 2

After he was confident of the areas to cut, he simply scored the body with the hobby knife multiple times and “snapped” the Lexan pieces apart. A section of the roof and rear glass sections were completely removed.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 8

Next it was time to test fit the rear cap in its new location. A few tweaks needed to be made for a better fit. A narrow triangle of lexan was removed from the rear cap for a better fit.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 6

Once the cap was set into place, Hemistorm turned his attention to filling in the rear section with a spare tire and a deck. To fill in the space, he used the rear section of a Pro-Line Cherokee interior set.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 1

After the deck was set, something was still missing. Hemistorm then did what many do, see what you have on hand to give your machine a custom look. He grabbed the cage from his Axial Dingo and cut a section off to act as a rear cage. A little bit of drilling, custom mounting and the end result is a cool custom look.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 3

Finally when the custom fitting was complete, Hemi moved onto the finishing work, adding vents to the hood, painting the roof, painting graphics on the sides, painting the deck and adding some scale accessories. The end result is a unique AX90060 rig that will turn heads on the trails.


Get all the details on this build from Hemistorm as he goes through the process of creating his custom Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Edition SCX10 II.


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Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 6

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 8

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