The Official SBG Axial Wraith Build Off

Event: The Official SBG Axial Wraith Build Off
Location: The Scale Builder’s Guild
Date: June 17th – September 3rd


The Official SBG Axial Wraith Build Off

This July the Scale Builder’s Guild members eagerly anticipated the release of our new Wraith. Not just to tear into the box and get out on the trails but because they wanted in on the SBG Axial Wraith Build Off. We challenged builders to start customizing the Wraith showing how versatile the truck is and give people innovative ideas on how to make their new rigs stand out in a crowd!

The rules were simple, everyone would be starting with the same RTR Wraith, keep original driveline, 75% or more of the factory Cage, and keep interior panel/seats intact. The balance of the truck and design was up to the builders, by adding body mods, scale accessories, paint, tires and wheels… it turned into a really fun contest over the summer. It really showed how versatile the Wraith platform really is and brought out some innovative ideas on how to make yours stand out from the crowd!

Outside of our people’s choice voting from the Scale Builder’s Guild members, representatives from Axial, MaxAmps, RC Car Action and TGN Distributing took care of the official judging.

Results are as follows:
Axial’s Favorite Mod Prize – PardonmynOOb’s Wraith – The upper cage modification completely changes the look of the truck and requires no extra parts to pull the look off… INCREADIBLE BANG FOR THA BUCK!
SBG People’s Choice Award – Copious- Swiss Army

1st PardonmynOOb- n00b’s Wraith 135
2nd Copious- Swiss Army 123
3rd Imthatguy – The Bluesmobile 118
4th BrainDead – Wraith Digger 117
5th Hillbillycrawler – Rock Rod 107
6th HeadQuake – Wraith of Headquake 96
7th Beaster – Ford Monster/DC Wraith 87
8th ChevyLuv – The Great White North 82
9th Graminizer’s – The General 79
10th Pr24meb – Pr24meb’s Wraith 72

Check out the build threads on the SBG!

Headquake – Wraith of Headquake

Imthatguy – The Bluesmobile

Hillbillycrawler – Rock Rod

Copious – “Swiss Army”

PardonmynOOb – n00b’s Wraith

Pr24meb – pr24meb’s Wraith


ChevyLuv – The Great White North

BrainDead – Wraith Digger

Graminizer – The General

Special thanks to our judges from Axial, MaxAmps, RC Car Action and TGN Distributing and to Rick “Headquake” White for developing the concept and putting together this great contest

2011 Motorama

February 19-20, 2011:
The 3rd Annual Motorama US Indoor Rockcrawling Challenge was again in Harrisburg, PA. John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton, in conjunction with his team from Western PA Crawlers (, successfully transformed a huge open building into a USRCCA National Qualifier Course. With the help of CJ “Rockbound” Hines, Jay “LEWIS”, Kyle “FalconRaceway” Horne, Carey “Eviltwin v2” Baird, Del “DRCMan” Anderson and John Peoples, we were able to convert 4 triaxles of rock into a foundation for 3 classes of crawlers running 11 courses and three finals.
The event started, informally, at 5 pm on Friday, February 18th. Drivers had the option of coming in and practicing various lines and getting their rig tech’d early. The rocks introduced some interesting lines and breakovers with traction being tested with some loose dirt on them. All drivers were asked to leave at 7 pm so that we could set up the first set of courses for the early Saturday start.
Saturday, 7 am, we started with a tech. We also gathered all the drivers that volunteered to be judges for the event to go over the particulars. At 8:15 am, we had the drivers meeting. It started with a moment of silence in memory of our friend and fellow crawler Steve “STEVESTOCK” Berry, who lost his battle with cancer on Sept 18, 2010. We then went over the rules and started the comp.
The format was running 3 courses of each of the classes (1.9, 2.2 & Super) on Saturday. The courses ran smoothly and we finished up the day at about 9:30pm. At the end of the day the top 25 drivers in 2.2 and the top 5 drivers in the other classes had the honor to move to Semi and finals on Sunday.
9:00 am on Sunday, the top 25 Drivers set up for two grueling courses to identify the top 5 drivers of this class. We then proceeded to start the finals. With points being close, it could be anyone’s game. One wrong decision could upset the outcome.

When the dust settled, here is where everyone stood:
2.2 Comp:
1. Rene “Renoirbud” Budzisch
2. Josh “xrra_tj” Moore
3. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
4. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
5. Jeremy “BullfrogRC” Froehlich


1.9 Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
3. Arthur “PaloAltoK5” Bell
4. Dan “Dclinch” Clinch
5. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich


Super Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Patrick “Scatterbrains” Curran
3. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich
4. Cory “CCC22” Owenburg
5. Chris “Arct1k” Long


W.Pa.C. with the assistance of Axial Racing, offered to the 50,000+ spectators, an opportunity to test run an SCX10 Dingo Rig. With that demo run, they received a ticket to win a brand new Axial SCX-10 Dingo RTR. When the raffle was completed, the truck was awarded to Nicholas from Harrisburg, PA.

Motorama 2012 is already scheduled for February 18 – 19, 2012. If you have never been to Motorama, make sure that you mark these dates down. It is something you don’t want to miss.

Axial Racing would also like to congratulate Rene Budzisch for taking the win with his XR10 in the 2.2 Class.

Brian Parker’s G6 Scale Challenge

Most people in the R/C rock crawling world know Brian Parker and everything he has done for this sport. For those that aren’t familiar with his name, he is an innovator when it comes to R/C crawling. He is always pushing the envelope and trying new things during competitions. I would personally bet money that he has built more 2.2 competition courses then anyone else in the world, with ease. When you show up to an event where Brian built the courses, you know you are going to have the time of your life. He knows how to challenge drivers with situations that make you think.

Brian recently got bitten by the scale bug, and he is 100% hooked!! He has now started a series of events dubbed as the “G6 Challenge.” He is basically combining off-road racing, rally racing, trophy truck challenge, rock crawling and basically any other motor sport that takes place off-road, into one event. There are usually 3 courses set-up per event with anywhere from 50-100 gates…………………per course. That’s right, some events competitors will have to negotiate nearly 300 gates before the day is over. Multiple high capacity batteries, a winch, some tow straps and bulletproof rig are pretty much the minimum requirements. Some runs can take up to an hour per course too. So, you will get your moneys worth when attending any G6 Challenge. Here is a run down of the rules and requirements for entering a G6 Challenge.

Vehicle Requirements:
1. Must be 1/10 scale electric car/truck with a scale chassis. (No 2.2 comp chassis with a scale body) A scale chassis could be a MSD or a RC4WD or an Axial SCX-10 chassis.

2. 1.9 or 1.55 wheels and tires ONLY! Tire may be name brand or knock offs, just as long as they resemble the real thing.

3. Vehicle must have at least 5 scale accessories. (I.e. jerry can, bed roll, cooler, shovel, winch, rock lights, ect.) This requirement may vary from G6 to G6 depending on what the event requires.

4. NO rear steer and NO dig. A vehicle may have 4×4 or 2×4 capabilities.

5. A vehicle must have a tow strap and winch points. (I.e. Bumper, D-rings, ect.)

R.E.C.O.N. G6 Stage Format:
When a driver starts a stage, he/she is competing against the clock. A driver must navigate through the stage gates in the order they are numbered and between the gates, even if winching is required. A time penalty is given for hitting a gate or a boundary. A stage is completed when the driver crosses the finish line.

1. 2 to 4 driving stages with multiple mandatory skills sections in each stage.

2. Finishing order will be determined by the over all accumulative adjusted time of all the driving stages. For teams, all the times of the team drivers will be added together. Team drivers are all eligible for the overall award.

3. Time bonuses are earned by completing the mandatory skills sections cleanly. If a driver has to winch or hits a boundary or a gate marker, a time bonus will not be awarded and the driver still has to finish the bonus stage.

4. Stages can range in distance. Battery changes may be performed as needed on a stage. If a driver has only one battery and cannot complete the stage, the driver must leave the rig at the location on the stage while the battery is being charged. If the rig is removed from the stage then a DNF will be recorded and the max time given to that driver for the stage.

5 Once a stage has been started by the driver; the time will not stop until the driver has crossed the finish line. This includes repairs on course and in the pit. When the last driver to start a stage crosses the finish line, the stage is closed, if a driver is still on the stage when the stage closes, that driver will receive a DNF and given the max time for the stage.

6. No repairs or battery changes can be made during a skills challenge section. On course repairs can be made at the point of breakage and as long as the stage is still open. If a battery has to be replaced during a special section, than a 5 min penalty will be charged to the driver.

7. Drivers will start at specified intervals; if a driver catches up to a fellow driver, the driver that is being passed, must yield to the faster driver immediately. A driver cannot overtake another driver during a special skill section; the faster driver must wait at the start of the skills section until the slower driver exits said section.

8. There is no “Hand of God”. This means all recoveries must be done by using a winch. If the rig is underwater and the driver grabs the rig instead of using the penalty winch, that driver will be charged a 5 minute penalty. The G6 is designed for a driver to be a driver, not a boonie basher. If a driver does not have a winch and has to use the penalty winch; a 3 minute penalty will be charged to that driver.

9. No repairs can be made between stages. After a driver completes a stage, his/her vehicle will be impounded until the start of the next stage. A designated pit area will be provided to do all needed repairs before the next stage while the time is running.

10. The running order will be G6 specific. It may be luck of the draw or running order may be assigned by the last G6 times. Stage Buddy’s will be assigned in a similar manner.

A Stage buddy is a driver’s stage marshal. He or she will be on the stage with the driver marking time penalties or time bonus and if the driver does not have a winch, the stage buddy will use the penalty winch to recover or assist the driver’s vehicle. After the driver completes his stage, then the stage buddy and the driver switch roles. At no time will the stage buddy assist a driver with navigating the stage. A stage buddy is not a co-driver. G6 team drivers will not be a stage buddy for a team member. Team members may or may not be allowed to help navigate a fellow team driver. That will be deemed by the G6 event.

Time Penalties:
1. Hitting a gate marker will result in a 1:00 min time penalty.

2. Hitting any stage boundary will result in a 5 min. penalty.

3. Using the penalty winch will result in a 3 min penalty.

Time Bonuses:
Completing a time bonus section cleanly a driver will receive a 3 minute time bonus. If a driver has to winch, hits the boundary, or has to make a repair or battery change in the section, no time bonus will be awarded and any penalties will be charged.

Time bonus sections will have a specific color boundary and have a stage gate at the beginning and end of the section, but may involve more than two gates.

Stage Gates:
A stage will be marked with gates. The gates are used to define a stage and the color of the gate will define the intended direction of the gate. A gate consists of two flags; on yellow and one red. The red flag is always on the passenger side of the rig, unless other wise noted.

A rig must drive between the stage gates and all 4 tires must be inside the stage gates for progression, even if winching is required to successfully clear the gate. There is no straddling a stage gate to progress.

A stage gate can only be driven in the intended direction! A driver CANNOT drive through a stage gate and then reverse back through it to continue on the stage.

A stage gate may also have special skill instructions attached to them. The driver and the stage buddy are responsible for making sure all special skills are performed for the stage.

Special Skill Sections:
A special skill section will have boundaries and be marked by a specific color.

A special skill section can be a task such as changing a tire and running the section using the spare tire or using a winch to perform a task. A special section can be driving in snow, ice, mud, water, and sand, up hill, down hill or in reverse.

A few highlights from one of the G6 events. Thanks to Rhett Mora for the use of his pictures.









For more info on any upcoming G6 events check out

Axial SCX10 Facebook Mini Prize Give-Away!

This Prize Give-Away is officially over!

First and foremost, we’d like to thank everybody who signed up for our contest.
If you didn’t win or aren’t apart of Facebook don’t be discouraged. We’ll be giving out additional prizes throughout the year.  Please stay tuned!

Congratulations to the following winners:

1.) Bill Brickley – Galesburg, IL
SCX10 (Kit) w/ Tail Honcho body (AX90014) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)

2.) Mitchell Wayne Samuels – Winston-Salem, NC
SCX10 (Kit) w/ CF100 body (AX90007) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)

3.) Danny E. Aceves – Santa Ana, CA
SCX10 TR (RTR) w/ Dingo Body (AX90012) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)

Happy Holidays!

Here at Axial, we’re avid enthusiasts of off-roading and RC in general, so it makes everything that much better when we’re able to launch products that you’ll enjoy and love. Just recently we’ve received a tremendous amount of praise and response for the SCX10 product line, so we would like to show our thanks and appreciation by giving a little back. How? By giving back to all of you that have supported Axial since day one.  This month we’ll randomly choose an Axial friend on Facebook to win one of three SCX10′s. What better way to kick off the holidays.

Enter Axial’s SCX10 Facebook Mini Prize Give-Away to win a brand new SCX10 Kit with Trail Honcho Body and other SCX10 products weeks before Christmas! Talk about easy.

How to Enter:

Just become a friend of Axial on Facebook! Those that are not a friend of Axial will NOT be eligible to win.  Hobby shops that have an account on Facebook and are a friend of Axial are also eligible.  It’s as simple as that. Click here to go to our Facebook page.

The Prizes:

1. SCX10 (Kit) w/ Tail Honcho body (AX90014) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)
2. SCX10 (Kit) w/ CF100 body (AX90007) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)
3. SCX10 TR (RTR) w/ Dingo Body (AX90012) and Axial T-shirts (choose any 3 styles out of 5)


Axial will choose at random three people from our friends page with the exclusion of Axial employees.

You have until Sunday, Dec. 13th at 11:59 p.m. to become a friend of Axial (if you aren’t already) for this contest.  If you’re already a friend of Axial, you are automatically eligible to win any of the 3 prizes available.

Winners will be chosen and announced Monday, Dec. 14 by 5:30 p.m. PST.

Good luck and thank you for your support.  Now go hit the trail.

-Team Axial

SCX10 TR Tagline Mini-Contest Entries

This mini-contest has received an overwhelming response of over 250 entries and 775 tag lines! Axial would like to thank everyone who participated and we are very grateful for the enthusiasm shown for the new SCX10 TR. Before announcing the winner, we would like to share some of the tag lines that were considered for contest (the winning entry may be included in here!). We will officially announce all the winners of the SCX10 TR Tag line mini-contest before 6:30 p.m. PST.  So for the meantime, enjoy!


Congratulations to:

1ST PLACE: A trail rig so capable trails?  it don’t need no stinkin’ trails
Chet M, North Attelboro, MA
2ND PLACE: A trail rig so capable… YOU will be it’s only limitation!
- Pete P, Montgomery, TX

3RD PLACE: A trail rig so capable… Columbus could have discovered a lot more then America with it
- Shane F, Alberta, Canada

We’ve decided to add 5 Axial t-shirts due to the overwhelming response and the creativity of some of the submissions (now corrected, sorry for the mix-up!):

Honorable mention - A Trail Rig So Capable… it can climb Mount Everest with one wheel tied behind its tailgate
- Raghavan B, Santa Cruz, CA

mention – A Trail Rig so Capable you’ll be saying “hold my beer watch this”
Ronnie B, Madisonville, TN
Honorable mention – A Trail Rig so Capable… the competition will drop their lug nuts
Steve H, Sunbright, TN
mention – A Trail Rig So Capable… it’s like killing unicorns with a bomb
James S, Star Valley, AZ
Honorable mention -A Trail Rig so Capable… it made the “Gone in 60 second” list
- Jack P, Nespelem, WA

There were several more that gave us a good laugh, so we’d like to thank all of you who took the time to take part in our contest.


Note: These are not shown in the order in which they were submitted.

All About Mountain Goats:

A Trail Rig so Capable…even mountain goats will be jealous!
A trail rig so capable…….. goats take climbing lessons from it
A trail rig so capable…. It was raised by mountain goats
A trail rig so capable… even goats are envious.
A trial rig so capable that you’ll swear it’s part mountain goat.
A trail rig so capable… you’ll leave the mountain goats at home!
A  trail rig so capable, mountain goats would be jealous
A Trail Rig So Capable… Mountain Goats Get Jealous!
A Trail Rig So Capable…we’re wondering why we didnt name it project moutain goat.
A trail rig so capable…., even the mountain goats are impressed!
A trail rig so capable you’ll swear it’s an electronic billy goat
A Trail Rig so Capable mountain goats struggle to keep up !
A trail rig so capable mountain goats cant follow.
A Trail Rig so Capable…it  makes mountain goats go wow
A trail rig so capable…mountain goats follow you
A trail rig so capable…a mountain goat can’t even keep up.
A Trail Rig So Capable… Even A Mountain Goat Wants One.
A Trail Rig so Capable a mountain goat will need a ride
A Trail Rig so Capable It Will Give Mountain Goats Self-Esteem Issues
A trail rig so capable…Even mountain goats drive it
A trail rig so capable…billy goats will be offended

Axial’s Submission (doesn’t count): a trail rig so capable, it could mate with any mountain goat it wants.

Most Popular Taglines:

A trail rig so capable…. you’ll wish you were 1:10 scale
A trail rig so capable…. A caveman can do it
A trail rig so capable…. competition want it!
A trail rig so capable…….what’s a winch again?
A trail rig so capable…it’ll put your 1:1 to shame
A trail rig so capable, well its just that capable
A Trail Rig so Capable… it makes Big Obstacles (or rocks) look small!
A Trail Rig So Capable…Your Friends will be Envious.
A trail rig so capable….you might forget it’s radio control!
A trail rig so capable…. NASA’s next lunar rover will copy it.
A trail rig so capable…. it can take on chuck norris
A trail rig so capable… that its made by Axial.
A trail rig so capable….Mother nature fears it!
A Rig so Capable you wish you were 7(6) inches tall
A trail rig so capable…. Could GI Joe find anything better
A trail rig so capable, it makes it’s own trails.
A trail rig so capable…rocks become stones
A Trail Rig So Capable….you wont need trails.
A Trail Rig so Capable…you’ll never drive your 1:1 again.
A trail rig so capable… the competition will be trailing behind!
A trail rig so capable….you wont want to stop driving it.
A trail rig so capable… The world will seem flat
A Trail Rig So Capable… It knows no limits.
A trail rig so capable… you will feel like you are really driving it
A trail rig so capable… you’ll want to trade in your full size…
A trail rig so capable it seems to defy physics.
A Trail Rig so Capable…Sasquatch would drive it
A trail rig so capable… No Rock stands A Chance
A trail rig so capable… Has No Boundaries
A Trail Rig So Capable…It’s almost not fair!!!
A Trail Rig so Capable…you may even beat Bender!
A Trail Rig So Capable It Eats Boulders For Breakfast.
A Trail Rig so Capable… It makes mountains into molehills.
A trail rig so capable, you no longer need the trail.
A trail rig so capable it makes the competition cry
A Trail Rig So Capable…Who Needs Bath Tissue?
A Trail Rig so Capable it makes the impossible seem  possible.
A Trail Rig so Capable Seatbelts are Optional
A Trail Rig So Capable your Comp Rig is going to get lonely.
A trail rig so capable… it stayed at the Holiday Inn Express last night

We’ll be adding more. This is only a partial list, but we wanted to include some of the really funny ones that didn’t make the cut for being obscene or inappropriate (they’re mixed in with some of the TOP contenders)…. but you’ll get a kick out of them.

A trail rig so capable…Land Rover sent their guys over to get spy shots
A Trail Rig so Capable…it  makes the toughest trail looks like a paved highway
A trail rig so capable… not even a Jeep would understand.
A Trail Rig so Capable… Your Wife is going to absolutly hate it.
A trial rig so capable it makes Cambodia look like Kansas!
A trail rig so capable…you’ll need good hiking gear.
A trail rig so capable…. your friends won’t say you play with toys.
A trail rig so capable … Jay Leno has five!
A trail rig so capable…. it doesnt need you
A trail rig so capable…….your ex wife will want it in the divorce.
A trail rig so capable….it will make you think your a better driver then you actually are
A trail rig so capable…. it showed up on the gone in 60 seconds list.
A trail rig so capable…. who needs the buddy system?
A Trail Rig so Capable…it gives you wings, no bull
A Trail Rig so Capable…It will seem the Earth really *is* Flat.
A Trail Rig so Capable…You’ll go the long way round
A Trail Rig So Capable… It Can Climb Mount Everest With One Wheel Tied Behind Its Tailgate
A Trail Rig so Capable…it’s the best thing that happened to man…next to hot women and DIG…but mostly DIG!
A trail rig so capable….trails?  it don’t need no stinkin’ trails
A trail rig so capable…  your only real challenge will be finding a challenge!
A trail rig so capable….. I was spotted on Mars winching out the Sojourner.
A trail rig so capable…. Even Richard Simmons could drive one!
A trail rig so capable…. it beats, uh whats that other companys name???
A trail rig so capable….Your hands will have something else to love
A trail rig so capable…. we had to put lights on it for when you can’t see the trail.
A trail rig so capable… YOU will be it’s only limitation!
A trail rig so capable you’ll be saying “hold my beer watch this
A Trail Rig So Capable… It’s like killing Unicorns with a bomb.
A trail rig so capable….there’s no competition to follow it. (the competition will have a hard time following it)
A trail rig so capable…all your friends wished they had small ones too.
A Trial Rig so Capable…it will crawl over a dead hookers ass!!!
A Trail Rig so Capable…it’s no longer a Jeep thing
A trail rig so capable… Columbus could have discovered a lot more then America with it.
A Trail Rig so Capable…All the chicks will want you to sign their boobs.
A Trail Rig so Capable…NASA wants to use it to explore Uranus
A Trail Rig so Capable…Spiders hate us”
A trail rig so capable…GPS required.
A trail rig so capable……Drive, Conquer, Rinse, Repeat…Any questions?
A trail rig so capable it turns mountains into mole hills.
A trail rig so capable, it makes Chuck Norris feel useless.
A trail rig so capable… Columbus could have discovered a lot more then America with it.
A trail rig so capable… Dora the Explorer may end up buying one
A Trail Rig So Capable It Will Never Need A Government Bail Out.
A Trail Rig So Capable…Rocks will turn to sand, puddles will dry up, roots will break, and other rigs will scurry away with their tails between their tires!
A trail rig so capable…the Sierra Club will protest outside your home!”
A Trail Rig so Capable… it was fired from a job at the Department of Transportation for making it’s manager look bad.
A Trail Rig so Capable… it’s driven to Atlantis and back …. Twice”
A trail rig so capable…. you would leave your mothers basement to drive it.
A Trail Rig So Capable….You’re Going to Need Bigger Rocks
A trail rig so capable…..5 out of 5 doctors recommend it.
A Trail Rig so Capable…it’s the best thing that happened to man…next to hot women and DIG…but mostly DIG!
A trail rig so capable…it should come with boots
A Trail Rig so Capable…The competition will drop their lug nuts

Somehow this submission just appeared in our inbox, but it isn’t a valid entry:  A trail rig so capable, “been there, done that” isn’t just about your girlfriend.

There’s (a lot) more…… stay tuned!

SCX10 Tagline Mini-Contest – A Trail Rig So Capable….

We all know how capable the SCX10 is, but who better to tell us how capable it is other than you. So far the marketing department has only come up with these sub-par “War Admiral” 2nd rate taglines. (*who’s War Admiral? that was the runner-up to Seabiscuit in the famous match race on November 1st, 1938. See!, nobody remembers 2nd rate/place).

  1. “A trail rig so capable…. your mama can drive it” – we opted not to do this one because we know how some of you can be very sensitive about your moms.
  2. “A trail rig so capable…. bigfoot has nothing on it” – just plain weak.
  3. “A trail rig so capable… *********” – we just wisely opted to automatically censor ourselves because it wasn’t politically correct and it was fairly offensive.
  4. “A trail rig so capable… there’s no need for roadside assistance ” – roadside assistance is relevant for 1:1, but not necessarily for R/C.
  5. “A trail rig so capable… it beats having legs”. Yea, not good.
  6. “A trail rig so capable… you’ll feel incapable compared to it” – this one doesn’t work when you slam yourself.

You’re probably asking why can’t you go with a totally new phrase? Well, we can’t make it that easy. Besides we did try out a couple other taglines such as:

  1. “hot chicks love guys and their trail rigs….. just don’t let your wife know that” – we know that not all of you are married, and we know that an open and honest relationship is what everybody should be striving for.


So here’s the rules because there are always rules:

  1. You must supply: name, address, contact info and your 3 taglines. Failure to provide all the necessary information will result in disqualification.
  2. Only one entry per person, but you are allowed up to 3 taglines.
  3. “In the order it was received”. If we were to receive the same winning entry, we’ll take whoever submitted the winning entry first.
  4. Submissions with more than 3 taglines submitted will be automatically disqualified.
  5. Failure to utilize the initial phrase “A Trail Rig so Capable…” will also be automatically disqualified.
  6. “Keep it Clean”. Qualifying taglines must be tasteful and not obscene or offensive.
  7. All winning submissions become the property of Axial, and may be potentially used in marketing materials.
  8. Yes, this is open to everybody around the world although the submission must be in english.
  9. Axial reserves the right to modify these Contest Rules at any time.


  1. The funnier or catchier the tagline, the better!
  2. Keep it relevant. Deviating from “a trail rig so capable” will lessen your chances of winning. Such as “A trail rig so capable…. it’s like the MP40 in Call of Duty 5 with double-tap!”.
  3. Keep it current and don’t get too niche such as “A trail rig so capable…. it beats having a sherpa”. Unfortunately not everybody knows what a “sherpa” is. FYI :


Now onto the best part. The prizes!

  1. 1st place: SCX10 TR (AX90012) – PRICE $550
  2. 2nd place: SCX10 Kit (AX90007) – PRICE $450
  3. 3rd place: *Dingo Body (AX4010) - PRICE $60 *Winner subject to product availability. Product may not be available at the time of the announcement although the winner will receive the first available shipment.


The deadline is September 18th (Friday), 2009. Winners will be announced September 21st (Monday), 2009. The winners will be posted here on the Axial blog, and depending on how many entries we receive we may have a people’s choice poll.


Please submit all entries to: THE CONTEST IS OVER. You must include: name, address, and contact info: email address and/or phone number.  Please do not submit more than once.