Axialfest 2018 Concours

Each and every year, some of the best RC builders converge at Axialfest to put their work on display for Axial fans to see and judges to notice in the Concours event. Year after year, more and more spectacular builds line the miniature walls of the Cisco Grove pavilion while bystanders look on as judges stroll pass the presented vehicles looking for machines that really stand out from the rest. Like previous years, the vehicles on display were all amazing displays of passion for the hobby and representation of some skilled detailers. Two new kids classes were introduced into the mix and were supported with some creative builds for their age brackets. All of those who put their custom built Axial based machines into concours deserve recognition for a job well done, but in the end only three were pulled for awards in each class. Check out some concourse scenes from Axialfest 2018 and the top three machines for each category.

Axialfest 2018 Concours12 Axialfest 2018 Concours1 Axialfest 2018 Concours2 Axialfest 2018 Concours3 Axialfest 2018 Concours4 Axialfest 2018 Concours7 Axialfest 2018 Concours5

Axialfest 2018 Concours13
Daily driver
1. Alec Va DenBrink – Liberty
2. Joe Zuniga – Hilux
3. Elio Dianda – Brute

Axialfest 2018 Concours18
1. Corey Hall – Goat
2. Todd Norton – Military 6×6
3. Bree Eral – Beetle

Axialfest 2018 Concours6
Monster truck
1. Paul Russel Jr – White/Blue MT
2. Ben Thomas – Black Truck
3. Cancer sucks – Kye Steiner

Axialfest 2018 Concours17
1. Daniel Flores – Jeep Trailer
2. James Tomlinson – Forerunner
3. Judd Rummage – Amain Bike trailer

Axialfest 2018 Concours14
12 and under
1. Ina Eral – Unicorn
2. Sadie Silva – Dinosaur Wraith
3. Joe Zuniga – Blue Jeep

Axialfest 2018 Concours11
1. Jacob Simpson – 6×6 Flatbed
2. Dominic Reyes – Green Flatbed
3. Jensen LeBlanc – F350 SD

Axialfest 2018 Concours10
Best Theme
1. Bree Eral – Dragon 6×6
2. Devlin Shipley – Scooby Buggy:
3. Chris Harder – Radioactive FC

Axialfest 2018 Concours15
1. Ty Campbell – Dakar Truck
2. Matt Hauck – Wrangler/ Powerwagon
3. Chris Prestwood – SBC Power Wagon

Axialfest 2018 Concours9
1. Jay Jaffe – Silver Otterpops
2. Mike Thompson – Red Altra
3. Dean Farrington – Black/ Orange

Best Of Show
After the Judges had determined the Top 3 finishers for each class, the owners of the trucks were asked to come together and vote on a best of show. Sure each builder felt their rig was the best, but it was only a short time for them all to come together and agree who was best in show overall. In the end, Todd Norton with his Kraz 255 Converted Ukrainian Military clearly stood out from the rest from it’s detailed body, perfectly scale wood log haul and it’s patina for days.
Axialfest 2018 Concours16

Congratulations for all those who took home awards and thank you to all those who entered. Yet again another Axialfest Concourse event has wrapped up and builders continue to amaze with builds that show off passion for Axial adventure vehicles and beyond. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for AXIALFEST 2019!

AXIALFEST2018 – Concours Show & Shine

AXIALFEST2018 - Concours Show & Shine


Hello AXIALFEST2018 participants! Concours is now in its fifth official year and growing because of YOU! Because last year’s participants stepped up the game, AXIALFEST is responding back with additional classes!

10-classes within Concours Show & Shine for AXIALFEST2018

02: BEST CONCOURS D’RAISIN (do your homework!)
07: BEST 12 and Under Build
08: BEST 13-18yo Build
09: BEST Theme Inspired



There is only one rig in our fleet that can legally claim California Street Legal status, the Axial SCX10! And it must be 100% drivable! Heck, it has to be able to drive to the DMV! How are you going to get current registration on it if won’t drive in?

Judges will be looking for items such as these:
Head lights – check!
Tail lights – check!
Turn signals – check!
Mirrors – check!
Seat Belts – check!
Insurance Documents – check!
License plate – check!
Mudflaps – check!

Just so you know, in 2016, half of the class was eliminated on the first pass due to no license plate. The battle went toe-to-toe with the participants having all the boxes ticked, with the final winner walking away with it all because he had scale miniature insurance documents! It was a scale version of his actual DMV and insurance paperwork with matching VIN numbers!!! Yes, the competition was decided by a single miniature scale item!


Raisins raisins raisins… What is our fascination with rock raisined, tree-scraped sheet metal? Sounds like a proper trail rig to us! Bring your Trail-Mix bag of Trail Tested-Raisined out rig!

Yes we are talking about sun dried and rock fried… show us what beat down looks like! We know it’s your favorite ol’ trusty that you would drive off into the sunset any ol’ day! What happens when you push the limits and smash your rig into the rocks or get squeezed by those massive pine trees? Check those off too! But it has to be 100% drivable!
• Raisined body work – check!
• Weathered treatment – check!
• Red Solo cups for rear turn signals keeps you from getting pulled over!
Must be Axial based and recognizable Axial chassis; SCX10, Wraith, Yeti, Bomber, AX10


Plan as though you are going on a safari expedition and you want to be fully equipped and fully self-sufficient! Does Overland Journal or Expedition Portal sound familiar? Must be 100% street drivable because all adventures require tarmac transits. Must be Axial based and recognizable Axial chassis; SCX10, Wraith, Yeti, Bomber, AX10. Tagged, insured, highway legal and highway operable.
• Head lights – check!
• Tail lights – check!
• Turn signals – check!
• Mirrors – check!
• License plate – check!
• Seat Belts – check!
• Insurance Documents – check!

Vehicle Recovery Items:
• Front frame mounted recovery point or points are required
• Rear frame mounted recovery point or points are required
• Full size spare tire
• 1 working winch
• 1 pulley block rated for winch
• 1 tree strap
• 1 recovery strap

Vehicle Protection
• Front Bumper
• Sliders
• Rear Bumper

• Exterior Items:
• Roof Rack
• Snorkel
• Limb Risers
• Spare Tire Carrier

Personal Items on Rig:
• Camp Gear (A method to sleep; hammock, tent, RTT, swag-bag and or sleeping bag.
• Camp Kitchen (A method of sustaining yourself and your dependents).
• Water Container (A method of providing drinkable water to yourself and your dependents).
• Fuel Containers – For extra long distance travel


This year we’ve combined the Trailer classes, so we’re ready to see some crazy trailer action! Make it an adventure trailer, work trailer, hauler or even a full blown travel trailer – we want to see them all!

There will be, of course, bonus points for working items. Our judges love ‘workability’ and will take into account features like:
• Working internal and external lights, including turn signals
• License plate
• Ramps to load with
• Straps to tie load down with
• Working TVs or sound systems

The more scale items, the better chance you have of winning. Concours gets more and more crazy each year, so you’ll need to bring you A game if you want a chance to win!


Must be based from Axial SMT10 Chassis. Must use Axle type Gearbox and Lower Chassis plate. Replicate a team or make up your own team! Do something crazy!
• Interior
• Dash, Steering wheel, gauges etc., looking for detail!
• Seats & Seat Belts
• Driver figure
• Lights
• RII (look it up) (Rii)
• Motor
• Fuel tank
• Detailed Body
• Detailed Rims – Lug Nuts, Bead Locks, Planetary’s
• BKT Tires


Time to bring out all the rock racers and KoH style rigs – the RR10 Bomber class has arrived! Although you can get crazy with your builds, they must retain the stock Axial RR10 Bomber lower chassis plate. MORE RULES HERE


The 12 and Under class was designed to get the kids involved in some creative building. Let them loose to design and create their own personal trail rigs complete with crazy paint, lights and lots of scale details. These kids are the future of the hobby, so it’s time to let their creativity shine!

Parents: Please let the kids do their thing. We know it will be easy to ‘help’ them build a killer rig, but we want this class to reflect their style and their vision. We’re not looking for perfection, we’re looking for hard work and their proud faces!


The 13-18YO Builder class is similar to the 12 and Under, but with young adults that have a bit more experience in building and driving (maybe!). Same rules apply – let the kids have their time!


Creativity at its best – build your rig based on this year’s theme – Expedition Through the Unknown! Show us what this means to you by building an apocalyptic trailer, a truck for chasing Jurassic creatures or some other build that’s out of this world! This is going to be one of the hardest classes to judge, but one of the best classes to witness!


The overall winner will be picked by the top three winners of each of the 9-categories. Yes, that’s 27 judges! The winner of this class will definitely earn this year’s trophy for Best in Show!

Todd Pearson’s 2017 Axialfest Best Of Show Doxy WWII Wrecker


There are so many things to look forward to at Axialfest, but if you are a modeler at heart, concours is the day during this event you look forward to the most. The pavilion of Cisco Grove campground transforms into a modelers truck show. Modelers line up before being told to at the gate, with rigs in hand and an eye over their shoulder to see who built what. Lanes are set up and modelers place their prized rigs into a lane that matches up with the class they’ve built their rig for.  It’s a bit of a chaotic time, vehicles and owners are flooding in, cell phones are drawn, snapping photos, panning with video and instantly uploading to social media.

As the lanes fill up, judges start making their rounds and the chatter starts to begin between the participants and enthusiastic onlookers. “Whoa, look at that! Did you see that truck over there? That rig is insane! How did he make that?” These are all statements heard in the crowd and then it gets to; “the one.” The one most of the crowd saw, the one that stands out from the rest. If my mind serves me correct, it was less than an hour of concours being opened that several people had asked me if I saw the military wrecker? That military wrecker belonged to Todd Pearson and after staring at the machine in amazement I had to know more about it. Fast-forward to the end of concours, Todd and his military wrecker had deservedly taken home the 2017 Best of Show award. Now we all needed to know more about it! We were able to catch up with Todd and get all the details about his amazing build along with some close up photography.

Concourse Winner12


Concourse Winner07
Name: Todd Pearson
Age: 47
Hometown: Chico, CA
Profession: Self Employed
Outside RC Hobbies: Rockhounding and Making Jewelry


Concourse Winner03
When did you start in RC? 1980
What was your first RC vehicle? A Tamiya Tank and then a Tamiya Fast Attack!
What are your main RC interests (building, racing…?) I love anything RC related, I flew my first plane at age 8 and still fly today. I started racing RC cars in the late 80’s and still enjoy it on a weekly basis. I can fly helicopters and quads and of course I love rock crawling.
How much time a week do you spend on RC? My wife who I love dearly says I spend way too much time on RC!


Concourse Winner01

The name for your build? DOXY
What vehicle is your rig modeled after? Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck, with Chevrolet C15A 4×4 Crane (field adaptation.)
How much research went into the build? A Ton!
What is the frame/ did you start with a kit? This project started with a set of SCX10 frame rails. No modifications were made to the chassis
What drivline did you use? SSD
What axles did you use? SSD with all Axial internals



Concourse Winner22

What did the body start off as? Tamiya Wrangler
What materials were used to modify it? The cab was cut down 6-inches then I added styrene fenders and side steps. The front and rear windows and the interior were all custom scratch-built from styrene.
How long did the body take to complete? I can’t really guage time. I gave myself a year to complete this truck and enter it at Axialfest concourse.
Additional body modifications: The bed is real wood and the crane cage is steel. The crane is manually extendable for more boom reach. The winch works from the radio and is custom built; complete with scale chain.


Concourse Winner18

Tell us more about the external accessories, lighting and other hidden features? For lighting, I custom built the head and tail lights. The work light operates by a hidden switch. In the cab I used an SBC Toolbox and Ammo Can. I also had a scale topo-map of Cisco Grove and a Scale CMP Manual. On the outside of the truck I added scale rope, made a scale tow log, added a full size spare tire, Jerry cans, welding tanks and hoses and the fuel tank. The fuel tank is actually active and is what holds the variable speed smoke system.

Concourse Winner19

Concourse Winner20

Concourse Winner21


Concourse Winner04

Radio System: KO PROPO with two receivers. One for driving and one for the smoke system.
Motor: Axial 27T
ESC: Axial
Servo: Protek 100T
Battery: ECO Power

The big list of stuff…
SCX10 frame rails
SCX10 II transmission
Ebay transfer case
SSD Driveline
SSD D60 axles with Axial internals
Protek RC 100T servo
Two speed controls (one for driving and one for the smoke system)
Metal stamped beadlock wheels
RC4WD Mud Plugger tires
Full-size spare tire
Custom hand-made winch (chain driven)
Custom wood bed
Custom metal crane cage with extendable boom
Custom Wood tow log
Custom metal bumpers front and rear
Custom working smoke system (in the gas tank)
Custom lighting
Tamiya Wrangler cab (cut down 6in.)
Custom interior
Scale By Chris accessories

Concourse Winner10

Give us a brief overview of driving the truck. Are you nervous when driving? What trails did you run on at Axialfest? Doxy never really made it out for any serious trail runs. We just kinda goofed off around the pavilion. On friday I left Doxy at my sponsors booth and let everyone get a good look at the truck.

Todd: Axialfest 2017, WOW what an awesome event this year! So much fun with family and friends. Last year I decided that I was going to build a tow truck for this year’s event and enter the concourse.

The idea for this truck was just to build something different and badass! I was never expecting to be rewarded for all the hard work and effort. The competition at Axialfest in all concours classes is incredible with some really crazy talented builders.

After all the judging, Doxy was chosen to be best of her class for 2017. I’m speechless and extremely honored to be able to win this award on my first attempt. Then even more incredible to be voted Best Of Show by all of the other class winners. What? Really! I’m so truly honored to be recognized for the time and effort. Thank you fellow builders and judges!

Is this a shelf queen? Will you continue to drive it? Doxy will be out on some trails but most of the time she will be next to her trophy!

Concourse Winner14

Will the truck stay as is, or will it continue to evolve? I’m done with this build and moving on to my 2018 secret project. Huge thanks to my family for supporting me on this project. And everyone else that was a part of the project.

Proteck RC
ECO Power
Corey Koehler
Brad Juanarena
Shaun Klobas
Scale By Chris

We’d like to thank Todd for taking the time to give us all of the details about Doxy and congratulate him for taking home the Best In Class and Best Of Show award at Axialfest 2017. We hope this story on Todd’s quest to build an amazing tow truck inspires you to build the truck of your dreams too. We suggest starting right now and we’ll see you in the concours lanes at Axialfest 2018!