SCX10 Tagline Mini-Contest – A Trail Rig So Capable….

We all know how capable the SCX10 is, but who better to tell us how capable it is other than you. So far the marketing department has only come up with these sub-par “War Admiral” 2nd rate taglines. (*who’s War Admiral? that was the runner-up to Seabiscuit in the famous match race on November 1st, 1938. See!, nobody remembers 2nd rate/place).

  1. “A trail rig so capable…. your mama can drive it” – we opted not to do this one because we know how some of you can be very sensitive about your moms.
  2. “A trail rig so capable…. bigfoot has nothing on it” – just plain weak.
  3. “A trail rig so capable… *********” – we just wisely opted to automatically censor ourselves because it wasn’t politically correct and it was fairly offensive.
  4. “A trail rig so capable… there’s no need for roadside assistance ” – roadside assistance is relevant for 1:1, but not necessarily for R/C.
  5. “A trail rig so capable… it beats having legs”. Yea, not good.
  6. “A trail rig so capable… you’ll feel incapable compared to it” – this one doesn’t work when you slam yourself.

You’re probably asking why can’t you go with a totally new phrase? Well, we can’t make it that easy. Besides we did try out a couple other taglines such as:

  1. “hot chicks love guys and their trail rigs….. just don’t let your wife know that” – we know that not all of you are married, and we know that an open and honest relationship is what everybody should be striving for.


So here’s the rules because there are always rules:

  1. You must supply: name, address, contact info and your 3 taglines. Failure to provide all the necessary information will result in disqualification.
  2. Only one entry per person, but you are allowed up to 3 taglines.
  3. “In the order it was received”. If we were to receive the same winning entry, we’ll take whoever submitted the winning entry first.
  4. Submissions with more than 3 taglines submitted will be automatically disqualified.
  5. Failure to utilize the initial phrase “A Trail Rig so Capable…” will also be automatically disqualified.
  6. “Keep it Clean”. Qualifying taglines must be tasteful and not obscene or offensive.
  7. All winning submissions become the property of Axial, and may be potentially used in marketing materials.
  8. Yes, this is open to everybody around the world although the submission must be in english.
  9. Axial reserves the right to modify these Contest Rules at any time.


  1. The funnier or catchier the tagline, the better!
  2. Keep it relevant. Deviating from “a trail rig so capable” will lessen your chances of winning. Such as “A trail rig so capable…. it’s like the MP40 in Call of Duty 5 with double-tap!”.
  3. Keep it current and don’t get too niche such as “A trail rig so capable…. it beats having a sherpa”. Unfortunately not everybody knows what a “sherpa” is. FYI :


Now onto the best part. The prizes!

  1. 1st place: SCX10 TR (AX90012) – PRICE $550
  2. 2nd place: SCX10 Kit (AX90007) – PRICE $450
  3. 3rd place: *Dingo Body (AX4010) - PRICE $60 *Winner subject to product availability. Product may not be available at the time of the announcement although the winner will receive the first available shipment.


The deadline is September 18th (Friday), 2009. Winners will be announced September 21st (Monday), 2009. The winners will be posted here on the Axial blog, and depending on how many entries we receive we may have a people’s choice poll.


Please submit all entries to: THE CONTEST IS OVER. You must include: name, address, and contact info: email address and/or phone number.  Please do not submit more than once.