Birth of the EXO Terra Buggy

The Wraith™ gave Axial it’s first taste of speed, and while speed was not the total pursuit principle of the Wraith, we still sought after more.
Axial Wraith; Telling of the EXO Terra Buggy Story

Axial’s R&D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look at the off-road desert scene before starting the EXO Terra Buggy project.
Desert Trip Nov 2011
ICON Vehicle Dynamics
ICON Vehicle Dynamics
ICON Vehicle Dynamics
The design conclusion was, that if money was no object then we wanted the best of best and best of each type of desert rig. Plain and simple, trophy trucks are cool! But a Class-1 buggy is more practical and would easily allow a design to consist of four-seats much like a fun sand car. You could simply say it is a four seater sand car, but we all know that sand cars do not work in the desert and while a full-size 1:1 with 4WD is crazy expensive, this is our dream and we wanted our dream rig to be 4X4! Yes, we know the EXO does not exsist in the 1:1 world, and that is exactly what we intended – TO DREAM! Just not to the moon.

Axial worked directly with Hankook for tire development:
Axial version Hankook Dynapro A/T
Paul Jho of Hankook checks out the Axial Version Hankook Dynapro M/T
Paul Jho of Hankook checks out the Axial R/C version of Hankook Dynapro M/T.

Four Wheeler April 2011
Hankook? Off-Road? Did anyone read the April 2011 issue of FOURWHEELER magazine? The Hankook Dynapro MT was crowned FIRST PLACE in the Ten-Way Tough-Tread Shootout!

Matt Kearney of Axial Inc
Matt Kearney, Head Of Research And Development at Axial Inc. Many of you know him simply as “AXIAL” on the RCC-network. His desk is never this messy, I just fixed it up like this so you can treasure hunt for hidden items…

Brandon Coonce of Axial Racing
Brandon Coonce, R&D Product Designer at Axial Inc. He is the Lead Designer for the EXO Terra Buggy project; has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of the Pacific. I think there is a running joke that he is “son of Badger” on I need to investigate that story more, but without a doubt, Brandon is super talented and very nice too! He also lead the design team on the XR10.

Jamie Seymour of Axial Inc
Jamie Seymour R&D Product Designer at Axial Inc. Jamie was the Body Designer for the EXO project – he has a Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design from world renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. From pencil to pixels, then add in some drums as Jamie is our resident band member.

Axial Meeting
The Axial team made several decisions even down to the body details as we wanted to create something that look as modern if not more so than anything already existing in the full-size market. We think our man Jamie created what has to been the coolest looking body we have seen in some time! Any full-size companies looking to us for inspiration would be an honor!
AXIAL EXO Concept Drawing by Jamie Seymour

Axial has a mixed and varied passion for rocks. Previously we have only shown you how we like climbing on them… But we also like spitting them too!
Axial EXO Terra Buggy Rock Splash
And we try to creatively capture and show things as well, such as with this image. Yes, we takes lots of pictures and we like to tease you with images from our testing sessions.

Axial EXO Terra Buggy AX90015
The product has been blessed by a Baja Champion.

Axial EXO Terra Buggy AX90015
Rory Ward of Racers Only: cartoonist, communicator and “historian” for the off road community, has given his blessing to the EXO™. He even knocked out this little drawing for us! Who the hell is Rory Ward of Racers Only? Check this out:

Hundreds of hours of research and development in new directions for Axial resulting in what is called the EXO™ Terra Buggy.
Axial EXO Terra Buggy AX90015
The result of all this passion, time and creativity have resulted into a new tool for the “toolbox” as we’ve expanded our arsenal.

Axial – Bringing Dreams To Reality Faster!™

Check out the product page:
AX90015 Axial EXO™ – 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Terra Buggy – Kit

The Official Axial EXO Terra Buggy Video


First Place Brian Lorenz, Second Place Brad Dumont, Third Place Don French

AWCC FINALS 2011 2.2 PRO COMP CHAMPIONS Brian Lorenz, Brad Dumont, Don French
First Place [center] Brian “BURBO” Lorenz
Second Place [right] Brad “Bender” Dumont
Third Place [left] Don French

First Place Spencer French, Second Place Chris McMullin, Third Place Mike Boling

AWCC FINALS 2011 2.2 SPORT COMP CHAMPIONS Spencer French, Chris McMullin, Mike Boling
First Place [center] Spencer French
Second Place [right] Chris McMullin
Third Place [left] Mike Boling

Axial SCX10 Recon G6 Challenge 1.9 Scale Winners:
First Place Thom Kowatch, Second Place John Ripplinger, Third Place Andy Berryman

Axial SCX10 Recon G6 Challenge Winners: Thom Kowatch, John Ripplinger, Andy Berryman
First Place [center] Thom Kowatch
Second Place [right] John Ripplinger
Third Place [left] Andy Berryman

Axial SCX10 Recon G6 Challenge 2.2 Scale Winners:
First Place Justin Halbohm, Second Place Brandon Coonce, Third Place Wesley Klein

Axial SCX10 Recon G6 Challenge 2.2 Scale Winners: Justin Halbohm, Brandon Coonce, Wesley Klein
First Place [right] Justin “J-FAB” Halbohm
Second Place [center] Brandon Coonce not present [Brian Parker standing in]
Third Place [left] Wesley “Sloyota” Klein

AXIAL West Coast Championships – OFFICIAL JUDGES TEAM
AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA JUDGES TEAM
These guys are all winners in our book!

Ryan Gerrish recipient of the G-Degree Award at Axial SCX10 Recon G6 Scale Challenge

The G-Degree Award is given to the challenger who received some bad luck while out on trail from the adventure gods as they make us walk back with our rigs in a critically non-operational state. Our buddy Ryan gets a little life-support from Brian Parker, the AWCC 2011 Master of Ceremonies.

Brian “BURBO” Lorenz of the Backyard Boyz came to Cisco Grove and laid down rubber to rock and took home the metal.

How the West was won…. Axial XR10 in the hands of Brian “BURBO” Lorenz