Vanquish – Currie Rock Jock Axle Install – Wraith

As some of you may have seen, I recently wrote an article about swapping stock SCX10 housings out for the aluminum Currie Rock Jock axle housings from Vanquish Products. Vanquish has now taken these axle housings a step further by offering them for the Wraith as well. The assembly on these axles is very similar to the SCX10 version, which is fairly simple. The two biggest differences between the axles is the SCX10 ring and pinion assembly is centered on the axle, and the axle tubes are equal lengths. The Wraith version has the offset ring and pinion assembly with one short axle tube and one long.

I came back from lunch a few days ago to find that the “Vanquish Fairy” had left some parts on my desk for me. One quick look and I knew exactly what was in the package. Time to install some bling on my custom Wroncho build. Let’s get busy!

A shot of the front and rear axles.

I started with the rear axle, here you can see all the parts are sealed in separate bags to prevent damage during shipping.

Once you have your old axles torn down, grab the pinion gear and the two bearings used to support it.

Install a bearing on the pinion shaft and press it into the axle housing by hand.

Now set your ring gear assembly into place.

Use the supplied M3 hardware to secure the bearing caps that hold the ring gear assembly.

Time for the axle tubes. Here you can see the parts and tools required. A set of snap ring pliers are needed for this step.

Insert a 5x11mm bearing into the end of the axle tube, and install the snap ring to hold it in place.

Slide the axle shafts into place next.

Then install the drive pins and hexes.

Completed axle tubes ready for install.

Now insert the long axle tube into the axle housing opposite the ring gear.

Add a dab of blue thread lock to the M3 set screw.

Install the M3 set screw into the axle housing to locate the tube. Then do the same for the short side axle tube.

Now install the axle truss per the instructions to properly time the whole assembly.

Now install your four M3 set screws that secure the axle tubes to the center section. Don’t forget to add a dab of thread lock to these as well.

Now remove the axle truss so you can install the differential cover.

Add a little grease to the ring and pinion gears before installing the diff cover.

This is also a good time to fill the unused holes in the axle tubes with the provided set screws in the axle kit. Add a little thread lock to each one so they stay in place. Make sure you leave the holes needed to secure the axle truss empty as well.

Now install the diff cover using the supplied hardware.

Re-install the axle truss using thread lock per the instructions.

Install the link mounts.

Last but not least, install the differential skid plate.

Now we will move on to the front axle.

Dissect your front axle and set the parts you will reuse aside.

Grab the front axle’s center section and the rest of the parts required to complete this step.

Slide the pinion gear and bearings into the center section.

Drop the ring gear assembly in the housing and install the bearing caps with the supplied hardware.

Locate your axle tubes and the required set screws.

Insert the axle tubes into the housing’s center section and install the M3 set screws to locate the tubes.

Temporarily install the axle truss.

Add a little thread lock to the set screws used to tie the tubes to the center section.

Install the set screws to lock the axle tubes into place.

Remove the axle truss, grease the gears and install the differential cover.

Install the supplied set screws into the unused holes on the axle tubes.

Now you can used thread lock and install the axle truss permanently.

Bolt the link mounts into place on the axle.

Install the plastic skid plate on the axle’s center section.

Slide a 5x11mm bearing into the ends of the axle tubes.

I am using the Vanquish chassis mounted steering kit on this build, so I installed the 3 link mount on the axle tube at this time.

Install the inner axles, c-hubs, knuckles, steering tie rod and you are done.

That wraps up the Vanquish Rock Jock axle swap for the AR60 axles. For those that missed the SCX10 axle housing swap, here is a link to that article.