Horizon Hobby – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Horizon Hobby has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST 2018!

Horizon Hobby is an international developer, marketer and distributor of radio control (RC) hobby products such as Axial Racing, Team Losi Racing, Losi, ECX, Spektrum, Arrma RC and also specializes in model trains and a wide range of educational, toy and other hobby products.

In addition to providing customers with the highest standards of product expertise and customer service, Horizon Hobby haa established lasting relationships with retailers by being exceedingly attentive to their needs. These factors, along with a high level of integrity, have helped Horizon earn a trusted reputation throughout the industry.

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REEF’S RC – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial R/C Inc. is pleased to announce REEF’S RC as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

The owner of REEF’S RC started the business to help out his fellow RC friends that wanted to keep up with the big spenders and the big name servos. He had the means to make this happen, and did. REEF’S RC made a few servos for his friends to try and have fun with…then boom…the word spread, and REEF’S RC came to be. REEF’S RC stays down to earth, and cares about this hobby and the people behind it. Not only does he love the RC Cars & Trucks, the building, the ingenuity, the fun, but most importantly…the friends and people in this hobby. With REEF’S RC in Italy, China and the US there was opportinity to make something great. Engineering gears in Italy, sending them to China to be installed into a GENERIC Casing (To Save People Money), then send them to the US to be packaged, labeled, and shipped to be enjoyed. This vision is now, and will only get stronger as the servo game is simplified  for all.

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CBE – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2018

Axial is pleased to announce CBE RC Fabrication as an officially approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2018! This allows customers of CBE to run their SCX10 I / II aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2018

Crude But Effective RC FABrication specializes in innovations for your RC. Based on the principle that taking the time to build your vehicle from the chassis up is a great experience for all. Our products are economical and easy to use for everyone from the beginning builder to the more seasoned hobbyists. Our collection of tabs and brackets assist with simple fixes to link and shock geometry. Now get out there and build something!

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Holmes Hobbies – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial R/C Inc. is pleased to announce Holmes Hobbies as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

Holmes Hobbies LLC was founded in 2005 by John Holmes with the goal of providing better electronics to the emerging sport of R/C crawling. Since then, the business has grown into a domestic designer, motor manufacturer, and international retailer and wholesaler. Besides their own products, Holmes Hobbies also distributes Castle Creations and Tekin Racing electronics. Holmes Hobbies focuses on both brushed and brushless systems for off-road use, emphasizing superb control and power for an unparalleled driving experience.

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Phoenix Design – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial R/C Inc. is pleased to announce Phoenix Design as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!


Phoenix Design offers custom LED light options for your scale off-road crawlers. LED Housings are offered in various sizes and can be custom mounted to most available rigs.


RCP CRAWLERS – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial R/C Inc. is pleased to announce RCP Crawlers as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

RCP CRAWLERS was founded on the basic principle: “THE STRONGER THE BETTER”
Since the dawn of crawling … RCP has been a world leader in crawler innovation.
From the steel lockers to the curved skidplate, from the Hustler chassis to the carbon fiber wheels, RCP Crawlers has been part of the crawler revolution. We believe each build is unique whether you’re building a scaler, competition rig or a rock racer, there’s always something that makes it your own. We work with the best vendors in the business so we can provide you with quality parts and accessories for all your building needs.
Not only are we a business committed to offering unsurpassed customer service and support, we also use and compete with the products we sell.


Rigid Industries – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial R/C Inc. is proud to announce that Rigid Industries LED Lighting is an official sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018!

In 2006, a young company by the name of Rigid Industries LED Lighting introduced the E-Series LED Light Bar; the first of its kind in the LED lighting industry. Since then, Rigid Industries has led the forward projecting LED lighting industry in light output and efficiency. Their patented Hybrid and Specter optics systems effectively control the beam of light emitted by the LED which translates to more light where you want it with very little wasted spill light.

While Rigid Industries started as an off-road lighting company, they currently produce lighting for off-road, powersports, agriculture, marine, mining / construction, and police and fire rescue industries. They take pride in the fact that their LED lighting products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, not only to help build the local economy, but also to remain hands-on to ensure the high level of quality that you’ve come to expect from Rigid Industries LED Lighting.

Their design and engineering teams are constantly developing new and innovative products using the latest in LED technology.

Visit them at: www.rigidindustries.com/ • facebook.com/RigidIndustries

GSPEED-LcG Chassis – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2018


Axial is pleased to announce GSPEED-LcG Chassis as an officially approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2018! This allows customers of GSPEED-LcG to run their SCX10 I / II aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2018

GSPEED-LcG Chassis offers custom 1/8″ thick G10 material or carbon steel chassis rails and skid plates that are designed to lower the center of gravity of your SCX10 or 10 II, while allowing more clearance for the up travel of your SCX10 or AR60 axles. They are a replacement for your stock SCX10 or 10 II RTR chassis rails or any other aftermarket SCX10 chassis rails.


Coyote Hobbies Raceway – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Coyote Hobbies Raceway is an official sponsor of AXIALFEST2018!

Coyote Hobbies Raceway is a family owned and operated small business established in Dec 2010 and located in the city of Victorville Ca. Dave, Mona, Davey and their dog Wiley are at the shop daily. They are dedicated to having the best facility around and our philosophy is to always improve. Store and track were built to offer a great place that is family oriented, kid friendly and an extremely fun place for the community of the high desert in San Bernadino county. Now Coyote Hobbies Raceway are going national with thier website to offer all the great products they sell in our store.

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VANQUISH PRODUCTS – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial is pleased to announce VANQUISH PRODUCTS as a returning sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018! VANQUISH PRODUCTS is one of the longest standing supporters of AXIALFEST, since 2012. Even before AXIALFEST with our AWCC events as far back as 2008!

Vanquish Products, home the finest RC crawler and RC scaler parts and accessories. Our products are all designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped all under one roof at our factory in Sacramento, California. Our product line includes aftermarket parts for Axial based crawlers and scale trucks that we have a desire to raise the performance bar on.

Visit: www.vanquishproducts.com
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