RCP CRAWLERS – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial R/C Inc. is pleased to announce RCP Crawlers as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

RCP CRAWLERS was founded on the basic principle: “THE STRONGER THE BETTER”
Since the dawn of crawling … RCP has been a world leader in crawler innovation.
From the steel lockers to the curved skidplate, from the Hustler chassis to the carbon fiber wheels, RCP Crawlers has been part of the crawler revolution. We believe each build is unique whether you’re building a scaler, competition rig or a rock racer, there’s always something that makes it your own. We work with the best vendors in the business so we can provide you with quality parts and accessories for all your building needs.
Not only are we a business committed to offering unsurpassed customer service and support, we also use and compete with the products we sell.


Rigid Industries – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial R/C Inc. is proud to announce that Rigid Industries LED Lighting is an official sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018!

In 2006, a young company by the name of Rigid Industries LED Lighting introduced the E-Series LED Light Bar; the first of its kind in the LED lighting industry. Since then, Rigid Industries has led the forward projecting LED lighting industry in light output and efficiency. Their patented Hybrid and Specter optics systems effectively control the beam of light emitted by the LED which translates to more light where you want it with very little wasted spill light.

While Rigid Industries started as an off-road lighting company, they currently produce lighting for off-road, powersports, agriculture, marine, mining / construction, and police and fire rescue industries. They take pride in the fact that their LED lighting products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, not only to help build the local economy, but also to remain hands-on to ensure the high level of quality that you’ve come to expect from Rigid Industries LED Lighting.

Their design and engineering teams are constantly developing new and innovative products using the latest in LED technology.

Visit them at: www.rigidindustries.com/ • facebook.com/RigidIndustries

Coyote Hobbies Raceway – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Coyote Hobbies Raceway is an official sponsor of AXIALFEST2018!

Coyote Hobbies Raceway is a family owned and operated small business established in Dec 2010 and located in the city of Victorville Ca. Dave, Mona, Davey and their dog Wiley are at the shop daily. They are dedicated to having the best facility around and our philosophy is to always improve. Store and track were built to offer a great place that is family oriented, kid friendly and an extremely fun place for the community of the high desert in San Bernadino county. Now Coyote Hobbies Raceway are going national with thier website to offer all the great products they sell in our store.

VISIT: Coyote Hobbies Raceway
FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: Coyote Hobbies Raceway

VANQUISH PRODUCTS – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial is pleased to announce VANQUISH PRODUCTS as a returning sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018! VANQUISH PRODUCTS is one of the longest standing supporters of AXIALFEST, since 2012. Even before AXIALFEST with our AWCC events as far back as 2008!

Vanquish Products, home the finest RC crawler and RC scaler parts and accessories. Our products are all designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped all under one roof at our factory in Sacramento, California. Our product line includes aftermarket parts for Axial based crawlers and scale trucks that we have a desire to raise the performance bar on.

Visit: www.vanquishproducts.com
Connect: facebook.com/Vanquish-Products

DSPRO – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

DSPRO – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018
Axial RC Inc., is pleased to announce DSPRO as a returning and attending sponsor of AXIALFEST2018!

Dspro was founded in 2008, and was the first RC company to offer 3D printed accessories for crawlers. Over the last 2 years they’ve been ramping up production of crawler related product as well as offering various small scale manufacturing services, such as laser cutting, CNC routing, and CAD. Ryan hopes to have some exciting new bodies ready for the public by the end of the year, and to expand his website to feature a wider range of hobby-related items.

MIP – Official sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce MIP as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

Moore’s Ideal Products, LLC (MIP) has earned legendary status in the RC car community for consistently introducing innovative products with superior engineering over the 40 plus years that company founder and CEO, Eustace Moore, has operated the state of the art manufacturing facility in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The MIP team is invested in being a company that sets a high standard for every product they deliver, and that passion for being the best has resulted in achieving many awards and milestones as MIP’s products continue to dominate the market for competitive as well as sport enthusiasts.

The manufacturing equipment and techniques have grown and evolved to give MIP the capability to expand and grow far into the future. MIP leadership is dedicated to maintaining optimal levels of productivity while never sacrificing product quality. Our commitment to source all materials and make every product in the USA is unwavering, and this same commitment drives the engineering and production teams to collaborate together strategically with marketing, sales and promotions to ensure that products continue to be released that delight and meet the rigorous demands of our global customer base.

Our standard of being Smart, Fast and Accurate empowers every member of the MIP team to see their role in putting the highest quality “itty bitty parts” and tools into our customers hands. Customers have always been our Number One priority and we promise to keep dreaming up and delivering badass products. Watch us GROW!

Visit: MIP
Facebook: MIP Online

Zotti’s Bagz – Official Sponsor of Axialfest 2018

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Zotti’s Bagz as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

Zotti’s Bagz came about through family. Owner Jan Zotti’s son Robert and granddaughter Rachel asked her to make a sleeping bag for their crawlers. It began with a small piece of fabric, hand sewn, then a zipper, padding, and even straps to roll up and carry on their crawlers. From then Zotti’s Bagz have grown and continue to add more scale items for the RC enthusiasts looking for realism. Zotti’s Bagz offers custom hand sewn items like sleeping bagz, custom canopies, rc tool bags, tire covers and more

Visit: Zotti’s Bagz

Toyzuki’s Fabrication – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2018

Axial is pleased to announce Toyzuki’s Fabrication as an approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2018! This allows customers of Toyzuki’s Fabrication to run their SCX10 aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2018.

Since 2014, Toyzuki’s Fabrication is a family owned and operated, garage based business that strives for excellence. Our focus has been on bringing your SCX10 to the most competitive level it could possibly be, with chassis, motor mounts, transfer cases, skids, and chassis mounted servo. Not only focusing on the center of gravity, break over angle, and suspension geometry, but taking it further than the rest to give you scale points by the SORRCA rules.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/ToyZukisFabrication/

RPP HOBBY – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that RPP Hobby is returning for the seventh year as a sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018! RPP Hobby is the official hobby shop of AXIALFEST 2018 with a large retail booth on-site at Cisco Grove Campground for all your on-site Axial needs and wants.

RPP Hobby is locally owned and founded by Nor Cal native Corey Bauman who started selling custom painted scale trucks and crawler bodies online in the late 1990′s. Bauman’s hobby grew into a full retail business when he opened his shop in 2004. The RPP Hobby goal is to offer customers the best possible service, at a great price, with expedient order processing and shipping.

Visit them at:

SCALERFAB – Official sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce ScalerFab as an official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2018!

ScalerFab is a family-owned and operated business currently based out of the Denver, Colorado area. Managed by husband and wife duo, Troy & Casey Loftus, ScalerFab offers quality, performance-engineered steel 1/10 Scale R/C Trail Armor & Accessories that are made right here in the USA.

The ability to customize the trail armor to your needs is what sets us apart from the rest of the companies in this hobby. You can choose from a selection of hundreds of products with thousands of different combinations. Even better, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can build a custom order!

More info: scalerfab.com
Follow them: https://www.facebook.com/scalerfab