Axialfest 2013 – The Recap!


Photos by Tristan

Axialfest 2013! Where do I start? Hundreds of night stage gates? Beautiful trail runs through the vast Tahoe wilderness? Backyard racing on an epic handcrafted track? Scalers floating downstream on homemade watercraft? A weekend of camping alongside 200+ fellow R/C enthusiasts? Mud pits that would make your mom cringe? My head’s still spinning a month later! Let’s back-up a little, one year to be exact!

I attended Axialfest in 2012, and had a blast. I got more drive time in on that one 3 day weekend, then all of the previous year combined……………….seriously! I entered so many classes I could hardly keep my batteries charged in time for the next event / class! On top of running the numerous classes that were available, I was there to document the event for Axial. So, it was an extremely busy weekend for me.

Fast forward one year to Axialfest 2013. I decided this year I was going to only enter one class for the Terra Cross races and the rest of the weekend would be utilized shooting photos and video of the whole Axialfest experience, as well as interacting with event attendees. This would allow me to to take in the event’s ambiance a little more than the previous year. While I did miss the R/C side of it a little this year, I had a lot more time to document the event.

Friday got started with the UTAC event and Rock Riot, and the momentum never let up the rest of the weekend. Here’s a quick run down of the weekend!

UTAC competitors line up for the start.


A lone competitor running the Rock Riot class.

Friday night was the first big stage for the G6 event. Drivers started out just before sunset, and were on course well into the night. It was crazy to sit at G-Central headquarters and watch all the lights in the woods flicker around you as competitors navigated the courses. Max Gremillion from Pull-Pal and Brian Parker pose for the camera before the night stage gets started.

There was plenty of water and mud to be had on the Friday night stage.

Saturday was going to be the busiest day by far with events starting out first thing in the morning, and carrying well into the night. Driver’s were gathering at the rally style start box early in the morning preparing for the day’s events.

The highlight for Saturday was the creek challenge. Competitors that wanted to participate had to fab a boat / float for their rigs. Once they reached a certain gate marker on course, they had to load their vehicles onto their boat / float and send it down stream. Some competitors built basic floats that went where the stream’s current took them. Others got crafty and had powered boats that were either driven by their own motor, or the wheels of the scaler being carried. It was an interesting spot to sit and spectate from for sure!

If your float needed some guidance to get downstream resident creek monitor Cole Bailey would help coax your set-up in the right direction.

An example of a very basic, but extremely effective float. This guys navigated his home made float down stream like a champ!

More action!



A couple shots from Saturday night’s stage.

Good lights are a definite must for the night stages, some gates can be tough to find in the pitch black of the mountain forest!

A bad jerky commercial? No, it’s just Charlie from Novak and his new found friend. Pretty sure this will show up on both their FB pages!

The prize giveaway was held on Saturday night after the night stage. Tons of goodies up for grabs from Axial and the Axialfest sponsors!



Sunday morning got started with the RTX races. RTX is short for Recon Terra Cross, which is best defined as backyard racing at its finest! EXO RTX!

Hybrid / Wrexo RTX!

1.9 RTX!

2.2 RTX!

And the RTX mud pit which never disappoints!

That wraps up our coverage of Axialfest 2013! Every year this event keeps getting bigger, we had 160+ competitors this year which was awesome to see! Axial would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s event from the sponsors, to the volunteers, to the event attendees, everyone! We want to see 200+ entries next year, so spread the word and keep the month of June 2014 open!

AXIALFEST 2013 – Online Registration Prizes

It is officially time to register for AXIALFEST 2013! In an effort to get you to register on-line we are offering some incentive prizes for this “highly recommended” task as Brain Parker of RECON Crawlers would say. EVERYONE WILL GET AN ENTRY PRIZE IF THEY SIGN UP ON-LINE!!! This is an effort to help Brian Parker and the RECON G6 Crew with the theme “More Drive Time & Less Line Time.” If you attended AXIALFEST last year you already saw the tremendous amount of drive time so we are looking to help streamline the process.

Some of the prizes are newer products from Axial, and some are older, harder to find Axial product because some of these prizes have been discontinued. This is just a sample of the goods that will be given away this year. Let’s take a look and see what is up for grabs from us!!

First up we have five of Axial’s Universal Light Bars. This light bar is a direct bolt on application for the Wraith, Honcho and Dingo.

Next we have some complete sets of HD lower links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest, five sets total up for grabs.

Here is one prize that we know a few would like to get their hands on, five discontinued Trail Ranger bodies. We found a few of these in a box recently and decided to offer them up for the event this year.

Anodized threaded links are priceless when it comes to new builds. We have some assorted link packs in various colors up for grabs, 20 sets total will be given away.

Next up is five sets of white 2.2 8 hole beadlock wheels. These wheels can be dyed any color you want using Rit-Dye.

We also have five more sets of 2.2 wheels, in the original AX10 styling. Again these wheels can be dyed any color.

10 sets of 1.9 Ripsaw tires are also up for grabs.

Following along with the discontinued bodies, we have 10 OG pre-painted XC-1 bodies, 3 red, 3 green and 4 orange.

Next we have five sets of standard nut drivers, because you can never have enough tools.

We will also be giving away five complete sets of high clearance upper links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest.

Night runs are really fun, especially when you add some friends. You will need lights and light buckets to outfit your rig properly for night time G6′n, so we have 20 sets of chrome light buckets available. There are 2 sets of buckets in each package, along with lens covers in yellow and clear.

Got an EXO? Need some new body panels? We have 5 complete EXO bodies in clear lexan, ready for custom paint.

Add some speed to your SCX10 with a 20t brushed motor, we have five up for grabs!

Next up, five sets of black Corbeau seats for the Wraith.

Want to add some high steer knuckles to your SCX10? We have five sets total that will be given away at random.

Aluminum rear axle lockouts will also be given away, five sets total.

Machined grey high clearance links for the Wraith and Ridgecrest, five complete sets.

Next we have five sets of aluminum knuckles for the SCX10 axles.

Need HD transmission outputs? Five sets are up for grabs.

More discontinued goodies, we have five Rat Rod bodies up for grabs. We found these in the box with the Trail Ranger bodies, so we decided to pass them on to the entries for Axialfest 2013.

Plus, we may have a few more surprises. But, you will have to attend Axialfest 2013 to find out what we are up to.

Click here to Register!