Axial Adventure Field Kit Recommendations

Axial Adventure Field Kit Recommendations
As our ever evolving hobby sees us moving further into the outback, exploring the wild while driving our radio controlled adventure rigs, we have developed a healthy lifestyle of getting some physical excursive without making it another “to do” chore! But as we are hiking further with our r/c rigs away from our 1:1 rigs, we are further away from our tool boxes and spare parts inventory and hydration. Like overland expeditions, they carry enough supplies to last the duration of the planned trip, plus a little extra for the unexpected. Thus we have adopted this same principle in our R/C adventure crawls. Instead of overloading the SCX10 Honcho or Dingo and now the Wraith, we pack our supplies in our Camelbaks.

These are must have items in your carry bag, for those day long excursions. Nothing is worse than making plans to go out with friends for an epic R/C adventure, only to get shut down early because of breakage. This can be avoided if you have the proper spare parts, and tools to fix any issues that may come up. Vital must have’s are metric drivers and assorted miscellaneous tools. I always carry 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm drivers in my field bag, as they are the most common tools needed for repairs. Socket tools are also another nice item to pack, but a pair of needle nose pliers can become your universal “adjustable wrench” for tightening up Nylock nuts. A knife or X-acto is another must have item, you never know when you will have to repair your winch line or tow strap. Small Philips and Flat-head screw drivers are another nice item to have, unless your vehicle has all hex hardware. And let’s not forget spare AA’s for transmitters, because you won’t get far with a dead radio. I also usually bring a small towel, for wiping greasy parts down if I have to make a major repair. Do yourself a favor, to avoid spending nights in the doghouse, don’t grab your wife/girlfriends good towels from the bathroom. Grab an old towel, or buy some rags at the local auto parts store.

I pack everything I need in a back-pack, or Camelback. Camelbacks are nice because you can carry tools, spare parts, sun block, aspirin, band aids, plus a snack and beverage all in one self contained unit.

*Adventure Field Kit: Highly recommended items to be in your bail-out bag at all times:

Axial Wraith
[1] WB8 Universal Joint Rebuild Kit (2pcs) [AX30463]
[2] WB8 Driveshaft [AX80084]
[1] WB8 Driveshaft Coupler Set [AX30784]
[1] 80t Spur gear [AX30665]
[1] Screw Shaft M3X2.15X11mm (10pcs) [AX0175]
[1] LoctiteTM Thread Lock
[1] Spare wheel hex drive pins [AX30163]
[1] Short M3 set screws [AXA180]

Axial SCX10 Honcho and Dingo
[2] Driveshafts [AX80011]
[1] 87t Spur gear [AX30672]
[1] Axle housing [AX80003]
[1] Plastic shock hoops [AX80025]
[1] Plastic knuckles [AX80004]
[1] Plastic C hubs [AX80012]
[1] Package of body clips [AXA1059]
[1] LoctiteTM Thread Lock
[1] Spare wheel hex drive pins [AX30163]
[1] Short M3 set screws [AXA180]

Keep in mind this guide is meant for stock RTR vehicles, but most parts listed above are nice to have handy on those long trail runs. Also, as you upgrade parts, there will be less to carry too. For example once you have installed aluminum knuckles and C’s, there is usually no need to carry extras as the chances of breaking them are almost non-existent. All the above parts can be ordered through your local hobby shop using the part numbers provided. Time to get your adventure on!!