Oliver Knives How-To Build for AWCC 2011 Prizes

From Dwane Oliver of Oliver Knives

I get this particular knife cut out at a water jet place back east. It saves me about 1.5 hrs. This is the only one I do this with. The rest of my knives I cut from barstock. When I get them I aneal them , put them in the oven at about 1400 deg F , let em get up to temp and then just shut the oven off and let them cool real slow. This makes them dead soft.

Then I flatten the edge so I can mark it with a sharpie and mark the grinds. This is the tool I use for that.

Then I get my sander set up to do a flad grind. I built this sander from scratch , it’s built just like the ones you can buy , but mine has a 2hp DC variable speed motor, and I built a vertical 5/8″ shaft on the other end. I can put several different tools on it.

I built a small work rest to do flat grinds on , it helps to hold the blade still.

The belt direction is down , I always grind into the edge , never away.

Here is one that has been ground next to one that hasn’t.

I start on a 60 grit belt then go to a 120 grit and then 220 grit before heat treat.

Here they are , ready for the oven to be heat treated.

My digitally controlled oven , it will go up to 2200 deg I think.
1095 High Carbon steel heat treats at 1550 , I take them to 1600.

They are in there , wow that’s hot.

When I take them out of the oven I dunk them in the quenching oil , that cools them off very fast. As long as your grinds are even you don’t hear a pop when you drop them in. If you do ……its cracked and now scrap iron. lol , its has happened to me before, not in about 5 years though 8)

After they cool off to about 200 deg , I put them in the toaster oven at about 325 deg for 2 hours.

Here they are after the heat treatment , that’s the oil burned on the blade.

I then go back to the grinder on a 120 belt , 220 , 320 , 400 then a burishing 3M belt. Makes a great brushed finish. Here they are after that…..I had some others at the same stage and just shot them all.

While the blades were in the oven I made the handle material. I buy the G10 ( fiberglass composite ) in different thickness and colors and then laminate them together. Not all of the choices , just custom ones like this.
I sand each side with a 30 grit block and then use Devcon 5 min epoxy to hold em together. I put it in my 20 ton press and squeeze the chit outa it.

Cut up and ready to put on the blades.

Here they are again , with handles on them , epoxy drying , it dont take long before I can start shaping them. I also put 4 brass pins all the way through the handle. this helps with latteral strains.

Sanding and shaping is done on the belt grinder , I have a .500″ wheel that works great for the finger groove. I use a Hook-it II system( 6″ disks with hook and loop straps on them , real fast to change grits ) mounted on the vertical shaft to finish sand handles on. Missed a pic of that.

Now its time to make the Kydex sheaths. Kydex is a heat moldable ABS based plastic , its super tough stuff , and really cool to work with. If you mess up a mold , you just put it back in the oven and try again.

Here is my home made Press , it just has 2″ of a real dense foam on the bottom and then 1″ on the top.

Here is the first one ready for pressing. I tape the chit outa the blade to give it some room inside the sheath , the square on the handle is for the loop to attach to. The Kydex I decided to use has a silver carbon fiber look to it , i think it looks cool. It goes in the oven at 325 deg F hard as hell and comes out soft as dough.

Its pretty simple , put a piece of sheet down , the knife on that and another sheet on top and press…..2 min later and take it out and here it is.

I have a system of holes for these sheaths that will accept 2 different kinds of attachment , there is a rhyme and reason for the layout. It can be worn right or left handed , cross draw or upside down. Pretty cool I think. The rivets closest to the handle are critical in placement. They are the ones that dictate how tight the knife fits the sheath.

Drill a 1/4″ hole and put a rivet in it and press it in the arbor press.

I make my own stencils for marking my name on my blades too. I use this light sensitive material , its like a silkscreen. You put the negative on the glass and then put the stencil material on top. Close the lid , turn on the light , wait 2.5 min and turn the light off. Take it out , peel a clear film off each side and put it in the developer for about a min…..done.

Then I just tape the stencil on the blade and etch it on there , comes out cool most of the time. These came out pretty good.

AND here they are. As Parker would say…Those drivers that Do Work , will reap the rewards. The winner of each class will get a hand made knife.
Here are the two for the 2.2 pro and Sportsman classes.

And a special one for the winner of the G6 scale competition.
It has Moon Glow in the center of the handle , man its some bright stuff and glows for hours. The lanyard has glow string in it as well. It is also equipped with a whistle and a Black Crater cord light flashlight. Of course all of the knives have a ferrocerium fire steel in the handle as well.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little how to here.
I wish I was going to AWCC , but it just ain’t meant to be I guess. There will be a little bit of my sweat there though , these were fun to make.

Oliver Knives – Official Sponsor of the AWCC 2011

2011 AWCC FINALS Axial West Coast Championship INFO

Click HERE to enter

There will be no 1.9 or Super comp at 2011 AWCC

THURS June 23
2.2LCQ / 2.2COMP / SCX10 Scale Challenge

FRI June 24
8:30AM 2.2 LCQ Judges Meeting
5:30PM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – Registration – OPEN
6:30PM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – Registration – CLOSE
*7:00PM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – STAGE ONE > START
*8:30PM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – STAGE ONE > FINISH
*Yes, NIGHT RUN! A personal head lamp is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

SAT June 25
8:00AM 2.2 Comp Drivers Meeting – MANDATORY
8:30AM 2.2 Comp Judges Meeting
9:00AM 2.2 Comp – START
3:30PM 2.2 Comp – FINISH
6:00PM 2.2 Comp AWARDS Ceremony + Scale Show & Shine
*10:00PM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – STAGE TWO > START
*12:00AM AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge – STAGE TWO > FINISH
*Yes, NIGHT RUN! A personal head lamp is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

AXIAL SCX10 G6 Challenge
10:30AM G6 Challenge – Stage 3 – Start
11:30AM G6 Challenge – Stage 3 – Finish

The 2011 Axial West Coast Championships will be contested in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, once again at Cisco Grove Campgrounds June 24th-26th, 2011.

Everyone knows that the Axial West Coast Championships is more than just a comp, this is family getaway! Come early and bring the off road toys, fishing poles or hiking boots and enjoy exploring the local mountains. Don’t forget the GPS and hunt for some great geocaches. Bring your XR10 Comp Rig and SCX10 Scale’r and challenge yourself in what is sure to be one of the most challenging Comp & Scale events for 2011.

2.2 COMP EVENT INFO [Friday & Saturday]
The 2011 AWCC has a similar format as the 2010 season with Drivers having to qualify for a spot in the line up on Championship day. These qualifiers are the Arizona Copperstate Crawloff hosted by PARC, the Shamrock Showdown hosted by 801RCC, the Long Beach Qualifier hosted by ORCRC and WPRCCA, and the R.E.C.O.N. West Coast Qualifier hosted by R.E.C.O.N. Crawlers. 

The Axial West Coast Championships has crowned R/C crawling champions from all over the country and in 2011, the East Coast R/C crawler will have a chance to earn a guaranteed spot in the AWCC.

For the first time ever, the two biggest Championships in the country will be giving the top 10 drivers invites for Championship day. What that means is, this years top 10 overall drivers from the 2011-ECC will be in the hunt for the 2011-AWCC title and the top 10 overall drivers from the 2011-AWCC will have spots in the 2012 East Coast Championships. There will always be a friendly rivalry between East and West R/C rock crawlers and now those drivers can show the country who is most talented!

2011 Axial West Coast Championship – Comp schedule:
June 24th 2011 – Friday…………2.2 LCQ.
June 25th 2011 – Saturday…….2.2 Championships w/Awards dinner and Awards Presentation.

Axial drivers finishing 1st-3rd place will be awarded special prizes.

Axial Scale Challenge at 2011 AWCC [Friday-Evening, Saturday-Night & Sunday]
The 2011 AWCC will host the Axial Scale Challenge comprised of both the famous RECON G6 Challenge and Tuff Truck Competition. No qualification needed – just sign up!

Axial Racing continues to bring the R/C rock crawler new and exciting events. Participants and bystanders at the 2010 AWCC witnessed the first Axial Scale Day. Drivers who participated were treated to TTC styles challenges with 3 driving stages that tested a R/C scaler’s driving ability while pushed their rig to new capabilities. If you did not have a chance to participate in the scale activities, but heard about all the fun, seen all the pictures, and witnessed the aftermath… Relax! IT’S BACK and it’s BIGGER!

The 2011 Axial West Coast Championships is one of the best comps for R/C crawlers – period! But, now R/C Scaler’s too can rejoice! Axial has unshackled the madd scientist from the chains of scaleistic-sanity to bring the G6 Challenge in conjunction with TTC to the 2011 AWCC! The 2011 Axial Scale Challenge is a truly unique experience that you do not want to miss participating in! 

The 2011 Axial Scale Challenge will start Friday evening with Stage #1 of the RECON G6 Challenge. This stage time will be the first of several scale challenges that will continue on Saturday night and Sunday. Sunday will be a scale driver’s paradise with several TTC style challenges that must be survived to complete Stage #3 of the G6 Challenge.

2011 Axial West Coast Championship – SCX10 Scale Challenge schedule:
June 24th 2011 – Friday ……………………..…G6 Challenge Stage #1
June 25th 2011 – Saturday NIGHT……………..G6 Challenge Stage #2 – night stage
June 26th 2011 – Sunday………..………………TTC Courses and G6 Challenge Stage #3

Scale Challenge participants must use Axial SCX10 frame/chassis, Axial Axles and Axial Transmissions.
Scale Challenge participants must meet the requirements in scale class to recieve special Axial awards/prizes.

G6 / SCX-10 Scale Challenge Classes.

- 1.9
- 2.2
- Modifieds

I am honored to once again to be part of such a great event. From the get go, I want to thank Axial Inc’s; Jeff Johns, Matt Kearney, Rodney Wills, Brad “Bender” Dumont, Scott Hughes, Brandon Coonce, and the rest of the Axial Team for their support! Without the help from the AWCC volunteers, this great event would not be what it is today. Thank you Stuart Gartner, Brad & Cole Bailey, John Riplinger, John Halman, all the members of WPRCCA (I love you guys), and every Nor-Cal driver who puts rubber to rock or has ever helped judge, keep up the good work, I’m proud of all of you who are passionate and willing to show others how much fun R/C crawling is.

Axial Racing is the only R/C manufacturer to back an entire series of qualifiers that leads up to a championship and last year, with the help of OCRCRC, SDRCRC, 4CRC2, 801RCC, ORCRC, WPRCCA, CCRC, NCVRCC, and RECON Crawlers the AWCCQ Series was second to none, due to the fact that all the great people that make up all these R/C clubs were the utmost professionals and went above and beyond to ensure that every driver had a great time. Dwayne Oliver, Nabil Jamali, Curtis Miller, Ryan Gerrish, Ron Mesa, Dan Bowes, and Amer Sahtout are just some of the drivers that make a difference in the quality of any competition. Whether it’s on the local level or playing a key role in the Axial West Coast Championships; their efforts are an asset to all drivers.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm and I will see you at the 2011 Axial West Coast Championships, until then keep having fun and support those that support our great hobby/sport.

-Brian Parker / Axial Team Driver & AWCC Event Coordinator

The Axial West Coast Championship [AWCC] is an annual event where radio controlled hobby enthusiast gather, specifically those interested in the sport of competition rock crawling. While the event is both timed, scored and awarded first through third place for three different classes, this event is more of a festival where the whole family is invited. The AWCC event is held in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains at the Cisco Grove Camp Grounds nestled in the Donner Summit. The AWCC takes over the 406-site campground as many of the AWCC competitors make this a vacation, coming early bringing off road vehicles exploring the campgrounds OHV trail access to adventure. Yes, this is a LIFESTYLE and R/C is an extension of that lifestyle!