2nd Annual So-Cal Off Road Truck Show

What better way to follow up the 4th of July weekend then with an Off-Road Truck Show the following Saturday! It was a warm and muggy day but that didn’t stop southern Californian residents from attending the 2nd Annual Off-Road Truck Show at Castle Park in Riverside California. A unique aspect of this year’s show was the addition of an Off-Road R/C Display. RCP Hobbies was kind enough to lend their portable crawler course which made the day to say the least. It offered several different, and challenging, lines to test the limits of your rig. It also presented a great scale like experience for SCX10 Trail Honcho’s with its abundant tunnels and elevation changes. As morning turned into afternoon Axial crawlers were coming from all over the venue to get in on the action. Every Axial chassis, from past to present, was in attendance. From the original but classic AX90001 AX10 Kit to the AX90016 SCX10 Trail Honcho everyone was having a good time. One kid even braved the rocks using his AX90002 Rock Racer with an open front diff but still managed to get around on the course. Just like the real trucks in attendance most of the R/C rigs were heavily modified from Dig units to custom made chassis. Many of the R/C drivers were hardcore off-roading enthusiast’s showing off their full scale rigs at the show as well. For most it wasn’t about winning a trophy but more about being around fellow gear heads talking about a recent off-roading trip or maybe a mod on their truck. One thing was for sure, no one left without a smile on their face and I am willing to bet a few maxed out their camera’s memory card taking pictures and video. Axial would like to thank All-Pro Offroad out of Hemet California for the opportunity to attend and also RCP Crawlers for the use of their rock course, it was loads of fun!








For his first time behind the wheel of an SCX10 this kid sure did impress! Believe it or not he made it up this ultra steep incline. It took a many tries but eventually he hopped it just right allowing all 4 tires to grab at once then crawled it right up.


See I told you he made it. No one, including myself, was able to make it up that line afterwards. AX10’s couldn’t even make it because you needed some fast wheel speed to hop up on it.


A very clean example of the original AX90001 AX-10 kit.


Who needs a body when you have a tubular chassis? Body panels just get in the way!

There were a handful of Suzuki Samurai’s in attendance sitting on Toyota axles.


It didn’t matter if your truck wasn’t even completed and running yet it was still welcomed at the show. This Toyota Land Cruiser never left the trailer.

This highly modified Tacoma was owned by one of the show organizers who also happens to work for All-Pro Offroad. It is affectionately named the “Macho Taco” and for obvious reasons.

A truck lifted this high will take a toll on your knee’s after awhile. Maybe that’s why it was for sale?


Based on the current condition of my 4Runner’s body I hope this statement holds true.

As a member of the Rock Brawlers I think this truck may have ‘Brawled’ with one too many rocks.

This Ford Bronco was completely Rhino Lined inside and out. I guess he no longer has to worry about rust huh?

Safari adventure anyone? This Land Cruiser had everything possibly needed to be completely self sufficient, including solar panels, for weeks on end.

This Tacoma got a solid front axle swap using a super wide Diamond Axle housing.

A classic Ford Courier with Toyota axles underneath.

Hey at least its 4wd right?

If you look up the definition for Ridiculous in the dictionary there is a picture of this truck.

Ok so I am a little partial towards 4Runners and this was a very clean example. It was V6 powered and on 37’s.

Trophy Time!

What better way to test out your flex than on the tire/fender of your buddies rig?

After a long day in the sun and not being able to crawl on anything the crowd got a little restless. One by one people, who were willing, stacked rig upon rig to form a very long line down one of the isles.

With a rig planted on his passenger side his driver rear tire was showing signs of strain. When the driver saw it all he said was, “Thank goodness for double beadlocks!” He said he had about 6psi in the tires the last time he checked…..6 months ago haha!

Ah yes, my favorite truck of the show Doin-Work-Son!

Looks like a tangled mess of rigs or a typical day on the 91 Freeway. Any motorcycles want to cut between this lane?

Castle Park, the host location, said not to have any rigs moving during the show for safety reasons. Well as you can see they aren’t moving so we should be good right?