Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 REPORT Part 3 of 3

event_axialfest2015_pt3 Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 REPORT PART 3/3 Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there. July 16-18, 2015 Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California This is the third and final installment of Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report.  In this blog I will be covering what everyone came to AXIALFEST2015 for the RECON G6 Challenge. After the RECON TerraX and Rhythm Drags on Friday morning and afternoon, there was a small break before the RECON G6 Driver’s Meeting. I took this time to visit some of the old sponsors attending AXIALFEST2015. DSCF0122 First stop was the Wertymade Products camp.  He was camped out with ScalerFab. DSCF0130 I tried to say hello to Ty from Tekin, but he was out helping out some AXIALFESTers that needed some assistance with their ESCs.  Ty wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to run the RECON G6 that night. DSCF0312 Up at G Central, Tree and Josh Harris were making some last minute adjustments to the water feature. DSCF0336 By the time I made my loop of the campground, people were starting to gather for the RECON G6 Driver’s Meeting. DSCF0335 I started to notice some interesting hats in the crowd. DSCF0339 DSCF0337 The aluminum foil hats were to pay tribute to AXIAL’s 10th Anniversary.  Since 10 years is the silver anniversary and silver is a little difficult and expensive to work with, Parker went with aluminum foil as the medium in which to design the head wear with. DSCF0345 I also think it was partially to entertain him.  He just wanted to see how many people he could get to wear tin foil hats.  Art Bell would have been proud. DSCF0589 Decorated socks were also part of the 10th Anniversary Attire.  Prizes were awarded for the best hat and socks. DSCF0334 The crowd just got bigger… DSCF0346 And bigger… The Pic …until, Holy Moly!  That is a lot of G6ers!  That right there is 646 registered drivers and their support crews all staged and ready for the AXIALFEST2015 RECON G6 Challenge.  I’m sure this is the largest RC event of individual participants ever.  It was quite an impressive site. DSCF0363 1 After Parker gave the official instructions to those that missed all the PreAXIALFEST2015 blogs, it was time to get G6in’.  Skeeno Jr. headed off with one of the trail groups.  You can see the King of Scale trying to keep up with her. 2 Skeeno Jr and Big Yeti from CKRC got a little distracted by all the people driving at once.  If you’ve never seen over 600 G6ers all driving at once, you should. DSCF0316 Josh Harris got to see his handy work in action over at the water feature.  The water and slick rocks were a challenging combination. DSCF0368 Skeeno Jr. kept on driving into the dark.  Luckily, Alien GeeSix’s SCX10 G6 Edition Jeep is equipped with a light bar.  It made navigating in the dark much easier. DSCF0369 I followed Skeeno Jr. down to what used to be the creek.  This year it was mostly puddles in the rocks, but Parker made sure you still got your wheels wet. DSCF0380 Even thought there was a little back up on some of the initial trail markers, Mr. Fokai was in good spirits as his family and friends waited their turns. DSCF0372 The wait gave some of the mommas and kiddos a chance to rest. DSCF0374 Uh oh, trouble on the first few trail markers of the AXIALFEST2015 RECON G6?  Hope you remembered your parts and tools. DSCF0373 DSCF0383 After the rocks in the creek, things became a little sandy. DSCF0370 The terrain varied greatly. So, it wasn’t uncommon to go from slick rocks to sand to rough granite to mud to silt to packed dirt all within a few trail markers. DSCF0392 DSCF0371 Down by the river, the rocks were extremely slick. DSCF0402 Most rigs needed assistance up these slick climbs. Luckily, tow straps were in abundance and fellow G6ers were eager and happy to lend assistance. DSCF0390 I met Mark Weir at the Novak/Cannondale campground on the way back to camp for the night. Mark is a mountain biking legend who is also into RC. I was a little starstruck and accidentally called him Mike. DSCF0404On Saturday morning, I set out to see how things were going out on the G6 trails.  Most people finished two sections Friday night and the other four on Saturday.  It was up to each driver to decide when to take breaks when they felt it was needed, so there were lots of AXIALFESTERs out all day running at their own pace. DSCF0405 The first RECON G6ers I came upon were up on the hill. It kinda looked Rubiconish up here. DSCF0407 Almost exactly like my first trip into the Rubicon in my buddy’s first generation Ford Bronco.  If only this Deadbolt was black, it would be an exact match. DSCF0410 Down the trail in the trees, I saw this little guy navigating for his dad by pointing out the next trail markers. DSCF0420 There were lots of these culvert tunnels all around AXIALFEST2015.  Parker made sure you drove through each one. DSCF0424 DSCF0426The Culvert Crouch was a popular pose. DSCF0313 DSCF0315 Lights made it easier to see your rigs as they drove into the darkness. DSCF0430 DSCF0433 Down by the river, drivers formed queue lines as they waited their turns DSCF0434 Here, Mr. Chino wished he had front dig to pull his FJ around. DSCF0438 DSCF0448 You don’t see many Volvos out wheelin’.  This grocery getter was gettin’ it! DSCF0451 Fokai Jr. took a break after walking down the long Hell’s Highway toward the river. DSCF0453 This youngster helped his dad up this ledge. DSCF0460 This future G6er was part of the support crew.  Her job was to walk slowly and look cute.  She did it with flair. DSCF0465 Posing by the trail heads was a popular photo opportunity. DSCF0472 DSCF0473 Slick rocks ahead.  Get your tow straps ready. DSCF0468 Lending a tow strap is always the courteous thing to do. DSCF0476 DSCF0477 Sometimes a bump to push the driver in front of you over an obstacle is needed. DSCF0479 Dohoney Brothers Racing in the house! DSCF0483 Dropping in the sandy driveway to the creek. DSCF0486 These guys were working the rocks over by the front of camp. DSCF0505 Another culvert? 3 Yup, Skeeno Jr. found them as well. DSCF0525 Over on the other side of the camp, things were more silty than rocky. DSCF0527 The silt got dug out easily and made using the towstraps mandatory on some obstacles. DSCF0529 This is my tent trailer brother taking a break with his crew. It was good to meet you and discuss our love of camping. DSCF0534 DSCF0536 Big rocks and loose dirt makes for a challenging trail. DSCF0537 A couple that G6es together stays together.  Get your significant other an SCX10 today and save your relationship. DSCF0540 No shame in taking a break.  Sometimes your feet need it. DSCF0542 I found Skeeno Jr over on this side.  She was trying to finish her fifth trail.  Luckily, she had help up some of the more dug out sections. DSCF0545 The bamboo bridge looked innocent, but I saw some tires slide in between the slats. DSCF0548 She finally made it out of the woods and over to the water. DSCF0556 She was happy to cool off over at the Float Your Rig Challenge.  SS WMRBB (aka WalMart Root Beer Bottles) made a fine but unglamorous watercraft. DSCF0509 This barge had an awesome plaque. DSCF0562 Wheel powered! DSCF0567 Fan Powered! DSCF0578 So many different takes on the Float Your Rig Challenge. DSCF0601 Large Marge was not only huge, but had some awesome detail.  It won the award for best boat at the Concourse on Friday night. DSCF0608 Pack you kids up tightly, so they don’t fall in the water. DSCF0610 Things were so relaxed on Saturday afternoon that even the G Crew got out to drive.  Here, Mr. Tree gets some wheel time before the awards ceremony. DSCF0611 Team KNK happily paused for food and maintenance to make sure they would finish.  Remember, finishing a RECON G6 is winning a RECON G6. DSCF0619 Down by the river, I spotted these brave souls trying out some Ultra lines. DSCF0622 Down these slick rocks was a scary fall. DSCF0624 You had to trust your tires to attempt these lines. DSCF0628 DSCF0658 I was afraid to watch, so I went to find Skeeno Jr.  I knew she was getting close to finishing. DSCF0630 During my search for Skeeno Jr. I saw this guy searching for the next trail marker. 4 I found Skeeno Jr. just as she completed the last trail marker on her last section.  She did it, 600 trail markers and no mechanical issues in her mostly stock Axial SCX10 RECON G6 Edition Jeep. She was feeling proud of her accomplishment.  It was her first AXIALFEST finish in three attempts. DSCF0679 IMAG00110 We arrived at the awards ceremony a little late after eating dinner.  The crowd was already large and the pavilion was packed to the gills to watch the awards presentation. Winners received their awards and took photos with the official AXIALFEST2015 photographer. You can see pics of the winners here: After awards was the raffle.  Everyone watched in amazement as winner after winner and thousands of dollars of awesome swag came up to grab their prizes.  Some lucky winner took home a Magnaflow exhaust, another won a set of Method Racing Wheels (for full size cars, not RC!) as well as dozens of Axial kits and RTRs.  If you were lucky, you took home a limited edition Judd Rummage RTR! IMAG00112 Sunday morning we had to pack up and return to the real world. It was a truly memorable, record setting weekend filled with memories.  I had to say goodbye to my new and old G Crew members as they traveled back to Reno, Arkansas, and Austria.  I can’t wait to see them again next year. If you haven’t started making plans to attend AXIALFEST2016, I suggest you stop procrastinating.  The date is set (July 15-17) and the Cisco Grove Campground is already filling up.  You don’t want to be left out of the greatest RC show on earth. Get your AXIALFEST2016 info here: