Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 Report Part 1 of 3



Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there.

July 16-18, 2015

Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California

You probably know what AXIALFEST is by now.  If you don’t know what AXIALFEST is, you better read, learn, and plan on attending next year.

AXIALFEST is Axial’s thank you to their loyal customers and a celebration of Axial products and scale adventure. It has been called the Woodstock of RC, the annual gathering of scale RC Axial fans. It is a great time to spend with friends and families, camp, race, drive, and generally enjoy the mountains and driving Axial vehicles.

2015 marked the 10th anniversary of Axial RC Inc. Since I’ve attended all previous AXIALFESTS, I knew the 10th anniversary was going to be the biggest and best yet.


Skeeno Jr. and I packed up and headed up a day early to get set up and ready for the fun. Here’s a recap of my Wednesday and Thursday at AXIALFEST2015.


After I exited Interstate 80 at exit 165, I was happy to see tons of signs pointing me in the right direction.


Cisco Grove Campground was fully decorated and ready for the mass of Axial fans that would soon be arriving.


First stop was into the camp store to get my campsite registration completed.


Luckily, there was a sign to remind me where to go.


In the store, these fine, young ladies got me my campsite and cheerfully directed me towards my spot. They also told me that over 350 camp spots had been reserved. Wow, this WAS going to be bigger than ever!


I spotted the entrance to Trail D on the way to my campsite. It looked like Brian Parker had been busy and the RECON G6 courses were all set and ready.


CKRC Hobbies was already there and set up to support any drivers that needed help.  They had a sweet 5th wheel set up and a trailer full of kits, parts, tools, and accessories available to anyone that needed it.


My camp spot was easy to find, since I stayed in the same one last year. We chose a new orientation for the G-Crew trailer this year. It worked well for taking care of all 10 of the G-Crew volunteers this year.


One thing I was sure to bring was some Fisherman’s Friend Throat Lozenges for Mr. Brian Parker. If you attend a RECON G6 event, he would love you to bring him a box. He has a sensitive throat.



After I got set up, I headed up to G-Central to see what was going on. Being that is was Wednesday, things were pretty quiet since AXIALFEST2015 wasn’t scheduled to start until Thursday evening. Everyone must have been resting and storing energy for the coming storm of Axial fans that would be arriving the next day.


I walked back to camp and spotted RECON’s Mr. Parker, and AXIALFEST2015′s Official Host and Emcee. He was primed and ready for the weekend.


I also ran into my G-Crewmate and campmate, the world famous, Mr. Roland Rockshop, aka Josh Harris taking a break while working on a waterfall near G-Central.


It was really turning into a family reunion. I spotted the unmissable 6’8″ Mr. Tree, aka Eric O’Brien posing seductively near our camp. That earned him an extra bratwurst for dinner.


The next morning, I noticed RPP Hobby had arrived when I walked up to see what the rumpus was up at G-Central.


Things were definitely busier than yesterday up at G-Central. Here the Axial Crew was getting everything ready for registration.


This was new. They had maps of all the events and trails for AXIALFEST2015. Sweet!


Limited Edition AXIALFEST2015 Sticker Sheet? Yes, please!


They also had custom score cards with participants’ names and custom laminates with the itinerary on the back. Mine was silver because I was a privileged member of the G-Crew and media. No need to steal trail markers with these sweet souvenirs.


I went for a tour of the campground again as saw this son taking his mom and dog for a walk with his Axial SCX10 Jeep JK.


I also spotted this sweet vintage tent trailer. I have a soft spot for these.


More RECON G6 Family members! You may recognize Daniel Seigel in the middle, he has been to many RECON G6 events. This was his first AXIALFEST. He brought two of his fellow countrymen from Austria. Austria, like 6,000 miles away Austria. These guys are serious Axial fans.


Up at G-Central, RPP Hobby had been busy setting up. They also brought a full complement of parts and accessories.


Scale campsites were pretty popular this year. These scale tents and camp chairs were awesome.

DSCF0036 Here, the King of Scale, Elio Dianda, was setting up his campground.


That’s a scale tree with a scale tire swing in a scale fishing pond with a scale pier with a scale fisherman with a scale pole next to a scale outhouse next to a scale picnic table next to …. You get the idea. Scale everything!


The scale Coleman multi-fuel stove was my favorite part. Can you see the scale tongs?

DSCF0059Josh Harris and Brian Parker continued to fine tune the RECON G6 trails during the day with the help of the CKRC UTV.

DSCF0064Up at G-Central, I ran into Matthew Kett of the Scale Builders Guild trying to convince my old road dog, Mr. Anthony Rivas, of Rivas Concepts to run for president. Rivas said Trump can’t play the “Who has deeper pockets?” game with him because he has holes in his pockets! My vote would definitely go to Rivas if he ultimately decides to run.


I almost had to tell the driver of this Earth Roamer to stay off the trails until tomorrow night, but it turned out it was Elio coming over to relay a message to me to get dinner started.  This truck is awesome.


The driver has a copy of RC Car Action on the dash. Did I mention Elio is the King of Scale?

DSCF0075 After dinner, people started to line up for registration. The line was a little long. Over 600 drivers will do that.

DSCF0101This was a good time to get to know your fellow Axial fans. I heard new friendships forming and old ones being renewed as AXIALFEST attendees visited with each other.

DSCF0121I ran into some of my old AXIALFEST friends, Mr. Frank Testa and Mr. Russ Cushway.  Always good to see my RECON G6 family.


First stop after the Waiver Booth was Tech Inspection. You can see the concerned look on the young man’s face as he hopes his rig passes. No worries though, tech inspection was more about giving advice to new AXIALFEST attendees. Axial staff made jokes with drivers about under-inflated tires and cracked windshields while pointing out potential failure points such as loose wires and screws.



Vehicles that ‘passed inspection’ were given this sweet sticker.


After Tech, drivers went to the registration booth to collect their driver’s bags.


Skeeno Jr. was happy to have a chance to work behind the scenes helping the Axial staff with registration.


Here’s a sampling of all the stuff in the driver’s bags; AXIALFEST2015 shirt, hat, water bottle, patches, stickers, map, score card, raffle bracelet, laminate, lanyard, and coozie.



Special Pro Tip from Werty Made Products’ own Matt Henry. Pop a small hole in your coozie and attach your lanyard. Now you have a handy scorecard and pen holder for tomorrow’s RECON G6. Brilliant!

DSCF0088 After picking up driver’s bags, drivers walked over to another table to collect more swag.  Good thing they had the AXIALFEST2015 bags to hold all their goodies.

Then drivers went over to RPP to get another limited edition AXIALFEST2015 shirt and more swag.


Hey, hold up the shirt, so we can see it.




Next, drivers got into a little photo shoot with the official AXIALFEST2015 photographer, John Cary. Did you find yourself in this album on Facebook?


Drivers could then place their rigs into the Concourse for judging in the Show and Shine.

DSCF0095 Rivas and Tree were there to direct the traffic.

DSCF0138Everyone inspected the rigs in the Concourse.

DSCF0112 This was my favorite because it mimicked Rivas’s RECON G6 truck. This thing was way cooler than my camera could hope to capture. It was a custom one off by Judd Rummage.


I’m a sucker for anything Overland. This rig got my vote.


I’d overland in this Land Rover for sure.


Got to see a RECON G6 veteran, Mr. Chris Goris and his Blue Bastard towing an old Shasta trailer.


And this Subaru Brat was another one of my personal choices. Subaru Brat, whataya think about that?


Ultimately, it was all about the details and the King of Scale, Elio Dianda never ceases to amaze with things like scale beer cans. He took home the Concourse Show and Shine title for AXIALFEST2015.


At the end of the night, Mr. Rodney Wills of Axial and Mr. Brian Parker of RECON G6 were feeling good and looking forward to Friday’s events.
DSCF0141 Keep an eye out for Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report Part 2 coming soon where I’ll recap my Friday at AXIALFEST2015.