25 thoughts on “SCX10 in the Sand

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  2. nice truck, just wondering if axial is going to make parts or make like a pre-runner edition of the scx10 very nice truck

    • Thanks. No plans to make an SCX10 pre-runner edition. This truck is basically a stock SCX10 with a few custom parts and some aftermarket Axial parts bolted up.

  3. Very nice truck, just wondering what gears u are using since u said it hits 25, i was looking for more top end but was looking at changing the motor but i would rather do gears

    • I’m running a 23t pinion on a 12t motor with an 87t spur. It’s more of a high speed basher then a crawler. It can crawl but the motor heats up pretty fast. I could still get more top speed if I went to a smaller spur gear though.

  4. also forgot to ask, did you use the stock speed controller (like the one in the TR model), or did you use something else. thanks

  5. That is a sweet truck.. looks like it rips… kinda reminds me of mine… i have the dingo trail truck with a brushless 9turn or 4400 kv motor 65amp speedo it rips to…. it is alot of fun up here in michigan… mud, snow, sand,

  6. are those working fans? and where is the tire rack from or is that custom?

  7. I was thinking of buying a SCX10 and but a Mamba Max 5700 and add some paddle tires on it for hill climb races. Do you think the 5700 is too much? Or, could I use a small pinion and larger spur to get around it?

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