Tech Question: SCX10 Hop-up Parts

I’ve had a lot of questions recently asking what AX10 hop-up parts work with the SCX10 line of trail trucks. So, I sat down and tried about every hop-up part available for the AX10 on one of our SCX10 kits just to see what worked and what didn’t. Here’s a breakdown of what parts crossover.


Aluminum Knuckles

Aluminum C Hubs

Aluminum Lockouts and Straight Axles

Optional Ring and Pinion Sets

55t Motor

Brushless Outrunner Motor Plate

2.2 Beadlock Wheels (May need to trim body for tires to clear)

Driveshaft Rings

Bender Customs 4 Link Plate

That pretty much covers it.  As you can see a fair amount of our AX10 hop-up parts crossover perfectly to the SCX10 line.

7 thoughts on “Tech Question: SCX10 Hop-up Parts

  1. Hey Bender! Good to know what parts will crossover flawlessly. I was just wondering though, On your Custom 4 Link Plate, the 2 holes near the letters “BC” Are those where the upper links connect to? I’m just trying to get a good idea of what everything will look like before I buy some for my crawlers.


    • That is correct. The holes by the “BC” are where the upper links normally mount. The other holes out in the “ears” are for guys that have the room to run parallel upper links.

  2. Thanks Bender, really appreciate the input. Just wanna be sure of how it works before buying it!

    Thanks again,

  3. Forgive my ignorance Guys. I will be picking up a new SCX10 kit in the next day or two but wanted to get a jump on hop ups. A question: Can the 4 link plate be used on the front as well as rear? I appreciate the time and am looking forward to my new project.


    • You should be able to use the 4 link plates front and rear. The plates also have holes drilled in them for the steering servo.

  4. is it possible to replace the stock shocks on the scx10 with the AX30092 shocks from the ax10 and what mods do i need to make to do this?

  5. Hi Ihave the scx-10 kit, would i have to extend the upper links or not to use this plate?

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