SCX10 Based 6X6 ZiL-131


First off, what is a ZiL-131? It’s a Soviet Union based general purpose 6×6 military truck that began production in 1966 and ended in 1994, with a production run nearing 1,000,000 units. A few other specs include a 6.7ton curb weight, 3.5-5ton maximum load capacity (depending on spec), stretching just over 23′, with a span of over 8′ and stands nearly 10′ tall. Your thoughts are correct.. This is a BIG vehicle! Power plant is a V8 petrol engine that produces a whopping 150hp and reaches a top speed close to 50mph. Speed laws aren’t exactly broken here.

Inspiration behind project

Inspiration behind project

Knowing all of this information YouTube channel JoeHoncho set out to build a ZiL-131 using an SCX10 chassis as his base from which he extended that chassis making way from an extra axle, thus creating a 6×6 configuration. There’s also a dual motor on a single spur gear setup along with a healthy electronics system that seems to include LED lights and speaker box.

JoeHoncho ZiL-131_1

JoeHoncho ZiL-131_3Joehoncho’s information:

Joehoncho’s YouTube Page and Website

This is a must watch!

Additional Images of a ZiL-131

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